Luverne Hockey Club Notifications

The Luverne Hockey Club uses both the Remind app and the Luverne Hockey Club Sport Engine website to send out notifications.

To ensure that you are getting all of the notifications from the Luverne Hockey Club please subscribe to the Remind group as well as enable email and/or text notifications in your LHC Sport Engine account that you used to register your skater with. You can also choose to download the Sport Engine smartphone app as well.

Remind sign up instructions here.

Enabling Notifications in Your Sport Engine Account

  1. Please go to the LHC website and log in with the username and password that you used to register your skater with.

2. Click on the pull down menu next to your account name and go to Account Settings.

3. If you would like you can add email addresses to your account here.

4. Go to the section called Luverne Hockey Club. Tick the appropriate boxes depending on your preference.

5. On your smartphone you can also download the Sport Engine app and log into it using your LHC Sport Engine account you will also be able to see updates for your child/children’s team(s) once the team rosters are finalized. Friends and family members can also use this app to follow team schedules. The correct team codes can be found on the team webpage on the LHC website. For more information please go to


If you don’t receive any LHC emails please be sure to check your email account’s junk mail folder. If you have any questions please text or call Susan Beers at 605-731-9620.