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“Bedarius Bell - What Kind of Services Can VR Offer?” video

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A black man looks at the camera, sitting. Text insert appears: Bedarius Bell, VR Counselor, What Kind of Services Can VR Offer? He speaks.


One of the great things about vocational rehab is that all of our services are really individualized. Your rehab plan should be created with the individual in mind and it should be made so that they specifically meet your particular needs. Now with some states, funding is always going to be a bit of an issue and so funding may determine what certain states can do as far as supporting and what they can't do. Also other resources that a state may have, some states have staff interpreters, others may not. So that will also determine the level of access that you may have in certain situations. But for the most part, the plan, the goal of a VR counselor is to help meet that individual's needs.

In many situations, vocational rehab can help a person with assistive listening devices that are in addition to maybe hearing aids and those things can include like a personal FM system, which are great, especially in classroom settings when you have a speaker who's in front of a classroom. Having a personal FM system can kind of help hone in on the voice or the sound from one key speaker. Other types of assistive listening devices include technology such as Roger Pens, which is almost like a portable mic that you can use directionally. And they kind of connect to your hearing aids and you're able to kind of, again, single out a person's voice. So there are a lot of assistive listening devices that vocational rehab can help a person use, purchase, in order to help them better in a classroom setting, in an office setting, in a meeting, and any type of situation like that.

Of all the things that vocational rehab can provide to people, in my opinion, our specialty and expertise has to lie in job search, job placement. VR counselors are primarily experts when it comes to understanding the labor market, understanding the requirements for a job, and even with our new federal law, WIOA, we are required to provide services to businesses and we are, we are graded if you will, on the types of services that we even provide to the business community. So VR counselors have a unique expertise when it comes to employment and job search. So students, or anyone who's working with a VR counselor,should be able to rely on that, even if it's with an internship or practicum, VR can support, work with a company to provide services that a student needs while they're in this practicum experience. And even a nurse doing rotations, VR should be able to provide, help provide technology, assistance, interpreting.

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