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Guidelines and Policies 2020-21
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2020-2021 South Madison Community Schools 1-to-1 Mobile Device Handbook

Vision:  SMCSC envisions students as effective communicators who acquire the skills for critical and creative thinking and who will be able to work successfully in collaborative settings. A blended learning environment that integrates technology has the power to foster these skills by enhancing and personalizing the learning experience. Differentiation through technology expands the instructional repertoire and provides the potential to maximize the capacity of all teachers and learners, thus preparing students for the challenges of a global society.

Technology Mission Statement:  SMCSC seeks to support the district’s Core Purpose, Success for All Students, by providing systems and access to technology in a safe and challenging learning environment to foster student success.

The information within this document applies to the 1:1 device program for students.

Please note that teachers may set additional requirements for use in the classroom.

Student Responsibility:  Remember, the device is subject to all applicable District policies/regulations, the Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct, and any individual campus procedures. The use of the device will be in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws, including copyright laws (e.g. no illegal or pirated content). The device remains the property of the SMCSC and as such is subject to inspection at any time without notice.

  1. Bring the device to school fully charged every day.
  2. The device MUST remain in the case at all times.
  3. Keep the device safe at all times
  1. Do not share passwords or loan the device to others.
  2. Do not leave the device unattended or unsecured.
  1. Use the device for educational purposes only.
  1. Install only school-appropriate applications and extensions.
  2. Apps and extensions may be removed by the school at any time without notice.
  1. Do not try to bypass the district filter.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of proxy avoidance sites.
  2. Take care to prevent damage to your device. A student may be subject to disciplinary action by the school for damage to any device. The student will be responsible for the following.
  1. Damage caused by food or drink or by disassembling or attempting repairs of the device
  2. Defacement of the device with stickers, writing, engraving, etc.
  3. Intentional damage or destruction. Damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse or contamination
  1. Notify staff members whenever you come across information or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, threatening, or make them feel uncomfortable.
  2. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.
  3. Return the device and power cords in good working condition at the required check-ins.

Mobile Device Care and Recommendations

  1. Do not put pencils/pens or other items on the keyboard, as closing the device will cause damage.
  2. Do not carry the Chromebook with the screen or push on the screen as it may cause it to shatter.
  3. Do not place heavy objects on top of the device, as this could break the screen.
  4. Be cautious when placing the device in a book bag as it may crush the device or break the screen.
  5. Do not eat or drink near the device.
  6. Do not leave the device in a vehicle, due to excessive heat/cold damage or risk of theft.
  7. Use a Microfiber towel for light smudges. Do not use Windex (ammonia) or solutions that contain alcohol.
  8. Keys are not removable; do not lift or pry keys.  If the keys come off, they will not go back on, and the keyboard will need to be replaced. Student will be responsible for damages.
  9. Occasionally, small amounts of antimicrobial keyboard cleaning solution may be used to clean keyboards.
  10. Sound: For best performance use wired headphones.
  11. Students are encouraged to use their devices away from school. Most devices have some functionality while offline. Wi-Fi may be used at home or in many public areas and will always be filtered and monitored. For offline functionality, see the website or talk with your teacher.

Parent Mobile Device Responsibility

South Madison Community School Corporation (SMCSC) makes every effort to equip parents/guardians with the necessary tools and information to ensure safe use of the mobile devices in the home. There are several responsibilities assumed by the parent/guardian. The device is property of SMCSC, and must be surrendered upon withdrawal or at the end of the school year. Additional responsibilities and liabilities are outlined below.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility/Liability

  1. The parent/guardian agrees to monitor student use of the device at home and away from school.  To keep students safe and on-task, have a parent/guardian present and involved. SMCSC mobile devices are filtered in accordance with federal regulations (CIPA); no filter is 100% effective in screening content.  
  2. The parent/guardian is responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement. The Chromebook includes the computer, power pack, and power cord. The cost of replacement will be current market at the time of loss.
  3. The parent/guardian assumes financial responsibility for the device in the following instances.
  1. not returned or lost
  2. intentionally damaged or damage due to negligence or accident by anyone
  3. damaged due to contamination (animal/human waste, vomit, etc.)
  4. stolen -- A report must be filed with law enforcement and a copy provided to SMCSC.


SMCSC’s Device Responsibility

  1. Collection and distribution of devices each school year
  2. Content Filtering on/off campus, along with wireless access in every school during normal school hours
  3. SMCSC will provide a protective case when it is issued to the student. The case is property of the district.
  4. SMCSC Tech staff must perform all repairs
  5. Creation and deletion of student email and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) accounts
  6. Instruction on proper use and care of the device and appropriate data use and storage

Liability:  Damage, Loss, and Theft

Device Repairs:  SMCSC handles all repairs. If a repair is needed for damage or negligence, a fee will be assessed. An initial assessment will be done by SMCSC technology department to determine duration and/or cost of the repair. Any repairs done by an outside agency will void the Arabian Protection Plan agreement and result in additional fees. A temporary device will be given to the student while their damaged device is being repaired.

Loss and Theft:  Full device replacement cost will be charged for lost or stolen devices. In case of theft, SMCSC will attempt to determine anyone who is logged in to the device.  SMCSC will provide students with a temporary device for up to five (5) school days.  After that time, unless prior arrangements have been made, the device will be considered a loss, and the parent/guardian will be invoiced for the replacement.

Optional Protection Plan:  Arabian Protection Plan (APP) is available for $45 per year. Parents may opt out and assume full liability. The Arabian Protection Plan does not cover total replacement, contamination, intentional damage, theft, or loss. The Arabian Protection Plan does cover repairs due to accidental damage of any part of the Chromebook. Each part will be covered for one incident; any damage to the part after that will be the parent’s responsibility. Cases are not covered as part of APP.  If the case is found to no longer be providing reliable protection to the chromebook a replacement case may be charged.  For the repair to be covered by APP, the case MUST always be on, and the damaged part must be turned in with the device.  Parents/guardians will be invoiced for damages that exceed coverage limits.

Full Replacement of a Chromebook – How Arabian Protection Plan (APP) Applies:  If a Chromebook cannot be repaired, and the cost for a full replacement is charged to the parent/guardian, the Arabian Protection Plan (APP) cannot be used to defray the cost of the new Chromebook.  However, the APP that covered the initial Chromebook will move to the new Chromebook for the remainder of the school year.  Previous repairs on the Chromebook under APP do not factor into APP coverage on the new Chromebook.  All usage of APP resets for the new Chromebook.  If APP coverage was not previously purchased, APP may be purchased within two weeks of the replacement date for the new Chromebook.