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Board Meeting Minutes 5/28/2019
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Joslin Memorial Library

Trustees Meeting

May 28th, 2019, 12 pm

Chair Jean Joslin called the meeting to order at 12D04 pm. Jean Joslin, Sally Reisner, Trish Read and Library

Director Katie Bourque-Johnson present.

Review of draft Childrenʼs Library Policy.

General discussion. Trish made a motion to accept the draft policy with the modification of eliminating the second

sentence in the 5th paragraph, as noted below:

Parents should check on closing hours before leaving a child unattended at the library and should leave contact

information with the librarian.

Motion was seconded by Jean. All voted in favor, no objections. Draft policy will be revised and accepted as such.

Future plans for annual fundraising. “Grand Opening” belated celebration. General discussion, no

actions taken.

Jean made a motion to move into Executive Session, seconded by Sally at 12I45 pm. Katie excused

herself. Jean made a motion to move out of executive session, seconded by Trish. Executive Session

concluded at 1D02 pm.

Jean motioned to adjourn, seconded by Sally. Meeting adjourned at 1I08 pm.