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Recent June-November/2022 developments…

“Do the math. We have around $100 billion state surplus. For $2.1 billion of “OPM” run down @ (and @ p. 933, Santa Cruz Water Rights Project) we can take the best #nbs (NatureBasedSolutions) measures possibly conceivable to protect & sustain $5 billion/yr-10% of Cali's $50billion yr of USA's$136billionyr farmproduction!

Let's roll?”

Douglas Deitch-7:08 AM · May 23, 2022·Twitter Web App

(Click Pic: November 18, 2022 LA Times)

(Click Pic: September 18, 2022 LA Times)

Monterey County elected officials to debate a change in desal law (June/2022)


Math? 21ka/640a=32.8125 sq. miles new coastside estuarine ESHA!

Here’s where sea levels are rising fastest in California.

(Watch & Listen to Dr. Mount , standing in the Delta in 2014 on VICE Channel @ 5:41 @ , , , , , , , , , , , etc

 telling us what astoundingly enormous statewide and beyond water, food, and resource and environmental waste even 1 foot of SLR will wreak in the Delta, and, most importantly for us here in the Monterey Bay in our local coastal ground water commons near, at, or already below sea level here now! … @ …) ?

  (... Who is Dr. John Englander? …)

 and then listen,watch, and learn how that huge deep canyon in our bay was created & much more?)


… Locally  here:

Sustainability, Rapid “SLR”, “ASR” or “DPR” H2O, #NatureBasedSolutions, Our $5 billion+yr food production (10% of Cali’s $50 billion of total US $138 billion)?

Did we need either Cal Am or it’s coast front illegal slant welled desal plant in 2011 @ (2010) then?

… or now, any other/better alternatives, #nbs/nature based like mine run down in my comment right below and @ is or not? 

(View April 19, 2016 “First” (of eventually 8 through today) SWRCB Monterey Bay Conservancy Intervention Requests (for cause!) @ 11:21 … April 29, 2016 LinkedIn article & Distributed documents in my hand...)

Dear Coastal Commission, Governor Newsom, SWRCB, DWR, Monterey and Santa Cruz County Supervisors and City of Santa Cruz, et al…

The Monterey Bay Conservancy demands, for now the eighth time since the first on April 19, 2016 (@ @11:21) immediate SWRCB Emergency  “Intervention” and takeover of all Monterey Bay Regional water management, sustainability planning and projects, and all other related control under direction of Governor Newsom’s Office.

Additionally, due to the recent shockingly high Monterey (and San Francisco ) Bay SLR Projections and the quickly approaching completed DPR/Direct Potable Reuse regs and, as I well over 2 and one half years ago advised the CCC @ 12:12),

All coastside “Pure Water” recycling “ASR/IPR” projects should now be immediately stopped and held in abeyance until, due to DPR H2O recycled H20 changeover, which does not have to be injected and mixed in our coastal aquifers and can be used directly, all “ASR/IPR”injection will be abandoned and tens of millions of dollars will not imprudently be ill spent on useless pipelines and other unneeded new infrastructure to no where when these dollars can be repurposed to cleaning and recycling more DPR instead !? …

Common sense?

… particularly when 33000 acre feet of DPR H2O will be yearly available w/o any more “ASR/IPR” injection from the repurposed from Ag to Monterey Bay regional urban water needs of all our other humans and their activities and businesses here and best sustain and protect our $5 billion yearly food production here and so much more run down @

2011 Desal @ CCC ?: ( & 


Here’s Monterey Bay Conservancy’s 30 year old plus #NatureBasedSolution (and 100% unconsidered and DirectPotableReuse/”DPR” Recycled H2O) and best 33,000 acre feet/year new no shovel/build back better-Farmlands to wetlands infrastructure Monterey Bay Regional Urban Water Supply Alternative to best address Sea Level Rise, preserve and sustain us and our $5 billion year farm/food production, 90% water user …

And much, much more … ASAP

w/i 2 years by Governor Newsom’s Emergency Executive Order…

after SWRCB “Intervention” in Monterey Bay Region …

requested by Monterey Bay Conservancy continuously …

Starting April 19, 2016 @

For a one time, “Show Me The Money” $2.5 billion (½ Federal/½ State) investment…

(i.e “OPM” )

Run down @ & in the comment right below:

Monterey County elected officials to debate a change in desal law


Dear Chairman Esquivel & Ms. Bochco, et al @ SWRCB & California Coastal Commission,

(Please, for the now 8th time since 2016)…

INTERVENE NOW IN MONTEREY BAY @ @ 11: 21 , 4/19/2016 !!!

@It's past time for the State Water Resources Control Board to take control of our now predominantly below sea level Monterey Bay ground water commons

& @

Does SqCWD have any water rights to do anything? (2005)

Query I: Our future water supply: Our most important “Community” decision?

Query II: Will it be Desal, “ASR” (aquifer storage recovery with injection and later extraction)...

or 33000 a/ft/yr new Monterey Bay regional “DPR” (direct potable reuse) urban recycled H20 w/o any injection with 63000 a/ft/yr PERMANENT w/o EXTRACTION IN PERPETUITY passive strategic recharge through/and conservation (@ 3 afyr per acre) of #NatureBasedSolution ESHA 21000 acres of “farmlands back to wetlands”, the Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument , like at Zmudowski Beach at 1992 43 acre Pilot Project Willoughby Ranch? 

@ (a fb page)


“DPR vs “ASR”: All recycled water is not the same ?

Please use your common sense and simple logic to understand why?

Why?: The one foot of SLR will push into our and all coastside aquifers that are at or below sea level and force sea water and other pollutants into our still pristine for the most part local aquifers and pollute them too.

My 30+ year old ignored plan, the NATURE BASED SOLUTION/#nbs 21000 acre “Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument”, including the repurposed to urban from ag 33000 acre feet/year of "DPR-Direct Potable Reuse" recycled water from the already but upgraded extant and online built in 1998 for $75 million Castroville Reclamation Plant, which also includes 63000 acre feet per year and then EVERY FOLLOWING YEAR IN PERPETUITY of permanent and not later extracted both strategically located and #nbs and passive Monterey Bay regional groundwater CONSERVATION and PERMANENT AQUIFER RECHARGE and 21000 NEW ACRES of new ”FARMLANDS BACK TO WETLANDS” (43 acre since 1995 Pilot Project @ Zmudowski Beach run down @ , a fb page, will solve all and best both sustain and preserve or increase our current $5 billion year (10% of Cali's total $50 billion year farm production of USA's total $136 billion!) and many other benefits for us here IN THE BIGGEST DROUGHT/FOOD/AIR/SAFETY/ALLLABSMATTER.INFO etc AND ALREADY SO MANY OTHER EMERGENCIES IN HUMAN HISTORY?, …

…for only a one time $2.1 billion build back better (one billion each State and Federal) infrastructure investment which will make us here in “our” (... fyi, one of my two “pronouns”) Monterey Bay Region where “we” all live (... fyi II, the second of my two “pronouns”)

… “the global exemplar social economic and natural system for the rest of our planet to admire and emulate”, by Douglas Deitch (2007) ( a fb page)

“You can lead a horse or Governor Newsom, California Coastal Commission, SWRCB, DWR, “PUREWATER EVERYWHERE”, et al to “DPR” not “ASR” Recycled water and so much more (@ etc…) but you can't make them drink …”

(That's why I am/was running for Congress to get us the $2.1 billion to fund this project WITH an immediate following emergency executive order from our Governor immediately authorizing, funding $ 1 billion for, and implementing my project, the 21000 acre “Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument run down @ &  for us/US ASAP !)

Problems solved!"

@ 12:12 @ (2020)

& Repeating my CCC comment from 10 years ago, to the day, …

“...made the Coastal Commission (et al) complicit … in the biggest environmental catastrophe, irremediable, in the history of the Monterey Bay Region. Please …”

@ 3:25  @ , March 11, 2010

(PLEASE NOTE: THIS March 11, 2010 CCC Meeting VIDEO, APPARENTLY … @ …

HAS BEEN REMOVED, “LOST”, & REPLACED FROM OFFICIAL CCC CAL_SPAN SITE along with video and other CCC records with an “Arana Gulch Field Trip” video !?

… just like the documents filed by me earlier w/ CCC @ in 2009 and @ in 2016 for the matters therein referenced also mysteriously “DISAPPEARED”!? )


2011 “CalAm I Desal” CCC Hearing Comments of Douglas Deitch and George Riley (@ 2:27:50)

“Water/Berry” (and now PureWaterMonterey & PureWaterSoquel) Ponzi Scheme?

Query/SqCWD: Does Soquel Creek Water District have any water rights? (Search @ ​​ )

  1. Query/SqCWD: How much  is “Pure Water Soquel” project now estimated to now cost , in total, and when is completion estimated?
  2. Query/SqCWD: Does SqCWD need perfected and legal water rights? Why don’t they have them , if they don’t?
  3. Is this a responsible and prudent business practice and a “safe harbor” manner of conducting business?
  4. Query/”Pure Water” “ASR” Projects: After “DPR” is approved, will injection of water cease and “DPR” recycled water be used directly instead?
  5. Query: How did/does/will Pure Water Monterey project w/ expansion to 5+k/a/f/yr deal w/ account for new/increased since 2018 ag well pumping on 1800 acre Armstrong Ranch (@ 3 a/f/yr per acre +/- ) run down in MCWeekly’s Mr. Schmaltz’ excellent 2018 article 

“We can’t print up any more H20!”

George Riley @ 2:27:50 @ @ 13:44

… (from CCC Meeting video of March 11, 2010 ten years ago, no longer to be found @ Cal-Span CCC site) !? 


“Those who cannot remember (or never in the first place  ever knew) the past …”?

(“I was just up at the State Water Resources Control Board requesting they intervene in the Monterey Bay for the third time …” @ 29:02 @ )

… are condemned to repeat it”?

@ (2011)

“November 12, 2019

Dear Ms. Bochco and CCC,

I am still waiting to hear or see one word of response from my invitation sent November 19, 2019 to you…?

(and also issued the same invitation to tour to SWRCB

Chair Esquivel, also ignored … 

Please respond.


Douglas Deitch/Monterey Bay Conservancy” ….

… to tour my alternative “Monterey Bay Regional Water Fixx

aka “21000 acre Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument”


… which I have already run down for you in 2019 twice !?

@5:15 & 

and below & @ (fb page) /

CalAm I & Desal & Substance Abuse in 2011?


@ & later@

… “Water/Berry (&”Pure Water” Monterey&Soquel) Ponzi Scheme …

We can’t “print up” any more water”! @ & … 

"The mission of the Coastal Commission (CCC) is to: Protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations…

The CCC, Dr. Lester, and the late Dr. Douglas refused in 2009 and any time thereafter to this moment ... and here's what we here in Santa Cruz and the entire Monterey Bay ended up with instead, as I testified we would in 2010 ...

... The entire CCC was "complicit in the greatest environmental catastrophe (ie the tragic and permanent decimation and waste of our local coastal Monterey Bay ground water commons) in the history of the Monterey Bay"

... ( @ 1:54 “This is a food security problem…” @ )

(Doug talks desal w/ MZ & “Dr. Nano” on KSCO 5/19/2012 Sat. Special @

… & “Our Inconvenient Truths” @ (2007) , (1999) , & 2009) 

Re: Dr. John Englander

Here’s where sea levels are rising fastest in California. 

Dear Monterey Bay and California Residents,

Water supply, sustainability, law & order, Community safety, our economy & environment, our children, fentanyl, RICO, and our future, etc…?

May I please introduce myself?

My name is Douglas Deitch, 831.476.7662 …

(meet Mark Stone, too, right below in 2011 CCC video…)

@ & a little later same morning …

 @ @ Coastal Commission, 8/12/2011

3 minute “Executive Summary”  @ of January 1996 1 hour award winning SCCTV “Community Perspectives”...

Full January/1996 video program @ (w/ bonus viewing of then Green Party’s Bill Monning Cameo!!! ) &

Doug @ SWRCB October 8, 2022 again requesting & recommending SWRCB Intervention in Monterey Bay for 7th time… 

 since 1st SWRCB appearance in 2016 w/ SWRCB Chair Marcus @ 11:41 @ w/ my “Handout Document” in my hand @

Doug was cutoff @ Coastal Commission first of 3 appearances this week of the death of Cal Am’s 2011 first desal attempt @

Please see/review my earlier complete & “un cutoff” 2010 Coastal Commission video comment @, particularly starting @ 1:37

Peter Douglas’ same day last Coastal Commission Resignation Statement 

The 21000 acre (32.6 square miles of new “farmlands back to wetlands ESHA) Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument @ 

Mercury News Editorial Comment 

“Water Berry Ponzi Scheme”, (@ 2009)

We still can’t print up any more water @  (2011) …

… but we do have two new aspirant “ASR” Water Ponzi Schemes @ “Pure Water Monterey” & “Pure Water Soquel” now scheming to fool us (and themselves!!!) that we can? …

(of course, not instead in a superior in all ways one time cost #nbs $2.1 billion 21k acres, aka as the “Monterey Bay National Estuarine National Monument”, of new ESHA coast front “farmlands to wetlands”, 100% 33kafyr new urban DPR recycled H2O supply #NBS/”NatureBalancedSolution, immediately implementable, conserving & strategically & passively ASR#NBS permanently w/o later extraction and in perpetuity recharging 63,000 acre feet per year…

And best preserving and sustaining our $5 billion year Monterey Bay farm production, 10% of Cali’s $50 billion of US total $138 billion year of World food security run down @ ? 

“We are stardust…

We are golden…

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden …”

My UNPUBLISHED Op-Ed to both Santa Cruz Sentinel & Monterey Herald this AM 5/16/22: Not all recycled water Is the same…

 "The local coastside and already approved "ASR-Aquifer Storage Recovery" projects Pure Water Monterey and Soquel (AND San Diego, etc.), where "cleaned" local waste and other water is deeply and very expensively injected into our already at, near, or below sea level coastside aquifers for only temporary mixing, storage, and then later use and extraction, cannot possibly work when Sea Level Rise (SLR) is projected to be at least 1 foot and maybe much more by 2050!

( DPR vs ASR at CCC in 2020 @ 12:12 @  & @ & 7:48 @ )

(Doug @ SWRCB first of 6 times 2016-2022 requesting SWRCB Intervention in Monterey Bay @ 2016 @ 11:21 @ & accompanying 4/19/2016 PDF @ ) 

 Thank you, Peter Douglas, “Savoir of our coast” , 8/10/2011, @ his last Coastal Commission meeting @ 

( ) (2009) & (1996)

(Complete 1996 1 hour program @

… and may I please add, once again this June/2022, from April/2000 @ ?

KSBW May/2022 “Meet the Candidates”

Decades of Fort Ord Toxic Hazardous Waste Plume Coverup & Vet Cancer Epidemic?- Who knew what and when did they know it?

Douglas Deitch

Party Preference: Democratic

Nonprofit Executive Director         Age: 70

I have a dream

In 1970 at 21 years of age Elaine and I eloped to Mazatlan from Stanford and then moved to our present mountain home here in the absolute corner of Aptos Rancho in 1974, where we have been ever since. We now include our children Alisha 39, her husband Clay, Dakota 13, Hudson 10, and our son Jake 36, all Monterey Bay natives.

I am very concerned about our Monterey Bay regional water and numerous other unaddressed Federal issues here.

I have unsuccessfully been trying for well over 20 years to meet with my Congressman about our regional 20th District wide groundwater commons overdraft seawater intrusion tragedy  , disaster, and food security concern, and solutions and other pressing issues like immediate DACA and other immigration/safety legislation , Expansion of UCSC to Watsonville, NDAA,  EMP-CME , Oroville possible Golden Gate dams issues, twin tunnels, Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument (... partial 2018 20th District Congressional Ballot Statement v. Mr. Panetta- read rest @ and read June 2022 Ballot Statememt @ 

( )

That's why I am running for Congress to get us the $2.1 billion to fund this project with an immediate following emergency executive order from our Governor immediately authorizing and implementing my project for us.

Problems solved!"

Best/health/Tikkun olam. Douglas Deitch ED/Founder Pogonip Foundation, INC dba Monterey Bay Conservancy A Monterey Bay/California Water Policy Thinktank (incorporated 1996) Aptos, California (831.476.7662)"

Year?: circa 200?/Ask Paul Rogers @ 


(2018 Sentinel/Herald Congress Questionaire/Responses Panetta & Deitch & 2018 KSBW TV Interviews & May/2022 KSBW “Meet Candidates” ) (2010)

www. (8/12/2011 early in day) aka “CalAmDesalDeath #1” (8/12/2011 later) (2007) (2009) (2007)

(KSCO 5/19/2012 “Desal” Saturday Special w/Doug/MZ&Dr.Nano)

Please watch 1996 SCCTV One Hour “Call In Interview” w/ Chris Wilder & host Charlie Reid & Special Guest Green Party’s Bill Monning:  Executive Summary @ /

Full program @  &  

CLICK for June 7, 2022 Ballot Statement:

Query: AOC’s Green New Deal?... No thank you!: SWRCB: INTERVENE NOW!!!

(I already have my own Green New Deal. Please CLICK above & see below)

Decades of Fort Ord Toxic Hazardous Waste Plume Coverup & Vet Cancer Epidemic?- Who knew what and when did they know it?


Douglas Deitch - Ballotpedia


June/2022 Ballot Statement

CLICK for June/2022 Ballot Statement: / / 

“The best that money CAN buy?”


Top 100 contributors to Campaign Committee & Methyl Bromide ban from 1996?

Please review Doug’s 1996 interview, views,& comments on the methyl bromide issue+ @ @ 8:43 …

(& Watch Part2/ with Bill Monning cameo @ in 1996)...

(and, btw/fyi, Mis Amigos y Mis Vecinos, very simple resolution to this conundrum …

How about we roll 100% organic here by, say 2027 (más o menos?)

“The best that money can’t buy” @ -1996  

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Call me anytime before 5(pm) for either a chat or a clue, for either me or you @831.476.7662!

Love to talk with and listen to you.

You’re my boss, right?

Here is my 2018 KSBW Interview then when I previously ran for Congress against Mr. Panetta:

2018 KSBW interview  .

Main concerns were SLR, water supply/sustainability, food security/our $5 billion yearly farm production of California’s $50 billion, safety/Law&Order/common sense …

Still are!

Anything been accomplished on any of these issues in last 26 years?

My Congresspersons (not Leon!) have NEVER responded to me since 1998… (quoted from my current ballot statement, below … and from what’s above and what’s below yet to be revealed, it’s not too difficult to imagine why that may be, maybe?...However, it’s just business … mine, yours,& ours… nuestra cosa, verdad?)

Best/health/tikkun olam, (& luvyawl!)

Dougie Deitch etc.


(Clue#1 @ @ 5:41… What one foot of slr will do … by 2050!/?)


​​(Please watch 1996 SCCTV One Hour “Call In Interview” w/ Chris Wilder & host Charlie Reid & Special Guest Green Party’s Bill Monning  @ Executive Summary @ / ,

Full program @  &



June/2022 Ballot Statement


Hot off the press!!! My June/2018 Ballot Statement …

(My June/2018 Ballot Statement @  AND KSBW 2018 interviews @ !)...

June/2022 Ballot Statement




2007? ...

2016? ...



Wetlands? ...

California Coastal Commission ? 

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Intervention, #1 of 6x 4/19/2021 @ 11:21 @?


June/2018 I first ran for this office “runningforourliveson water/food/sustainability/climate/resources/schools/housing/SLR/commonsense-COVID/Law&Order”…

However, I ran in Aptos, 1996, four more times since… 

Sustainability, water, homelessness, medical marijuana, METHYL BROMIDE?, agriculture, education, Prop13, growth/development, immigration…

Please watch 1996 SCCTV One Hour “Call In Intervieww/ Chris Wilder & host Charlie ? & Special Guest Green Party’s Bill Monning  @:  &

My 2018 ballot statement ,  

2018 KSBW interview  .

Main concerns were SLR, water supply/sustainability, food security/our $5 billion yearly farm production of California’s $50 billion, safety/Law&Order/common sense …

Still are!

Anything been accomplished on any of these issues in last 26 years?

My Congresspersons have NEVER responded to me since 1998… 

In April/2016 I appeared first of 6 times @11:21  before State Water Resources Control Board requesting SWRCB intervene-take control of/replace entire Monterey Bay regional water management for mission failure and implement instead my alternative:

My Regional Water Fixx: The $2.1 billion/21000 acre Monterey Bay Estuarine Nat'l Monument-Farmlands back to Wetlands-build back better/no shovel "infrastructure" & 33kafyr recycled water @ p.933@ 

 PROMISE #1: As Congressperson, I will secure us this $2.1 billion build back better "infrastructure" financing to best sustain our $5 billion farm production/food security resolution, create 21000 acres new wetlands from farmlands, secure us new urban RECYCLED DPR NOT ASR!!! 33,000 a/f/yr water supply for all our present and future Monterey Bay urban water…

PROMISE #2: … and RICO prosecutions for FENTANYL crimes/murders  ! (End)

(... & I will  accomplish this all or not in the only ONE TWO YEAR TERM I will serve, with Congressman Panetta as my Chief of Staff, if he will take the job?...) 

Query: AOC’s New Green Deal? No thank you!

KSCO/Desal Saturday Special



@CCC/2009/Local Coastal Plan Amendment: 


Chief Escalante and tinted windows … 

Fort Ord Contamination Catastrophy 

1970: Byblos & His Humans Elaine & Doug …

Elaine & Doug … a few years later

Alisha, Clay, Dakota, Hudson, & Missy Slaughter @ 

… and the balance of my crew, son Jake Deitch (@  (daughter Alisha, again) & “Robert” 


Sichuan Water Conservancy Tour (2000) @ 

Elaine… Without her we would have nothing … Now she belongs to the Angels.

January 20, 1950- April 3, 2016


April/2016-March 28, 2022