The Hustler’s Choice Personal

Development Cheat Sheet

By: Isaac Mashman

A note from Isaac: I made this document for it to serve a purpose. Many people are hungry for knowledge but oftentimes don’t know where to start. The Hustler’s Choice PD Cheat Sheet gives a direction in which you can head. Below I have included a list of podcasts,  mentors to observe, books to read and various other personal development information. All I ask is that you implement the information you learn. Do not become a success zombie!

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Podcasts to Listen to:

(not all podcasts will be clean, or kid friendly so listen at your own risk)

Audios to listen to:

A List of Mentors & “Gurus”:

A List of Books to Read:

I have not personally read all of the books listed, HOWEVER, only included recommendations from people whom I trust