Choir Parents Association Meeting

October 15, 2018

Call to Order: 7:02 pm

Attending:        Rebecca Nice Parrone

                Tyffini Furlong

                Kimberly Silva

                Jamie Parks

                Carol Stewart

                Sumi Chakravorty

                Erica Baez

                Jennifer Welch

                Nancy Llanos

Kim is still working on getting an accurate balance.  She will be meeting with Suzanne Wade to go over outstanding issues from the 2017-2018 school year.

The account balance is $18,823.36  Of that amount, $1,200 is the Director’s discretionary fund and $3,000 has been put aside for scholarships.

Student Accounts:

Positive Balances: Non Choir Students: $1200, Current Choir Students: $2600

Negative Balances: Tucker Jones: ($1300), Non Choir Students: ($800), Current Choir Students: ($1500)

So, total account is $11,000 but if the negative balances are paid back, total would be $14,000

If we have the contact information for those students who have negative balances, Kim will go ahead and contact them.  If we do not have their addresses, she will send the information to Tim so he can possibly get it from Genesis.

Candy Sales

This is a fundraiser for student accounts.  Students sell boxes of Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars, different flavor varieties.  The boxes cost $48 and students sell the chocolate bars for $1 a piece.  $18 of the $48 goes into the student’s account to use for apparel and trips.

There is a new representative from Gertrude Hawk that has already contacted the CPA to get the fundraising started.  Our Co-Chairs for the Candy Sales are Stella Ayala and Annie Heimberg.

Students who cannot afford to buy the candy boxes can take a box and then hand in the money after chocolates are sold.  Last year, this caused some issues at the end of the year where some boxes were unaccounted for.  To fix this, Jamie Parks made a motion to settle up the loan of the candy boxes after the student sells their third box of candy rather than waiting until the end of the year to settle up.  It was seconded by Carol Stewart and the motion was carried.


Suzi Francese is asking Shoprite for dates around the holidays and Superbowl so that choir students can bag groceries for tips at the ShopRite in Somerset.  Parents who chaperone can make more money for their student’s accounts.

Frutta Bowls is willing to do a fundraiser with us.

Need a Co-Chair for Fundraising (aside from the Candy Sales)

This person or persons will be vetting the fundraising ideas to see if they make sense for our group and will present the ideas at our monthly meetings.  This person is also the point person for those who run each fundraiser, they will check in with each fundraising group and make sure everything is running smoothly and will give reports about completed and ongoing fundraisers at the monthly meetings.  Carol Stewart volunteered to chair the Fundraising committee, she is looking for a co-chair.

Carol also mentioned a candle sale fundraiser, candles are $20 and the student would earn 40% of that ($8) for their student account.  It’s a dual wick candle that comes in a decorative jar and in a decorative box, perfect for gifting.  We would like to get this fundraiser up and running for November and December to be ready for the Holidays.

Carol will present more ideas for fundraising at the November meeting.

Student account money for a Senior is use it or lose it unless they have a younger sibling that will be joining choir, then the balance would roll over into their sibling’s account, otherwise it is absorbed by the CPA.

Opens November 30th and closes December 2nd.  We will need many volunteers for this musical.

Tickets: 2018-2019 Co-Chairs are Jennifer Welch and Lenise Owens, they will be meeting with last year’s chair to go everything that is needed to be done for this committee.

For parents of Rent cast members who are not in Choir or Madrigals, we can still use their help and they can attend meetings; however, since their student(s) are not in Choir or Madrigals, they are not CPA members, and would be unable to vote on any motions.  Rent cast parents will be getting separate notices about helping out as well.

Playbill: We need a Chairperson or Co-Chairs for this.  We have someone who will put the whole playbill together, the Chairperson or persons just need to provide the playbill designer with the show information, ads and boosters.

Concessions: Kim was shadowing Diane last year because originally she would be taking over chairing the concessions committee.  She will fill in the new Co-Chairs on what needs to be done and how it is done.

Publicity: Chris Schwartz is the Publicity Chairperson.

We need to find out from Tim how many posters have been made and how many need to be ordered.

Tyffini and Rebecca will put together the apparel, ads and booster packets for Rent once a final decision is made about what type of items we will be offering.  Thinking about doing fleece-wear, otherwise, the usual t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

Be sure to share events posted on our Facebook and Website with your Facebook friends and family

This is a great place to find out about CPA meeting dates and times, performance dates and times, forms needed for apparel and trips, fundraising, volunteering and more.

This fundraiser only puts $5 out of $100 into the student accounts and takes far more time managing than the money that is made from it.  Kim made a motion to discontinue the Stop & Shop and ShopRite gift cards.  Jamie second the motion and it was carried.  We will sell the remaining 6 (one was sold to Jennifer Welch during the meeting) ShopRite gift cards and then that fundraiser will be closed out.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.