First-Grade Learning Outcomes - Fourth Grading Period

This document highlights the focus standards for each grading period. Teachers may choose to review previously taught standards as well.

Language Arts - Reading

Applies knowledge of how print is organized and read

  • Read his/her own writing

Applies phonetic principles

  • Blend beginning, middle, and ending sounds to recognize and read words
  • Use word patterns to decode unfamiliar words
  • Read and spell commonly used sight words

E Expands vocabulary

  • Use information in the story to read words
  • Use knowledge of sentence structure
  • Use knowledge of story structure
  • Reread and self-correct
  • Discuss meanings of words in context
  • Develop vocabulary by listening to and reading a variety of texts
  • Ask for the meaning of unknown words and make connections to familiar words
  • Use text clues such as words or pictures to discern meanings of unknown words
  • Use vocabulary from other content areas

Demonstrates comprehension of fictional texts

  • Identify characters, setting and important events
  • Identify the main idea or theme
  • Read and reread familiar stories, poems and passages with fluency, accuracy and meaningful expression

  Demonstrates comprehension of  nonfiction texts

  • Identify text features such as pictures, headings, charts, and captions
  • Identify main idea
  • Read and reread familiar passages with fluency, accuracy, and meaningful expression

Use simple reference materials

  • Use knowledge of alphabetical order by first letter
  • Use picture dictionary to find meanings of unfamiliar words

Language Arts - Writing

Writes for a variety of purposes.


Uses correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling

         final copies

Demonstrates growth in word study knowledge and applies it to writing


Number and number sense

Computation and estimation


Probability and statistics

Patterns, functions and algebra


Scientific investigation/reasoning/logic

Life Processes

Social Studies