Benefice News - 19th January


1 Corinthians 1: 1-9;  John 1: 29-42

9.30am   Kelsale Family Service

11:00am St John's Holy Communion

6:30pm   St John's Evening Worship


Almighty God, in Christ you make all things new:

transform the poverty of our nature by the riches of your grace, and in the renewal of our lives make known your heavenly glory; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever..

Next Sunday - 26th January

9.30am No morning service at St. John’s

9.45am Connections at Sax Primary School

11.00am Joint Covenant Service at Kelsale Methodist Chapel

6.30pm St John’s Evening Worship



Please note that there are no choir practices until they resume on Friday 7th February.

A reminder...

… that all 2019 annual reports for Kelsale cum Carlton should be sent to Elizabeth by the end of January latest, so that she can pull them together into the Kelsale cum Carlton Annual Report.

Food Bank Volunteers

Our local Food Bank is in the process of being reorganised and is looking for extra pairs of volunteers to join the delivery team … for more details contact Pam or Phil Peeling (01728 604 584).

Need to Talk?

Contact details for St.John’s church officers can be found on our Website.  and on the notice board in the church.

What’s My Game?

The next Games Afternoon will be on Tuesday 22nd January from 2 – 4pm in St. John’s Church. Look forward to seeing you there.

Men’s Group..come and join us!

Calling the menfolk of the Benefice! We are having an informal Men’s Group get-together at the Bell Hotel from 7:30 on Wednesday January 22nd. There is no need to book a place: just come along (but if you know you are going to do so, letting us know would enable better coordination with the Bell)!         Nic, Chris and Doug

Sax Community Fridge...coming soon!

Despite growing awareness of the huge amount of food thrown away (l have stats!) there are few easy ways for individuals and businesses to get food near its sell-by date to others.

A meeting at Sax'cess House is now arranged for Friday 24th January at 10am. for those of us interested in volunteering at the Community Fridge.

This is such an exciting local project for St John's and Connections to be involved in. It so easily enables us to 'be church' in the community. This project works on several levels e.g. free access for all, but once established, we hope it will serve those in food poverty with fresh, nutritious food, especially the 'hidden' folk who can't benefit from the food bank system.

The Fridges have promoted a spirit of sharing and initiated community activities. They also contribute to  greenhouse gas emission reduction, as 10% is apparently due to food waste!        Marion

A break in the schedule

On Sunday 26th January there will not be a 9:30am St John’s Holy Communion, nor will there be an 11am Kelsale Holy Communion. This is to make room for the Joint Covenant Service at Kelsale Methodist Church. All welcome.

Walking Football

Walking football is about to start in Saxmundham! It will be every Wednesday. First meet 3pm Wednesday 5th February at Sax'cess House (indoors in winter). Devised in 2011 to keep over 50's active and involved in football.

Please send…... your contributions for the next Benefice News – and any prayer requests - to by noon on Thursday.

More songs and stories...from Jonathan Veira

Jonathan Veira returns to St John's with his songs and stories on Saturday, February 15th. He has asked to come back so let's give him the warm, welcoming audience he had at his standing ovation concert in June last year. Tickets are on sale at the church coffee shop on the High Street and Annie always has tickets with her at St John's  for morning services. They cost £12 including light refreshments. (If you buy from Annie after church services she would be grateful for the right money because she won't have a float with her. Many thanks

Climate Change... an invitation to pray

If you are concerned about global warming or the wellbeing of our planet, please visit the St John’s  website and click on this image. You’ll be taken to a document which might help you to pray. This is an initiative started by a friend of Fran’s and she could perhaps give you some more details.

If you know of someone who might be interested in this, but who is not ‘online’, why not print out the document for them?

Wholeness and healing at St. John’s

We have a trained team offering the pastoral ministry of wholeness and healing during Sunday morning services at St John’s. Two members of the team will listen to your own needs for physical, emotional or spiritual wholeness and healing and pray for you. Please go to the Swan chapel immediately after receiving Holy Communion or, after a non-Eucharistic service, to the prayer area under the nave-vestry window.

Lent course

Already? Because we find that Home Groups sort out their schedules well in advance, we thought that we’d let you know what the church has decided to do for Lent this year. We’ll be reading the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book for 2020: “Saying yes to life" by Ruth Valerio. In order to enable as many as possible to attend, we’ll be offering multiple times during the week across the Benefice and Deanery and we invite Home Groups to suspend their normal meetings for the season. Copies of the book will be available from At the Crossroads in due course. For further details contact Nic or Andy

A Big Thank You... the family and friends of Marie King. A collection was made after Marie's funeral and Bags of Hope (Rucksack appeal) received £624 . It was decided by the LIGHT home group who set this group up to offer money to the three charities we work with.

Ipswich night Shelter were given £200 and used this to provide a hot meal on Christmas and New Year day, The Bus Shelter used their £200 to stock up their bus on basic supplies, eg. toothbrushes, paste , soaps, and snacks. The Salvation Army in Norwich spent theirs on sleeping bags. We left the £24 in churches account to use to start the appeal next year and buy bags with it.

So a big thank you to Marie's family and friends for their generosity.        (Carol C.)


Prayer is requested for Beth Sellwood, still in hospital, awaiting resolution of her future living arrangements;


for Auriol Marson, recovering from her shoulder operation;


for Rob and Sue’s son-in-law, Steve, who has started his radiotherapy;


for the family of Reg Solomon, whose funeral is on Wednesday at 11.30am at Kelsale Church.


(from the film Kung Fu Panda)