Information that parents/students want to know about assignments/homework and due dates appears at the top. It is recommended that you link documents such as project rubrics and instructions in PDF or Google doc format as much as possible either at the top or in your lesson plan activities/instructions.  

Assignment: <Enter Assignment> Due Date: <Enter Due Date>

Assessment: <Enter Assessment>

Homework: <Enter Homework>


Unit: Name Unit or Unit Goal

Warmup: What the students will do after they enter the room until you start class. Can also serve as a learning check to see if they remember and understand the previous day’s lesson. It can also be a great time to spiral in material covered during a previous six weeks or semester. There should be consistency in your warmup time so students know what is expected of them every day when they walk through your classroom door.

Vocabulary: words you will be using during the lesson and/or unit that students will be responsible for knowing by the end of the lesson, a series of lessons or the unit.

Lesson Objective: A statement of what the student can expect to learn - generally addresses just a single day of instruction. Example: We will identify natural sources of fresh water. (see Learning Outcome/Closing task)

Activities: (brief list or description of what will take place to facilitate learning)

  1. Activity 1
  2. Activity 2
  3. Activity 3

Essential Questions:

Learning Check: Procedures conducted by teachers DURING the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment. (How do you know students mastered objective?)

Learning Outcome: This is different than the objective. This is what the student will do to demonstrate his or her understanding of the learning objective. It should be at higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy than the objective. Example: I will complete an exit ticket describing the difference between fresh and salt water.

Standards: (may be linked through the Gabbart Web site feature)

Other examples of objectives vs outcomes (notice how “We” and “I” is used and that the outcome is at a higher level of Bloom’s than the objective)

  1. We will discuss the regions of Texas and the products from each region.
  2. I will identify the most valuable region of Texas and justify my answer.

  1. We will review lab safety practices and procedures.
  2. I will create a lab safety mnemonic with my lab partners and share it with the class.

  1. We will identify and discuss why two important battles became the turning point of the Civil War.
  2. I will be able to explain why a newspaper would write, “The South Will Lose the War,” after these two battles.