CODE/MOE/UOIT Makerspaces Project

Lesson Plan: Grade 6, 7, 8 Language Arts:

Let’s Make It Real (Green Screen)

Lesson Objectives:

Students working collaboratively, using digital media and environments, to support individual learning and to contribute to the learning of others.

Curriculum Expectations:

-Media Literacy: produce a variety of media texts for specific purposes and audiences, using appropriate forms, conventions, and techniques

-Writing: write complex texts of differ lengths using a wider range of forms

Learning Goals:

“We are learning to…”

-collaborate to use the green screen to produce a video, related to a specific topic/subject (make it real)

-use 21st Century Learning Goals:

- work collaboratively (together)

-problem solve

-talk through our learning

- listen to each other

-be creative

Success Criteria:  

“We will be successful when…”

-we have created a video connected to the specific theme, idea or content based on co-created success criteria

-we have demonstrated our knowledge of using the green screen to effectively show our ideas

Lesson Overview:

Students will work collaboratively to create a video using the green screen to make their theme, topic, specific content “REAL”.  

Materials and Technology:  



-green screen

-access to the internet

Student Accommodations/Modifications:  

Lesson will be differentiated by:

  • Content, specifically:
  • Process, specifically: extended deadline (if needed)
  • Product, specifically: video length adjustments
  • Environment, specifically:  

MINDS ON:  Getting Started

-Review introductory lesson:

  1. What do you like about the green screen?

  2. What challenges did you face using the green screen?

-Likes: fun, engaging, enjoyed making a video/taking a picture and looking like it was a real experience

-Challenges: sometimes having to redo it, the image becoming green because of the screen, finding the right image for the background

This lesson would be a follow-up to the exploratory lesson using the green screen.  Students would have prior knowledge of how to use the green screen.  Working group creation is at the discretion of the teacher for this project.

ACTION:  Working on it

-Students will work with a partner or in a group (max. 4 people) to create a video using the Green Screen app. Image result for green screen app

-students would have prepared a script for their video related to the appropriate subject/topic

-students will create a video, using an appropriate image and dialogue

Teacher walks around and observes and offers support. May question their thinking to help guide them.

-Students are using a prior prepared script for their video using the green screen.  The script will be connected to the subject matter (theme, subject, or concept).

-Teacher may use a checklist or anecdotal notes to assess the students and their ability to apply the skills to their task.

CONSOLIDATION:  Reflecting and Connecting

-Students will share highlights/lowlights of collaboration

-Students will share next steps in creating video

(possibly through a journal or exit ticket)

-Select 1 (one) group to share their video progress

-Question (Metacognition): What knowledge and skills in listening and speaking have helped you produce your video?

  • As group is presenting teacher and students make notes to make connection with related subject area. Look for subject specific language
  • Bring back and connect to success criteria


Students can:

-rehearse their lines

-practice blocking

-edit their script/image

Brookview Middle School—Toronto District School Board

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