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Realtors: Consider the impact of Pacaso
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St. Helena Star

Realtors: Consider the impact of Pacaso

Connie Wilson

Realtors: Consider the impact of Pacaso

We are fortunate to live in a small, rural community surrounded by natural beauty. This is why so many want to move here and tourists come to visit.

If we want to preserve this small town character, every purchase and business decision must take into consideration what the impact is on our community. This goes for real estate agents as well.

I am quite surprised and disappointed with the St. Helena real estate agents who are actively promoting and selling shares in Pacaso vacation timeshares in our residential neighborhoods. Do you not care what their actions might have on our community? Are Pacaso’s enhanced realtor incentives too lucrative to pass up?

You should all be familiar with our zoning ordinances – why would you promote a commercial business in residential areas? Do you disclose that Pacaso is suing the city and there is strong neighborhood opposition? Agents might get a short term gain by promoting Pacaso, but lose local clients for good.

Vacation timeshares hollow out residential neighborhoods and create an absence of an answerable neighbor, the likelihood of noise and disruption, the raising of local housing prices and the reduction of available housing for locals hoping to buy a first home. This is a transient occupancy commercial business in residential areas, it is against our zoning laws, and it degrades the neighborhoods we love.

Several local citizens have reported that Pacaso is openly soliciting homeowners and offering to buy their homes for over market value prices and enticing them to consider selling. Pacaso already has at least three homes in St. Helena, with presumably two more under renovation. How many more do they plan to purchase with their deep pockets?

A direct quote from their website states: “We pay a premium for amazing single-family homes in regional markets where people love to vacation.”

I applaud the local real estate agents who see through Pacaso’s money-making scheme and refuse to promote their predatory business model. I ask the other agents to consider the impact of their working with Pacaso.

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