We just parked in front of the outdoor dinosaurs. Gatekeeper will admit you. See you inside.


Thank you, Mom. I'll be there as soon as I can.

BTW it would be nicer if I could just plan my own activities with them in a way that fits better into my own schedule. But that doesn't seem obvious to everyone involved unfortunately, as it would to those who cogitate thoroughly.


The table activities they enjoy are only today from 10 to 12. I thought you might enjoy that experience.


Of course I would enjoy that, Mom especially when the choices are dictated exclusively by other people.

You are not their "mother" and that comment was not directed primarily at you. I presume you're doing your best with what little you have been given to work with at this point.

Former spouse

Just to remind you Ali of our previous exchange. I suggested you offer ideas. To be helpful, I offered all suggest things. And you said that would be nice. Mom and I have worked to try to think of things that would be enjoyable. Of course you are welcome to have ideas. The one I'm aware of, the planetarium, o think didn't pan out because they are closed.


I'm suggesting that I god damn drive them someplace that I want to take them without you or Mom.

Stop pretending, Karen.

You treat me like a child and reveal your own juvenile thinking.

Just stop talking to me about this stuff. I don't respect your judgment in any way.

Can you imagine going through what you've put me through for the last half a year? Probably not. Or maybe you just choose not to. How nice for you that you get the luxury of choosing how you relate to your children.

The more you say the more foolish you sound.

I am not going to participate in this farce any longer by keeping silent and pretending that this is not an absurd situation, created by absurd thinking, perpetuated by absurd behavior and denialism.

I dread when I see the pathetic offering you and your attorney make as the basis for my life with the boys going forward.  Based on what I've seen for HALF A YEAR ALREADY I'm far from hopeful.  Why would you put me through this for so long if you don't think it's sustainable?  This is been an extremely unreasonable situation that seems to reflect your best thinking I presume, and the best thinking of those around you.  I'm sure you take comfort that you are keeping them nice and safe, safe from me, and that your actions meet with their approval.  It might surprise you but if you think in the scheme of things, apparent to anyone who is capable of and who wishes to take a step back , that I pose such a great threat to them that would probably seem laughable.  Due to my vigilance and attentiveness to their welfare, prior to when you decided I was no longer deserving of my place in my own family, I alone realized when they needed medical attention at times; I actually avoided accidents and dangerous situations when they were in my care; I made careful and well-reasoned decisions about their care.  How this amounts to nothing right now is incredible to me.  On balance your judgement seems lacking and I pity the boys' being victims of it now, in the past, and going forward.  You should probably start thinking about how you will explain to them what you made happen to us all.  That might be a useful lens through which you could see the errors you are making, while you still have the ability to materially effect the outcome of this situation.