We are hoping a team of leaders from your church or ministry might participate in an event at 6:00 PM on Sunday, June 10, at the Red Brick Church.

“G-MINI” =  A Gospel Movement in Northern Illinois

Purpose: Build momentum for what God is doing through gospel centered ministries in northern Illinois.  

Who? Area leaders (and spouses) with whom our ecclesiology (credobaptist, complementarian, expository) resonates. The point of these parameters is not that we think these are the only gospel focused ministries -- rather, these are churches with whom we would potentially be comfortable planting churches.

The dream is that each of the pastors  invited might bring leaders and influencers in our churches and ministries who need to be more aware of what God is doing through other like-minded ministries.

*No child care provided.

Potential Participants Listed Here

When? 6:00 PM, Sunday evening, June 10 with refreshments to follow

Where? The Red Brick Church

What will happen? We will introduce ministries represented. We will then interview a cross-section of leaders who are planting churches and involved in other ministries.