“Alternate” Applicant Information

Thank you for applying to National Blue Beret. Please remember, after applications are submitted, every applicant is considered an Alternate until the auto-slotting selects the Primary attendees.

EServices Registration & Payment System is open for LATE applications for NBB. Applications submitted in eServices after 15 Jan are considered “Late” and will only be considered after all "On-Time" applicants have been slotted.  Use this "Apply Online" link to access the application site on eServices.

Notifications for on-time applicants will go out on 1 March.  Those cadets who remain on alternate list after 1 March may be contacted at anytime to fill a slot.

Many slots open for various reasons. You could be contacted at anytime.

Watch for your emails from NBB Admin. As an Alternate, you will not be added to the *“Short List” until ALL of the NBB required ES quals are complete AND you have been contacted by admin with further instructions.

*The “Short List” is a list of Alternates that have completed all quals and are ready to be slotted as open slots become available. It will happen many times before the activity begin so be ready.

Once the “Short List” is established, you can check your status on the web site.

All Applicants will show ALTERNATE until Primary slotting occurs 1 March. Applicants not slotted remain an Alternate. As additional slots open, selections are made from the "Short List".

To be added to the "Short List":

  1. You MUST respond to the "Alternate Information" email indicating you are still available and interested in attending

  2. AND have all the required qualifications complete to be added to the list we select from. The sooner you get them done, the higher you'll be on the list. Priority is also given to: the date you finished your quals and the timestamp on the response form.

  3. A large percentage of applications remain incomplete and never make it to the approval process. If you have applied to an NCSA and not heard anything, this might be the problem. Make sure your application is complete. Check with your squadron commander for assistance.

Check your SPAM and Promotions folders if you haven't gotten the email.