Describe the technical systems used to manage your programs

A: Combination of Pen and Paper / Spreadsheets and Word Documents

Describe the social program that you are seeking technical assistance

A: ABC trust works with marginalised communities in maternal & child health. We work in villages of 6 states of India directly and indirectly via other partners. Our field staff identifies expecting mothers and newborn children by visiting different households & start with one-time profiling. With each profiling based on different parameters, we categorise them into different vulnerability buckets & for each bucket, a specific visit plan with defined action points is created which our field staff executes it. A action point for a vulnerability may include the following - Regular check-ups, Vaccines, Nutrition information, etc.

Describe why using technology for this program is important to your organization

A: Currently our field staff collects all information on paper, fills it up in an excel sheet & send it to the regional office. The regional office then based on the collected information, prepares specific action plan & emails it back to the field staff or in some cases communicate that back them over the phone where email access is not possible. Since all the information & data is fragmented our teams struggle a lot with correct information. Often some details are not passed onto excel correctly or due to some communication gap, the action items are not clearly defined. We feel using technology such as mobile apps for field staff will make their work much easier & more effective. We might be able to reach more beneficiaries with the same resources & also improve our overall efficiency. Also at the central level, we might be able to analyse more information which will help us monitor our program & define key action points which we are currently not able to do since our data is all over the place in multiple spreadsheets.

Do you know of any existing organizations that use a similar system to what you envision? If so, please provide the names of those organizations and name or URL of the software if possible.

A: A similar organisation working in southern states use an offline mobile system built on ODK.

Please provide a basic data flow or process flow of the completed system. (Hand-drawn pictures are ok too)

What is the tentative budget range you have in mind for this project?

A: Rs. 10 - 15 lakhs (Approximate)

Have you received proposals or quotations for this project from other software providers?

A: No