Radius Pizzeria & Pub is currently seeking a full time pm Sous Chef for our restaurant in Hillsborough, NC.

Job Type: Full-time with a possibility of 5-10 hours of overtime a week. That’s not code for an extra 15-20 hours every week. We know you have a life.

Compensation: Competitive salary with quarterly bonuses, compensation for private health insurance, company cell phone plan, paid sick leave, paid vacation and salary review after first 3 months.

Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in non-culinary field with 4 years culinary experience including kitchen manager &/or Sous Chef experience OR Associate’s Culinary Degree with 2 years of culinary experience kitchen manager &/or Sous Chef experience OR 6+ years progressive culinary experience with kitchen manager &/or Sous Chef experience. Spanish/English fluency is not required but will be considered a strong asset.

Essential Functions:


We are a tight knit group of food lovers, people pleasers & creative types. We enjoy working collaboratively to create daily specials & restaurant promotions. We are not micro-managers but do hold each team member accountable for their job duties to make for a successful & harmonious restaurant. Good communication skills are necessary as we hold high standards for customer care and co-worker mutual respect - these issues are critical to our positive work environment.

Our Executive Chef has 20+ years of experience in fine dining, boutique, catering, hotel, private chef and corporate dining management in Dublin, Chicago, and San Francisco. We feature an Italian gas & wood-burning brick oven and a natural fermentation-based pizza dough. We make our own pastas, breads, sauces, unique salads, appetizers, sides and desserts. All our food is prepared daily from scratch, sourcing much of our ingredients from local farms and protein purveyors.