Little Elkhart Chapter of Trout Unlimited


Meeting Attendees

Keith Loutzenhiser        Lee Troyer                Penny Myers                Bill Myers                        

Don Fiwek                Rick Weidow                Nick Christofeno

Nick opened the meeting.


Meeting Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Fishing Reports: Mike fished well field to park strictly streamers.  Took 3 and had some missed hits.

Treasurers Report: Thanks to Don Fiwek for his help in working  through the financials with Joe gone.  

Don got books to balance to the penny.  

Mike and Don filed the Annual Report with TU National.  

Still need to file Fed 990 form and send copy to TU.

Mike and Keith need to get Keith on accounts at Interra.

Need to order new checks due to address and name on checks.

Mike wrote reimbursement checks for things that came up this summer.

Mike wrote checks for raffle license and reservations of park for Outing.

Treasurers Computer: LECTU is purchasing a lap-top computer for the Treasurer to use.

Computer with belong to the Chapter and can be passed down.

Computer will have Quicken and Microsoft Office programs.

Brandon Rassler will set it up.

Communications: Mike finished Fall Newsletter and Brandon has it for publishing.  Out soon.

Gene Strohallen: Donated waders to LECTU. Keith will pick them up.

Heartland Fly Fishing Expo: Jan 20-21.  Mike sent email for info, awaiting reply.

3RFF Show: Feb 10th Fort Wayne

Brown Trout: Mike has been too busy with other stuff to try Ed Evans again.  Haven’t heard back.

Lee reported that he spoke with Richard of Seven Springs and he said he would heve browns for us in the spring of 2019.

I.U. Fly Fishing Club: Mike purchased 3 Wind River 6 wt combos and sent to Conner Flora.  He received them and sent thank-you.  Cost $254.


New County Park: Mike met with Park superintendent Ronda DeCaire.   93 acres east side of Little Elkhart between CR 10 and almost to Miller’s Cider Mill.   Meeting went well in favor of catch and release and leave park natural.  Next meet with Park Board members December 11.

Fly Tying Sessions: Mike and Keith were trying to figure out the dates.  Looking at Jan. 6, Feb. 17, Mar. 17, April 21.

Raffle License: Mike will send off raffle license application as soon as he returns from Colorado.

Need Tom to sign a bunch of forms.

Mike got all the forms ready for application, post event forms and August 15 forms.

This will help Keith out.

Adopt-A-Trout: Mike never heard back from Jeff Yates about Orvis Helios 3 rod, so…

Ordered Winston AIR ($950) or Boron III plus ($875) rod

Waterworks/Lamson Force SL Reel ($499)

Our cost should be about half retail.

Mike may have to call the company to get it done.

Tickets can’t be done until we know for sure the prize.

Outing May 5th: Mike reserved the Park for that day.

Andy Kitson is getting in touch with George Daniels.  He has turned us down as of last year.

He may cost us a bunch but he will be a big draw

I want it to be a “morning with George Daniels” type program

Cannot print flyers until we have confirmation

Need to gear up for a bigger better raffle/auction with higher expectations in attendance

I want to advertise at the shows

Donation: Alaska Legend Lodge in Bristol Bay area

Coupon for half price 5 days/5 nights stay, food, guide, flight to and from Iliamna ($2,945/person)

New Business: Membership

Membership has dropped from nearly 400 several years ago to 290.

Brought up expired memberships and found info on those who had not renewed

Ability to send them an email with link to renew?

Other Show Dates: Mike is planning on going to these shows if anyone wants to ride along

Jan 13-14 Grand Rapids Fly Tiers Show FFF

March 24 Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren Michigan

HAM Project: Court is working in Detroit and will not be available to buy the hams this year. Nick volunteered to reserve the hams. He will either try Hoosier Meats or Mishlers in Shipshewana.

Next Meeting -  December 13th at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Lee Troyer for Tom Vanderputten – Secretary