Revised 12/31/2019

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Ledyard Board of Education Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the Ledyard Board of Education Budget FAQ page for the 2020-2021 budget development process.  Each year elected officials, team members, and members of our community present questions related to our budget. These questions can be financial in nature, or related to policy or operations. It is our goal to respond in a public forum, as transparently, and comprehensively as possible. If at any time the budget information or this FAQ document does not answer your questions, or if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at This document will be updated as new questions of public value are presented with revision dates recorded in the document header.


Jason S. Harting



  1. We continue to hear about declining enrollment, is the district reducing staff to meet this decline?

For many years Ledyard had seen an enrollment decline like most districts across the State. However, in the past several school years, the district reversed the tend and saw an enrollment increase. The 2018-2019 enrollment forecast was 2418 - as of Dec 31, we had 2440 students enrolled.  Enrollment in the current year is a complex story, our total enrollment is 2440. While this shows a flat total enrollment, our K-5 number is 31 students over projection and above prior year, while our 6-12 enrollment was up 9 students, we were 38 below our growth projection.

Increases in elementary enrollment (k-5) created class size challenges that necessitated adding an additional third grade teacher. Based on studies conducted as part of our redistricting process Ledyard is anticipating up to a 6% enrollment increase over the next 5 years.

  1. What has been the change in high school enrollment?

As has been the case with all of our schools enrollment has declined over the past several years. Enrollment at LHS has dropped 27.86% since 2007, with a staff reduction of 16.88%. Please note we utilized CTSDE data to validate the chart below.

NESDEC has projected increased enrollment at LHS by 11 students in SY 2020-2021.      

  1. What are we doing to reduce our outgoing magnet numbers and increase the incoming?
    School choice is an option in Southeastern CT and in some cases represents an opportunity for a learning experience that is not provided in Ledyard. We continue to work at engaging and informing our community and new residents about Ledyard Public Schools. This same engagement is expanded to those communities that have agreements to send tuition or AgriScience students to Ledyard High School.

  1. How much do we spend on magnet school students going to other districts?

For the 127 students attending magnet schools in 2019-20, it is estimated that the cost to Ledyard will be about $713,000. This cost is broken down into multiple budget lines including tuition expenses, special education expenses and an allocation of district overhead expenses.

5.    How does per pupil spending in Ledyard compared to the surrounding communities in SE CT?

        Ledyard operates a high quality program at a cost lower than the surrounding communities. Recent analysis of CT SDE data shows the following comparison for 18-19: