Revised 12/1/2016

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Ledyard Board of Education Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the Ledyard Board of Education Budget FAQ page for the 2017-2018 budget development process.  Each year elected officials team members and members of our community present questions to our team on issues related to our budget. These questions can be financial, related to policy or operational in nature. It is our goal to respond in a public, transparent and as complete a way possible. If at any time the budget information or this FAQ document does not answer your questions or you have additional questions please contact me at This document will be updated as new questions are presented and revision dates will be listed in the header of this document.


Jason S. Harting



  1. Enrollment continues to decline, why hasn’t staffing gone down as well?

This is a great question and one that I was able to look at early in my tenure. While there is a perception among some that staffing has not been adjusted, it actually has. Data going back to 2007 show that staffing levels have declined somewhat in proportion to the reduced enrollment. In the last 10 years LPS has had an enrollment decline of 519 students and in that time period reduced 44 FTE from our teaching staff. It is important to note that the declining enrollment number impacts each grade level, school and program in different ways.  While 15 students out of a grade may allow for a teacher reduction, 10 may not depending on enrollment in the grade or school in question. This complexity makes some people cringe, and it is one of the challenges with enrollment fluctuations and the corresponding teacher numbers.

The BOE has managed this enrollment decline and staffing reduction while working to maintain strong programing for our students. This work has taken a great effort by the entire team to minimize as much as possible the impact on our students. While we have reduced staffing levels, Ledyard Public Schools are schools that the community, our parents and students can all be proud to call their own.  

2. Under the equipment area (Object Codes 57300-57350), what are the details concerning the District Software increase (is it new software programs, increased licence costs, etc)?

It is a combination of budget challenges, increased costs,and account consolidation

3. What are we doing to reduce our outgoing magnet numbers and increase the incoming?

School choice is an option in Southeastern CT and for some represents an opportunity for a learning experience that is not provided in Ledyard. We are developing an engagement plan to help inform our community and new residents about Ledyard Public Schools. This same engagement will be expanded to those communities that have agreements to send tuition or AgriScience students to Ledyard High School. This effort will primarily be focused on digital and social engagement but will be balanced with our ongoing print efforts.

4. There are staff reductions in both in the GHS 5th grade but more so in the LCS 3rd grade.  What will be our backup plan if we get more kids in our school district in those grades in those schools?  

These specific allocations may, to some degree, be considered placeholders. The first option would be to look for other grade levels and schools in which the reductions in sections could be made. At this time, 2 places are options -