Dear friends,

Welcome to the Young Democrats of Massachusetts! I am excited and honored to lead such a diverse and empowering group of individuals deeply committed to engaging young people across Massachusetts. We work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, advocate for progressive values and train the next generation of leaders.

Our work has included advocating for police reform, ranked choice voting, and supporting Democrats across the Commonwealth. We support candidates and advocate to strengthen and highlight progressive ideas and policy through campaigns and grassroots efforts across all levels of government in Massachusetts. When you join the Young Democrats you are committing to  approaching all issues through an equity lens, finding and amplifying the voices of young people in our state party.

There is so much impact that can be made in our state and I am glad that you have found your way to our page and hope that you will join us in the fight. As young people, we know that the future is in our hands and to be the change we desire we must recruit and develop young people to be the future of the Democratic party. I could not be more proud of the passion and commitment that our members demonstrate every day as we strive to put our party’s platform in action and to have young voices at the table.

I look forward to working with all of YDMA’s membership in building a diverse coalition of young Democrats across our great Commonwealth to connect young people with tools and opportunities to enhance skills, fluency, and create engagement in elections and government.

Democratically yours,

Lezlie Braxton Campbell

President, Young Democrats of Massachusetts