Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seed Stitch Brim Baby Hat

This hat is knit in the round. Use whatever your favorite method is.


Circumference: 12 1/2"


Size 8 needles

Soft Worsted Weight yarn.


Cast on 56 sts.


row 1: K1, P1 around

row 2: P1, K1 around

row 3: K1, P1 around

row 4: P1, K1 around

row 5: K1, P1 around

row 6 :P1, K1 around


body of hat:

Work in stockinette (knit all rounds) until hat measures 4" from cast on edge.



row 1: K6, K2tog around

row 2: knit around

row 3: K5, K2tog around

row 4: knit around

row 5: K4, K2tog around

row 6: knit around

row 7: K3, K2tog around

row 8: knit around

row 9: k2, k2tog around

row 10: knit around

row 11: k1, k2tog around

row 12: k2tog around


Cut yarn, weave end thru last sts, pull tight and finish off.


©2008 Kelly Kearney

If you make one of these for a gift please consider making one for charity.

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