Impi and Pi’ran held their daughters born by Ibaiwa after she threw herself between their fight and stared at the small figures in their arms. The two girls opened their eyes and each child had one blue eye and one purple eye. They both smiled, pink gummy smiles at the giant men holding them. Purple blue light sizzled in the infant’s hands. They giggled as two new moons danced in the sky.  The rest of the gods stood shocked and stared as the two men held the children out for all to see. They agreed to stop their fighting. Not for love of eachother, but for the safety of the new small gods who soon began to run along the sky paths.

        As the twin girls grew so grew two new moons in the skies. One glowed a sliver blue, the other a deep and shimmering purple, as the two girls looked down from the sky. As the moons grew larger in the sky, the mortals worshipped and as the mortals worshipped the girls grew. It was not long, as the gods counted, before the two toddling girls became to chaotic children. The other gods laughed indulgently at their antics.

        They watched the girls go down to the world, and interact with the mortals. Tyleese, often playing trick and picking fights and Tyleena outsmarting her sister with different tricks and stopping fights. The girls played and fought and granted favors to the mortals who worshipped them. They chose favorites to spread their word. They granted magic to those favorites as all the gods did. “Perhaps too often,” thought some of the gods, “but they are only children and they will learn.” The other gods dismissed this fear, indulgent of the young twin girls.

        The girls parents taught them of magic. Impi taught them to fight, to show no mercy to those who betrayed their vows or their people. Pi’ran taught them to think, to question, to strive to understand. He showed them how the world grew and changed in patterns with laws. Ibaiwa taught them loyalty. She taught them humor. She whispered to them secrets and showed them how to hold those secrets so no one could steal them away. And while they learned the played. And as they played their magic grew.

        The rest of the gods began to question the girls magic. They did not understand it. The mortals believed that twins possessed magic and so, the twin goddesses possessed magic. They had been born of magic and so they possessed greater magic. They were goddesses and like all the gods, they possessed magic. This combination never occurred before. As the girls grew from precocious and unknowingly troublesome children, the gods began to worry.

        Tyleese and Tyleena saw the world. They loved the world. They saw the lines of power, the pools of it left over from creation and they swam in those pools. The other gods, they learned, could not see them. The other gods only knew the power within themselves. Nature knew of the power within living things. No one could see the magic latent in the world, except for the twin, born of magic.

        In glances and signals, without a sound between them, they decided the mortals should know of this magic too. On top of the holy magic from the gods. On top of the druidish magic from nature.  It would bring good to their lives to have this magic left from creation. Impressed with their cleverness and excited to share their gift with the mortals they left the sky paths to the moon to discuss in private.

        “We should give this to the strongest. Give them the ability to see. They will use it to protect those that are weak.” said Tyleena excitedly.

        “There may be some who use it wrongly,” cautioned Tyleese.

        “Some, of course, but I’m sure that the others will set them right quickly.” Tyleena explained. “It will work my sister.”

        Tyleese smiled and agreed and the girls descended to the world and went to each of their temples and granted this new wisdom to the strongest of their followers. They did so joyously. They watched as their gifts were quickly turned toward abuse. They could not understand.

        “This time we must give it to the weakest. They know the terror and pain of abuse and will use it to protect others,” said Tyleese.

        “There will be those who use it for revenge,” warned Tyleena.

        “Yes, but they will quickly be overtaken by the strong ones and it will be set right.” Tylesse continued. “It will work,” she said smiling.

        Tyleena’s eyes darted back and forth and then she smiled and agreed. The girls went back to the world and began giving their wisdom to the weakest of their follower. They knew they had made the right choice. They watched dismayed as the gift quickly turned toward greed. They strained their minds trying to understand.

        “The smartest,” said Tyleese.

        “The wisest,” said Tyleena.

        “The protective,” argued Tyleese.

        “The adventurous” insisted Tyleena.

And with each attempt the balance they sought eluded them.

The other gods watched. Their concern remained in check, but only just. They did not understand this magic they girls used. They could not see it. Their eyes were blind to the threads of creation. They could only see their domain powers and nothing beyond.

“If we just give this to everyone then it should all balance, right?” Tyleese asked.

Tyleena and her had remained on their moons. The other gods could not come there without permission, just as they could not move through the other gods domains without their blessing. Tyleena thought about her sister’s question.

“Yes. I think. When the ability is spread through the entire population it should return balance. That makes sense to me.” Tyleena finally responded.

When the two girls awoke after working their magic, the gods were in chaos. The twins did not know how long they had slept, only that the working had tired them immensely. As they looked down at the world from the silver-blue moon they saw horror. Not only were the mortal rampaging, with wars broken out across all countries, but the gods barely contained their panic. The two girls looked on wide-eyed in horror and raced to the sky paths to find out what happened.

The gods erupted at them the moment they stepped down. The girls clung to each other's hands, as each of the other gods demand they undue what they had done. They demanded the twins remove these magics, magics causing chaos and terror. Magics causing the earth to shake and the wind to blow different ways at once. The rest of the gods demanded an end to all these things.

The twins searched, eyes glowing, for their parents. Impi stood impassive. He looked down at the two young girls and nodded.

“End this foolishness,” he said. The girls heard the anger in his voice, but did not understand.

They saw Pi’ran. “It is enough,” he said. They heard the sadness and frustration in his voice and did not understand.

Finally they looked to their mother. They looked to Ibaiwa and she nodded.

“I am sorry my children, but this has gone too far,” she said quietly. The girls did not understand this betrayal.  

The fled back to their moon and hid from the others.

“Impi is angry even though they spill blood and Pi’ran is angry even though they experiment with this power and Mother has turned her back on us,” Tyleena cried and collapsed to the purple dusted ground of the moon. She sobbed and Tyleese raged.

“We could change this. We could change all of this sister. We have power. They do not. We could change anything.” Tyleese hissed as she rocked her sister.

“They would know.” Tyleena responded thickly.

“They can not even see. They would not know until we finished and then they could not undo anything because they do not see the pools that we see.”

“What would you have use do?”

“We could change the mortals. We could let them feel and see and use the pools of magic without our blessing. We change the mortals so they can see the power the gods can not see. We take the power away from the mortals now. We misjudged and it is breaking the world now. But we allow it to be passed from parent to child. We change their minds and their hearts so they learn to read the power left in the world. We let it grow, so it is as natural to them as it is to us, so they see it,” Tyleese said.

“They will see it and know its use and we will not have given it to them.” Tyleena continued brightening at the idea.

Tyleese nodded and help her sister from the ground.

Hands together they worked a magic not seen since creation. They removed the blessings from all those below and began to rework their making. They forged channels in the veins and in the hearts and in the minds of all. They shifted the remaining creation magic, spreading it around the globe. They imbued each mortal with the ability, if they choose, to learn this magic, to harness it. They imbued others with a natural talent to see it, though its use still came from practice. They removed the blessings and granted talent. And then they slept.

The gods relaxed. As the twins slept the world balanced. The twins worshippers continued to worship, and holy magic continued to flow from them and for decades the world was calm. The gods watched as mortals lived their mortal lives. Mortals loved, fought, died, worshipped. The gods were content and the twins slept.

Then, a magic user cast something the gods did not understand. The twins slept, so the gods ignored it. In another land two more used powers not given by the gods or nature. The twins still slept, so the gods ignored it. Two more decades went by and these new magic users continued to grow in number. Never a large number, but more than there before. The twins slept and the gods were suspicious.

The gods studied and search. They watched these magic users and tried to understand what they were seeing. A century and a half had now passed and the gods guessed what the twins had done. The tampering and twisting the twins had accomplished on the mortals.

When the twins woke, they leapt to the sky paths. They did not know how long they slept. They had no notion the other gods knew what they had done. They went to see their mother and fathers, hand in hand, and were grabbed by the other gods. They were chained with cloud chain and dragged apart.

The twins kicked and screamed. They cursed each of the gods. They cursed their fathers, who had created the chain. They cursed their mother, who would not look at them. They were chained. They were banished.

They were separated, each to her own moon. To far to speak, even in their wordless twin speak. Too far even to see the other half of themself.

So, the twins introduced magic into the world and cursed the gods to fall.