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Public Performance Terms

  • Unless otherwise noted and a custom layout is requested and approved, it is understood that renting organizations will use the theatre in its configuration at the time and make no changes to the layout or lighting (including platforms and lighting positions).  The configuration can be provided by request three months prior to rental.  Occasionally small changes can be made; if you have a specific question, please inquire.
  • The Highwood Theatre provides a staff member to be present in the office all times, and provides a staff member to sell concessions at all public performances.  Highwood reserves the right to advertise its own programming and sell concessions at all rehearsals and performances.  Unless the renting organization uses Highwood’s box office system, we do not provide someone to run the box office for your public performance.  A technician is not included in the rental prices, though at times is required.
  • Lighting, and sound plots, if specifically reserved, must be provided at least 1 month in advance of first tech rehearsal for implementation.  Custom plots are only available for an additional fee and subject to availability.
  • The Highwood Theatre does not provide a technician included with rental cost.  We can, however, provide a technician by request for an additional fee.  If no request has been made, it is assumed Licensee/producing company will provide technicians to run sound/lights.  You are required to reserve a Highwood technician anytime tech is being used in the large black box theatre.  
  • Sound cues/music (i.e. on an iPad, computer), if needed, will be provided by the renting organization and can be controlled by The Highwood Theatre's technician or the renting organization. If the renting organization is using Highwood’s technician, one script, with light cues noted, must be provided for the Lighting Technician, and one script, with sound cues noted, must be provided for the Sound Technician.
  • If the renting organization will be responsible for its own ticket sales, the renting organization will be responsible for sales whether online or in person. The renting organization must provide a staff member to be present in the box office if tickets will be sold at the door.
  • If the renting organization will use The Highwood Theatre's box office system, The Highwood Theatre will be responsible for processing ticket sales both online and at the door. The renter must request from Highwood and complete a Ticketing Information Form prior to opening ticket sales. The Highwood Theatre will charge a ticketing fee to patrons, which will be kept by Highwood, in addition to 3% of the face value of tickets sold. Checks for tickets purchased will be sent to the renting organization every two weeks. The final check will be sent within two weeks following the final performance to allow for refunds and reconciliation.
  • The renting organization may provide two posters to be hung inside our building 2 weeks prior to opening night.  Certain placements of posters are not guaranteed. Otherwise, nothing may be mounted to lobby walls or windows at The Highwood Theatre without permission.
  • The Highwood Theatre reserves the right to modify any decisions made by the licensing organization (artistic or otherwise) due to reasons of practicality, safety, or cost.
  • If renting the Black Box Theatre: Backstage space is limited to use of the black box theatre and lobby, unless additional space is rented from The Highwood Theatre. Note that use of the classroom or workshop adjacent to the black box theatre is NOT INCLUDED (unless specifically rented).  Note also that use of a green room or dressing rooms is NOT INCLUDED.  
  • If renting the Open Source/Rehearsal Studio: Backstage space is limited to use of the the Studio, unless additional space is rented from The Highwood Theatre.  Note that use of the main building lobby and other public hallways for backstage or rehearsal space is NOT INCLUDED.
  • If renting the Recital Hall: Backstage space is limited to use of the Recital Hall, unless additional space is rented from The Highwood Theatre.  Note that use of the adjacent prop room or Private Lesson classrooms is NOT INCLUDED.
  • The renting organization must comply with all rules and regulations presented by Highwood Theatre staff members.  The renting organization must be conscious and respectful of Highwood’s other patrons and clients who may be in other spaces or public spaces within the building.
  • The total audience capacity of spaces is: 49 persons for Open Source/Rehearsal Studio and Recital Hall.  These numbers cannot be exceeded at any time.  
  • For series of more than one public performance, the renting organization must provide a valid certificate of insurance with liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000.00 and maintain said insurance in full force during the entire rental period. For single performances, or other rentals, if the Licensee does not have insurance, the Licensee on this contract is liable for any and all damages and will indemnify The Highwood Theatre for all losses. The Licensee accepts total responsibility for damage caused by guests or injuries to those attending the Licensee's event.
  • The renting organization takes total and complete responsibility for its audiences and their actions while in the space.
  • After each day of rental, the space must be left in clean, usable condition (even if you are leaving sets or other equipment).  It is understood that The Highwood Theatre will be using the space during times not rented.  Everything brought into the space by the renting organization must be struck immediately following the final performance.  Theatre staff reserves the right to request your belongings be moved or removed at any time.  Public spaces, lobbies, storage rooms, and restrooms must be left clean and in the same condition as provided following every event and performance.  It is your responsibility to clean up after your audiences.  Note - we do not allow sets or belongings of any kind to be left or stored in the Open Source/Rehearsal Studio or Recital Hall except by express permission.

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