NCTIES Guest Blog Guidelines

We are excited that you’re interested in being a guest blogger for NCTIES. Here are the guidelines for submitting a blog post to NCTIES for consideration:

● You must be a member of NCTIES.

● We are looking for posts that build a community of educators whose diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences inform and enhance the practice of all educators within our organization through:

○ Sharing of resources, tools, tips, and tricks for leveraging digital tools to enhance learning in the classroom or through professional development.

○ Helping members connected to the broader ed-tech community, through social networking, in order to grow their professional learning network.

○ Communicating insights on current topics and trends in digital learning. ● Posts should be between 500 and 1000 words and should include links to outside resources where relevant.

● Posts should include relevant images.

○ These should be original images created by you or images that are licensed as public domain/creative commons. Include both the image and a link to the original source when submitting your post.

● Your post should be submitted in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

● Include a brief one-two sentence bio along with your Twitter handle to be shared with the post.

We will review submissions and, if we choose to publish your blog, reserve the right to make minor edits as necessary.

If you have any questions, contact Melanie Farrell, at