Choir Parents Association Meeting

November 12, 2018

Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Attending:        Rebecca Nice Parrone

                Tyffini Furlong

                Suzi Francese

                Kimberly Silva

                Jamie Parks

                Carol Stewart

                Sumi Chakraborty

                Erica Baez

                Jennifer Welch

                Nancy Llanos

                Lenise Owens

                Alex Stefaniak

                Jennifer Simons

                Ricky Francese

                Maleah Moon

Balance on hand: $18, 293.61


Total: $11,196.38



        Other Accounts:

                Tucker Jones: -$1300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$1527.67

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63

        Total: $14268.68

Student Accounts have not yet been finalized.  Suzanne Wade is going through all of them to get the final amounts.  She wants to have it reconciled before Thanksgiving.

Venmo - discussion about whether to use or not: Suzi and Alex will talk to Kim about this.  Could be a way for students and parents to pay into student accounts.  Paypal was suggested as well but it charges fees, so Venmo is better for us.

There was some confusion about when to start the sales of the candy.  That has been taken care of.  There will be two different forms for getting boxes of the candy.  

Paying up front

One form is for students who are paying up front, they will pay the $48 and $18 goes into their account immediately.  They sell the candy and will have $48 to get the next box after all of the candy is sold.

On Account

If a student cannot buy the candy before selling, they need to complete the form for On Account.  They will take ONE box of candy and there will be 3 rows for them.  After the first box is sold, they use the money towards the second box and their account is not credited, once the second box is sold, they use that money towards the 3rd box and their account is not credited, after they sell the 3rd box, their account will be credited with $6 and they will be in the same position as the other students who are paying up front and their accounts will get the $18 credit for every box over the 3rd box they sell.

Money/Check for candy must be put in an envelope with the student’s name and labeled Candy.  The Candy and Sign-up Sheets are in Tim’s office.

Frutta Bowls is willing to do a fundraiser with us - will check with manager/owner to see if they are still interested.  This was an idea for last year that was never pursued.

Need a Co-Chair for Fundraising (aside from the Candy Sales)

This person or persons will be vetting the fundraising ideas to see if they make sense for our group and will present the ideas at our monthly meetings.  This person is also the point person for those who run each fundraiser, they will check in with each fundraising group and make sure everything is running smoothly and will give reports about completed and ongoing fundraisers at the monthly meetings.  Carol Stewart volunteered to chair the Fundraising committee, she is looking for a co-chair.  Carol will try and “strong arm Stella” into volunteering.

Carol also mentioned a candle sale fundraiser, candles are $20 and the student would earn 40% of that ($8) for their student account.  It’s a dual wick candle that comes in a decorative jar and in a decorative box, perfect for gifting.  We would like to get this fundraiser up and running for November and December to be ready for the Holidays.  This fundraiser is cash, not checks.

Ricky and Maleah will present this idea to the choir students to see if this is something they would like to do.

Tickets: 2018-2019 Co-Chairs are Jennifer Welch and Lenise Owens. They set up the ticket sales in Brown Paper Tickets.  Tickets have already been purchased through Brown Paper.  Also, all cast members have their 10 Pre-Sale tickets to sell ($12 instead of $15) with a long list of “Do’s and Do Not’s.”  Shawna has the tickets for the students who were not there at the time, but 90% received them.  The $12 Pre-Sale ends on 11/26/18.  Another email was sent out with a link to a google form to request more pre-sale tickets if they need more than 10.  Students can sell to other FHS students for $7 and FHS students will be able to purchase at the door as long as they show their ID.  Discussed having an assembly for Rent and afterwards volunteer parents could sell tickets after the assembly.  Ricky and Maleah did not think the students would be calm enough after the assembly to focus their attention on purchasing tickets.  In-school sales at lunch time: we will work with our Choir Student liaisons.  Perhaps having a large poster on an easel for them will make it easier for them to get the lunch crowd’s attention.

Playbill: Rebecca is handling the playbill for Rent but we need a Chairperson or Co-Chairs for this for the Spring show.  We have someone who will put the whole playbill together, the Chairperson or persons just need to provide the playbill designer with the show information, ads and boosters, etc.

Concessions: Sumi Chakraborty: Sign-up Genius was set up and is ready for people to start signing up to donate items or volunteer their time for various tasks.  An email was sent to the CPA ‘18-’19 distribution list but needs to be sent to Rent distribution list. (Post Meeting note: Jamie handled sending an email about Sign-Up Genius for Rent to both the Rent distribution list and the CPA ‘18-’19 list.)  Kim was shadowing Diane last year because originally she would be taking over chairing the concessions committee.  She will fill in the new Co-Chairs on what needs to be done and how it is done and she can answer any questions they might have.

Publicity: Chris Schwarz is the Publicity Chairperson.  She was not in attendance but everything is progressing.  Road signs will be going up.  Need to check with Tim and/or Shawna about setting up the Facebook event for Rent, might already be set-up.  Once the event is created, everyone with a Facebook account needs to SHARE the event, not just like it.  It needs to be SHARED on your wall.  Students need to Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat the show details to all friends.

Apparel: Choir Gear order is in already.  There are a few that still need to be handed out and will be tomorrow, 11/13/18.  There will be another order in the Spring (before Teen Arts so that they will arrive in time) but only if there is enough interest because there is an order minimum.  There were two different apparel orders put in for Rent.  Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Ts, not sure of arrival date of order but the Fleece order should arrive by 11/26/18.  The delay was from extending the apparel order due date.

Kisses for the Cast/ Shout-Outs: Carol Stewart will be the Chairperson for this.

There were some parents not getting emails because their student used their own email address for the email distribution lists.  Jamie told them that, if they sent an email to, she would add them to whichever distribution list they would like to be added to; Rent or CPA ‘18-’19.  (Post-Meeting note: Added Carol Stewart to Rent and Alex Stefaniak to Rent and CPA ‘18-’19.)

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.