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Early American History/8th Grade


Shawn Cunning


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 3218

Course Website

Google Classroom

Course Description

Units of Study:

Unit 1: Colonial Development

Unit 2: Colonial Identity

Unit 3: Road to Revolution

Unit 4: The American Revolution

Unit 5: Article of Confederation

Unit 6: New Nation

Unit 7: Sectionalism

Unit 8: Manifest Destiny

Unit 9: Civil War

Course Expectations and Assessments

1st Marking Period: #MyColonialLife Project, Unit 2 Assessment, Benchmark 1

2nd Marking Period: Unit 3 DBQ Essay, Unit 4 Assessment, Benchmark 2 Assessment

3rd Marking Period: Unit 5 DBQ Essay, Unit 6 Assessment, Benchmark 3 Assessment

4th Marking Period: Unit 7 DBQ Essay, Unit 8 Assessment, Benchmark 4 Assessment

Course Policies 

Homework policy: Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the course. Homework will not be graded, however, it is used to reinforce concepts covered in class which can help improve the overall grade of students. Homework will also be a determining factor in being eligible for a test retake.

Retake policy: Primary assessments are eligible for retakes throughout the year. Students can choose to retake a test if they have completed all of the homework assignments for that unit. Projects are not eligible for retakes, as they are ongoing assessments. Students amy conference with teacher on projects to look for areas where additional points can be awarded. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Required and Recommended Materials 


Extra help is available after school, when requested. Students are encouraged to speak with teacher about extra help, but this can also be arranged by parent email, as needed.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Classroom Expectations:

Come to class prepared.

Be kind and courteous to teachers and peers.

Come to class with a positive attitude.

Always try your best.