English Composition - Quarter 2 Expectations

It is your responsibility to think up a topic. This topic must be nearest and dearest to you because you’re going to be spending quite some time with it. During the 2nd quarter of this school year you will be expected to research this topic, find online articles about this topic, find books published about this topic, write four or more essays about this topic, and give a speech about this topic. Essentially, you will become the expert on this topic.

This will be a self focused, self run, self motivated, self driven part of the class. You will be expected to work on all of the essays, conduct all of the research, and meet with me one-on-one at your own pace. However, you must satisfactorily accomplish all of the assignments in order to receive a full grade for this class.

After Fall break you will be given information on everything that will be expected of you. You will be meeting with me one-on-one at least once a week, but I will not be calling on you to meet. You must take the initiative to speak to me during our class time. Our class time will pretty much be guaranteed and focused work time for you. This is your opportunity to come out of this semester with amazing writing samples that you created yourself, better time-management skills, and (here’s the best part) the knowledge that you are 100% in control of your grade; from what you write about to how you get it done. You will be setting deadlines, meeting goals, and making decisions like you’ve never done before.

Good luck!

Here is how your 1st semester grade will break down:

Expository essay - 10%

Persuasive essay - 10%

Narrative essay - 10%

Research report - 25%

Presentation/Speech - 15%

Reading & Reading Assignments - 15%

Participation (including journals meetings, etc.) - 15%

Average in the 1st quarter grade and you will have your 1st semester grade.