Elizabeth Chitester

Founder and Director

Rising Voices LLC



December 4th, 2017

Junior Singers Performance Standards

Members of the Rising Voices Junior Singers  are members of introductory  ensemble in our youth programming. Because of this, our students are held to performance standards which will enable them to succeed in more advanced programming. For more information, please consult our position statement regarding performance as education.

Junior Singers members are expected to:

Conduct themselves well  during rehearsals and performances, ie:

  • Follow instruction..
  • Stand or stand  upright during rehearsals.
  • Stand upright with their hands at their sides during performances.
  • Minimize conversation during rehearsal, and eliminate conversation during performance.
  • Dress in their choir uniform, or in any performance attire requested by the director, for all performances.
  • Be on time for all rehearsals and performances.

Students and families  who fail to meet these expectations will be given notice, at the discretion of the Director. If expectations are not met following this notice, disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the Director. This action may include the cessation of tuition assistance and scholarships or the removal of a student from the Junior Singers.

Students enrolled in the Junior Singers program may, beginning at age 8, consider other Rising Voices programs. Please note these programs may have higher standards than the Junior Singers due to their more advanced curriculum. This includes the Youth Choir and the Studio.  Students may remain in the Junior Singers program until age 10.

Elizabeth Chitester