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Kuali Form FAQ
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VA Enrollment Certification Request Form

Who fills out this form?

PBU/Masters/PhD/Med/Law or students enrolled in 500- to 800- level courses.

Instructions Sections

For Students

For Advisors

FAQ Section


For Students

  1. Log in to your UH Mānoa account
  1. Only students eligible to fill out the form will have access to the Kuali Form.
  2. If you are having trouble accessing the form please contact

Log in page to access the Kuali Form

  1. Section 1: Student Information
  1. Personal Information
  1. Once you have successfully logged into the form your name, UH ID Number, and email address will auto-generate.

Screenshot of the Enrollment Certification Request Form

  1. Chapter Selection
  1. Select your VA Chapter benefit. For more information about Chapter benefits visit:

Ch 30, 31, 33, 35, & 1606

  1. If CH 31 is selected, you will have to upload your eAuthorization for Tuition and Fees. Your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor should have provided you with a copy of a eAuthorization for the semester. Please reach out to them if you have not received a copy.

Ch. 31 Student. eAuthorization for tuition and fees upload portal generates.

  1. Contact Information
  1. Please fill in the required information boxes

Cell Phone Number, and Mailing Address forms need to be filled out.

  1. Click Next
  1. Screenshot of the actions section. Buttons are back, next, submit, save, and discard.
  1. Section 2: General Questionnaire
  1. Select all that apply: *see below for applicable information*

Lists descriptions applicable to Veteran affair students that impacts the classes that will be certified.

  1. If “I am receiving the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship” is selected, you will need to upload your STEM scholarship letter.

Section to upload Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship

  1. If “I am enrolled in AS/MSL/NAVL courses (ROTC)” is selected, confirm if you intend to commission in your respective branch after graduation.  
  1. Note: If you are not intending to commission, the MSL/AS/NAVL course cannot be counted towards your enrollment certification.

Screenshot of asking students whether they intend to commission in their respective branch of service after graduation. If so, which branch.

  1. If “I am receiving a Non-UH scholarship. (Do NOT include STAR, UH Foundation, or UH departmental scholarships)” is selected, you will need to list the following for every scholarship:  
  1. Name of Non-UH Scholarship
  2. Scholarship Amount
  3. Scholarship Point of Contact - Name & email address

Screenshot of the boxes used to list non-UH scholarships a student has received.

  1. If “This is my graduating semester and I am requesting to round out” is selected, please make sure you have read the Rounding Out rules.  


Q:  What is a non-UH scholarship?

A:   A non-UH scholarship is a scholarship not using UH/UH Foundation money and is typically awarded through an outside entity.  Scholarships through your FAFSA/Financial Aid office/STAR are considered UH scholarships and do not need to be reported here.

Q:  What happens if I don’t list a non-UH scholarship here?

A:   If you receive a non-UH scholarship that we are unaware of we may have to recalculate your eligibility amounts, as the VA requires that we account for all tuition assistance. As a result, you may end up owing money back.

  1. Section 3: Certification Information and Program of Study
  1. Certification Term

Screenshot of Certification Term: Semester, Year, Certification Type, Add/Drop Type

  1. Please enter the following required information:
  1. Semester: Fall, Spring, Summer
  2. 4-Digit Year: 20XX for the semester you are submitting your form.
  3. Certification Type: New or Add/Drop
  1. New: Select New form if this is the first time you are submitting a certification form this semester.
  2. Add/Drop: Select Add/Drop form if you have made edits to your schedule since having submitted a previous enrollment certification form.
  1. Indicate whether you are adding only, dropping only, or adding and dropping.
  1. Screenshot of the Add/Drop Certification Type
  1. Program of Study:

Screenshot of Program of Study section entailing Level and Objective & Major.

  1. Level: Select Undergraduate, Graduate, or Post-Baccalaureate Unclassified
  1. Note: If you are MED, LAW select graduate
  1. Objective and Major: Select your current degree program from the dropdown menu.
  1. Exploratory Major students must provide their intended major.  
  1. A list of approved majors can be found here:
  2. NOTE: “Business” is not an approved major. (Please select something starting with BBA on the list of majors.
  1. “Business Administration” is not an approved major.
  2. “Environmental Science” is not an approved major.
  1. Course Information: [If Certification type is New]
  1. This section will only appear if Certification Type is “New.” Enter in all your information based on your schedule for the semester. Use the scroll bar to view all fields if necessary.

Screenshot of the Course Information section. Here you put the course campus, subject and number, requirement, and credit hours.

  1. Campus:
  1. MAN - UH Mānoa
  2. MAN - UHM Extension
  3. HIL - UH Hilo
  4. WOA - West Oahu
  5. HAW - Hawaii CC
  6. HON - Honolulu CC
  7. KAP - Kapiolani CC
  8. KAU - Kaui CC
  9. LEE - Leeward CC
  10. MAU - Maui CC
  11. WIN - Windward CC
  1. Subject and Number
  1. Enter the Course Name and Number e.g., ENG 600
  1. Degree Requirement (for Graduate students only)
  1. Select the degree requirement the course satisfies e.g Core, Dissertation, Language Requirement, Required Elective etc.

Screen shot of requirements list options.

  1. Credit Hours
  1. Enter the course credit hours
  1. I am Repeating Courses
  1. Select this option if any course you are taking is a class you have taken previously.
  1. Round Out Course(s)
  1. If the round out option is selected on the General Questionnaire (See Section 2 Part E), then you will be required to list your round out courses.
  2. In this section you will have to list the classes that you are requesting to round out i.e the classes that you are not required to take and are taking to fill out the remainder of your credits to maintain full time status.
  3. Requirements:
  1. Select the option for the course, had your requirements not been fulfilled, which course type the round-out course would have fulfilled.
  2. Example: A student has fulfilled all their WI requirements. They then take another course with a WI status. This round-out course would be considered a required elective.

Screenshot of the Round Out Courses section with the drop list for requirements.



Q: What happens if I list courses that are not required for my degree/program?

A: You may be required to pay back tuition costs and excess housing allowances, if it is later determined that the course is not required for your degree/program.

Q: What if I am an undeclared/exploratory student and still do not know what I want to major in?

A: Even if you still do not know what you would like to major in, the VA can only certify courses in eligible programs.  We advise that you select a major that requires all of the courses you have registered for. You may change your major as you see fit within your time at UH. This ensures that you will receive your VA education benefits.

  1. Add/Drop Information
  1. This section will only appear if the Certification Type is “Add/Drop.”  Enter in all your information based on your schedule for the semester. **For more details see Section F, above*
  2. The display will change depending if you are adding only, dropping only, or adding and dropping classes.

Screenshot of the courses added and dropped section

  1. Entering Advisor Information
  1. Enter your School or College advisor:
  2. Reference our approved list of advisor emails:
  3. Tip: You can copy and paste the email address of your advisor into the Advisor section to find the appropriate advisor

Screenshot of the Advisor Information Section on the Enrollment Certification Form

  1. Graduate Student Comment to Advisor
  1. This is an optional section, however to help aid the process please comment:
  1. Your program total credit requirement (i.e., the number of credits required to graduate in your program)
  2. The number of transfer credits granted *if applicable*

Screenshot of the student comment to advisor section. Optional to write total program credits, and transfer credit information.

  1. Student Signature
  1. Your name automatically generates and serves as an electronic signature that you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. I have finalized my registration and am requesting certification for the courses listed above.
  2. I agree to the roundout rules posted here:
  1. This acknowledgement only applies if you are graduating and requested to use your round out in the general questionnaire section.

Screenshot of the student acknowledgement section

  1. Section 4: Click on the Green Submit Button!

Screenshot of the Submit Button



Q:  How long will it take to process this form?

A:   Forms are processed in the order received, and thus it depends on how many other forms we are currently working on.  We aim to process your form within 4 weeks.  

Q:  How do I know when my form is processed?

A:   You will receive an email to your informing you if you were certified (and how many credits were certified), or if the form could not be processed, with any comments.

Q:  What happens if I made a mistake on the form, or if I changed my registration?

A:   You may submit a new form that will be processed in the order the new form is received.  See the first step on what type of form to submit.

Q:  What if I submit multiple forms?

A:   The newest form will replace any existing form that is yet to be processed.  The forms are processed in order they are received, so new forms will be processed with the new submission date (ie at the end of the list).

Q: I received my certification email, what do I need to confirm to avoid owing money later?

A:  Once you have submitted the enrollment certification form, you will receive two emails. One, to confirm submission. The second will notify you of how many residence credits and distance credits you have been certified for. Please double check this section to ensure that the credits certified match your enrollment. The total number of credits you have been certified for will impact your VA benefits.

Example A:
Student A is enrolled in 12 credits. Their VA benefits cover 100% tuition. However, only 9 credits are certified of the 12. The student will owe the University tuition for the remaining 3 credits which they did not get certified.  

Q:  Who do I contact with other questions?

A:   Please reach us at (using your email)

For Advisors

  1. Email Notification of Approval Requested
  1. Once a student successfully submits their enrollment certification form, you will receive an email requesting approval.
  2. Note: Comments to the Advisor will appear on the email notification. Be sure to check the highlighted yellow section when you receive the email notification.

Screenshot of the email notification advisors will receive for student requesting approval.

  1. Certification Information and Program of Study
  1. Once a student submits their application you will receive a copy of their input.
  2. If the student is Rounding Out a notification under the student information will be present.

Screenshot of the Enrollment Certification Form from the advisor view.

  1. Advisor Approval Section

Screenshot of the Advisor Approval Section. Link to terms and conditions and whether the courses are approved or not

  1. For GRADUATE ADVISORS: By certifying, you agree to follow the policies listed here: 
  2. Once reviewing the courses listed in the Course Informations section please indicate whether:
  1. I approve all courses listed.
  2. I approve all courses, except for the following course(s):
  1. If you do not approve certain courses please list them below with a new row per course.
  2. Advisor comments to students will be required in the below as further explanation for why certain courses were not approved. These comments will be delivered via email.

Screenshot of the registration certification section.

  1. I do not approve of any of the courses listed.
  1. Advisor comments to Students will be required in the below as further explanation for why all their courses were not approved.These comments will be delivered via email.

Screenshot of Advisor Comment to Student Section

  1. Signature and Other Information
  1. Fill in the information below as needed with signature, college, and comments to the student if applicable.
  2. FOR GRADUATE Advisors:
  1. Program Total Credit Requirements
  1. Input the program’s overall total number of credits required for completion (over the student’s entire length of time, not just for the one semester).
  2. The credit requirement total should be consistent with the UH Mānoa Catalog.
  3. This number typically will not change over the student’s enrollment period.
  1. Transfer Credits Granted
  1. Input the total number of transfer credits awarded to the student that count towards this program.
  2. This number typically will not change over the semesters, unless the student is awarded transfer credits after their first semester of enrollment, or unless they take courses at another institution while enrolled in the UH Mānoa program.
  3. Helpful hint: you may want to ask students to remind you of this answer for future semesters by asking them to put this answer in the “Student Comment to Advisor” field.
  1. Credits Completed
  1. Input the total number of credits the student has already completed in this program at UH Mānoa to date.
  1. Remaining Credits
  1. This section automatically calculates based on your entry in the Prog Total Credit Req, Transfer Credits Granted, and Credits completed.
  2. Remaining credits should be equal to Prog Total Credit Req - (Transfer Credits Granted + Credits Completed)
  1. Example: 42 credits required for the program - (3 transfer credits + 15 credits already completed) = 24 Remaining Credits.
  1. This answer needs to be recalculated every semester.

Screenshot of the Advisor Approval Section continued

  1. Once Reviewed Approve/Deny the form:

Options are Approve, Save, Send Back, Deny

  1. Advisors can only approve or deny the form. The send back option cannot be selected as it currently does not work (ITS is looking into it as of July 2022).
  1. DO NOT put any comments in the text box that appears after clicking approve. The VA Staff team will be unable to read the comments.
  2. You will need to click the approve button below the text box for the form to go through.

Screenshot of Approve Button and Approve Text Box that indicates do not use.

Figure 1.1 Approve comment box. Do not type any comments and click on the approve button below the text box.

  1. It is REQUIRED to submit a comment explaining the reasoning for denial of this form, but students cannot see the comments. Please add any comments to the student in the Reason for Denial box.
  2. Only once you add comments will you be able to click on the Deny button in the lower right corner.

Screenshot of the Deny Button. Comments in this section are required.

Figure 1.2 Deny comment box. Comments are required here. The comments in this section will not be seen by the student. Instead make sure to fill out the REASON FOR DENIAL section.



FAQ List 

Q:  What is a non-UH scholarship?

Q:  What happens if I don’t list a scholarship here?

Q: What happens if I fail to list courses not required for my degree/program?

Q: What if I am an undeclared student and I still do not know what I want to major in?

Q:  How long will it take to process this form?

Q:  How do I know when my form is processed?

Q:  What happens if I made a mistake on the form, or if I changed my registration?

Q:  What if I submit multiple forms?

Q: I received my certification email, what do I need to confirm to avoid owing money later?

Q:  Who do I contact with other questions?