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Koenig to Whom it May Concern
March 9 2019 2118 GMT

Started February 23 2019

United Services Automobile Association  [1]  EVP and COO and USAA Federal Savings Bank  [2] Director Carl C Liebert III gets out of Dodge rather than face the United States Comptroller of the Currency’s investigation into the unsafe and unsound business practices at USAA FSB.

Maybe you’re interested to know the truth about the origins of my concerns as to USAA?  If not - then don’t bother proceeding.

If you want to get mad at somebody; here’s a practical list of people at whom to get really mad.

And it’s also constructive to remember that if you want to have a loyal compliant Kool Aid drinking USAA member - then it helps to pay his ordinary routine claims.

If you deny an ordinary but expensive claim with criminal intent:  well that is not the way to bring out the best in people - or whatever.

Rather than sending some piece of shit lawyer like  Robert Newman, Mike O’Donnell, Ted Schultz or Lori Masey Brissette [3]  James Druker [4]  or Sam Hoar [5] to crawl under the skirts of some subornable judge like Andy Mireles, Solomon Casseb or Robert Roberto to jail me: why not read this first and at least inform yourself about the elemental core facts before you send more thugs to surveil my mother [RIP] and my children in their homes and at their places of work.

It has been said that “rather than attributing criminal acts to malice, consider that stupidity may be a better explanation”.


This story begins with these three amazingly stupid mother-fuckers:

Wilson Charles "Bill" Cooney

[Wilson C Cooney Company]

29350 Grand Coteau Drive

Boerne TX 78015-4507

+1.830.981.8581 (home)

+1.210.568.3596 (office)

+1.210.859.1495 (cell) [AT&T]

Charles Emerson Bishop

Patricia Ann Bishop

29626 Double Eagle Circle

Fair Oaks Ranch TX 78015

+1.830.755.8184 [good]

Charles Emerson Bishop

“Patch Port”

PO Box 293

26 Tennis Club Road

Northeast Harbor ME 04662

Duane G Divich

13902 Bluff Wind

San Antonio TX 78216-7915


and their equally and amazingly stupid mother-fucking lawyer:

Bradford Whitman Rich Esq
USAA’s Senior Law Officer

TX Bar Card Number: 24000359

2102 E Sentry Ridge Court

Tucson AZ 85718


Brad Rich invited himself to this party by failing to intervene in Robert F McDermott’s criminal machinations against my family.  Bradford Rich was a judas goat.

[Mechanisms for intervention and error correction - none].

Cooney Bishop and Divich, for reasons that you learn best from them, and out of the clear blue sky, wrote my family’s mortgage holder (ex parte) to say that we had not paid our reciprocal interinsurance contract deposit with criminal Robert F McDermott:  which of course we had - 100%.

This wonton criminal accusation was sheer pure and admitted invention on their part.  Cooney Bishop and Divich made it up.  But our mortgage was immediately called and we had to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and a new mortgage.

The two best choices (occam's razor) to explain Cooney’s Bishop’s and Divich’s extraordinary behaviour are either:

  1. Criminal malice
  2. Little boys playing insurance company executive.

With a clean wrap, and after being made whole, I’d always have been inclined to the latter.  But subsequent events force the criminal explanation.

Cooney Bishop and Divich refused to recall the notice of non-payment: and with tremendous reluctance I was forced to report the matter to the NJ Insurance regulator.

Cooney apologized - sort of.  Still - his unsigned robo-written letter [6] seemed to work around to Cooney’s self-dealing end-point that I was somehow still at fault.

[If the reader gets the latent impression that this my history of this horrid set of events reads as a screenplay - you’re right!  But what Cooney and Bishop (not Divich - different region) and lawyer Brad Rich did to this little girl:

pales by comparison to the routine work-a-day journeyman bestiality that was directed towards my family that it boggles the mind.]

Cooney’s Bishop’s and Divich’s criminal, studied and malicious conduct towards my family began at that point.  Here’s how it unfolded.

nb 08 mar 19 1634 gmt:  Let’s diverge a little here and talk about the Friday March 8 2019 WSJ article on ‘internal” [sic]  water damage claims [].  USAA and Chubb were the two prominently featured and heavily quoted insurers.

Here is USAA’s Jon-Michael Kowall.  Mr Kowall has worked for USAA for 21 years and 2 months. 

USAA’s Jon-Michael Kowall

These comments by USAA as published in today’s WSJ incontrovertibly establish that Cooney’s Bishop’s and Divich’s evasions had a criminal origin.  Cooney’s Bishop’s and Divich’s feigned surprise at the exploded steampipe damage we sustained was a ruse intended on one hand to somehow blame us for living in a tall NYC building with high-pressure Con Ed steam:  and on the other hand it was intended to demonize us for being so impudent as to suggest that our contractual duty to repair had been indemnified by our 2.5 million fellow subscribers.

My family and I went on to have a second child [7];  we moved back to NYC; and then we were on the way to a third child.

In November 1989, the high-pressure Con-Ed steam pipes behind the walls of our 17th floor NYC cooperative apartment exploded.  Putting the high drama and corrupt legalese to the side: we were obliged to immediately perform $25,000 - $50,000 of fully insured repairs to our fixtures and installations.  This was not an optional outcome:  just as the tenants in Robert F McDermott’s San Antonio cooperative-apartment complex USAA Towers are similarly burdened, the Koenig family was required by our proprietary lease to repair our property regardless of the cause.   The terms of the proprietary lease for USAA member-shareholders at USAA Towers [8] were constructively identical to our proprietary lease at 55 Liberty Street.  And we [the Koenig family] were fully paid-up and indemnified for that exact eventuality:  steampipe damage was an explicitly named peril.

Here’s the drill:

tenant’s insurer [USAA] pays tenant the costs to restore; tenant’s USAA insurance contract contains the usual and customary subrogation clause; USAA [tenant’s insurer] subrogates to landlord cooperative apartment corporation’s multi-peril carrier[Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company] and USAA recovers its costs.

That is the formulaic response to cooperative apartment claims - and takes place hundreds of times a day across the nation.

But read Duane Divich employee Jannie Morse’s criminally evasive letter on the subject:

Duane Divich’s employee Jannie Morse (aka Jannie Mobley Morse) contains three lies.  Criminal Morse describes our home as a Condominium.  Criminal Morse states that USAA had underwritten the policy on the wrong form.  Criminal Morse states that we had a Condominium “Master Policy”.  On all three counts - Morse lied.

I and my family had duly reported the claim.  And this is what happened.

Cooney, Bishop, Divich and three other USAA employees pulled this elegant criminal scam on my family:

Norma Mendiola Gerrald [on right]

[Everett Lee Gerrald]

8803 Terra Cliff

San Antonio TX 78255


Richard J Froese

6 The Mall

Syosset NY 11791-4127

+1.516.496.9625 (business)

Jannie D Morse

aka Jannie Mobley Morse

aka Jannie Mobley

13814 Hunters Hawk Street

San Antonio TX 78230

+1.210.493.6569 [AT&T Landline]

+1.210.415.5835 [Cricket - Cingular cell][ng- 31 jan 19]

There is fourth USAA employee, a lawyer,  who was also likely involved in the scam.

David Arnold Woodard

TX Bar Card Number: 21922100

TX License Date: 11/07/1986

2571 Rolling Creek

Spring Branch TX 78070

+1.830.885.5065 (home)

+1.210.325.0707 (cell)

Woodard’s self-description on LinkedIn. See LinkedIn cv here.

Annexed as Exhibit “A” is my family’s 1989 declaration.

Annexed as Exhibit “B” is the insurance contract.

This insurance contract [above] between Robert F McDermott and my family is an absolute standard cookie-cutter “insurance policy” as written in 1989 for a NYC Cooperative Apartment.

Every feature of this contract is 100% in order: and the limits of liability are exactly correct.

If there is anything [only one little thing] in this USAA Policy which stands in the way of a prompt settlement so we could undertake obligation to repair our property - then let’s hear it now.  My cell phone number is +  Or please text your specific informed on-point counter-arguments.

Start with Jannie Morse.  Ask Morse where she got the condo idea and what exactly was wrong with our contract with our attorney-in-fact Robert F McDermott.

Note that Jannie Morse had our standard cookie-cutter coop proprietary lease right on front of her when she wrote her letter.  The Koenig family proprietary lease had been supplied to USAA when we first obtained insurance at the time we took possession of the apartment.  The same proprietary lease had been supplied again to Jannie Mobley Morse by her adjuster Richard J Froese and read and referenced in his letter after the steam pipe explosion.

And Jannie Morse knew 100% that there was no condo and no condo master policy:  and Jannie Morse knew 100% that the coop’s multi-peril insurer was:

Harold L Glauberman
Vice President
Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company
NAIC 22187
[GNY Insurance Companies]
200 Madison Avenue - 3rd Floor
New York NY 10016
fax:  +1.212.532.8018

55 Liberty Owners Corporation Multi-Peril Policy # 1131M75921-S

And Jannie Morse knew the drill - which was that USAA was to subrogate the claim to the coop’s carrier.

Jannie Morse indulged herself in a criminally-motivated evasion:  and it is my belief that she was instructed to do so by Duane Divich.

Why don’t we stop here so anybody who’s angry with me can check out the facts first.

If you have any interstitial questions - ring me on my cell phone at +

Otherwise, read on.

First:  note that Jannie Morse’s letter is not an invitation to discuss and disambiguate.  Jannie Morse’s letter is a vague harangue having something to do with the notion that we were living in a condo with master policy and that the insurance contract written and signed by these two miscreants:

Robert F McDermott

Janice Marshall [Peebles]

was somehow the wrong contract.  At no point does USAA’s Jannie Morse open the door to be disabused in her fundamental misapprehensions.  And of course she refused all my phone calls on the matter.

And  so why would criminal Jannie Morse criminally fabricate a condo and a condo master policy and an incorrect insurance contract between me and demi-God arch-criminal Robert F McDermott?  She has been asked this question many many times and she refuses to answer.

The answer to this question begins with another.  We know criminal Jannie Morse signed the letter.  But we don’t know who actually wrote the letter!

And here I supply a little hint for the reader as to where we are heading in this entire sordid story.

Robert F McDermott had started in 1968 to help himself to the the members’ money in their deposit accounts by stealing from the insurance tails.

Long term fraud is always accompanied by one or more long term employees of an association-in-fact [read RICO] whose tenure bridges the duration of the fraud.

Three employees of the RICO enterprise at USAA stand out for having been there all the time:

  1. Laura Ann Mahan Bishop;
  2. Josue J Robles Jr; and curiously, this lovely looking lady,

Alice Hardy Gannon

215 Atwater Drive

San Antonio TX 78213

+1.830.980.3025   [9]

Alice Hardy Gannon may indeed make Ma Barker look like a saint.  Alice Hardy Gannon was USAA’s Chief Actuary from 1976 until 2007.

Alice Hardy Gannon was in the business of manufacturing insurance tails that Robert F McDermott, and Robert T Herres, Robert G Davis, Josue J Robles Jr, Stuart Blain Parker and Laura Ann Mahan Bishop have systematically plundered since 1968.

How much has been stolen:  well by current CFO attestation and sworn affidavit - $19,000,000,000 so far.  $850,000,000 of that is tied up in lead anchor called USAA Asset Management Company.  And another $8,000,000,000 is “invested” in USAA Federal Savings Bank  [USAA FSB]  [10]  :  right!  After the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency spins off the bank’s cumbersome $71,000,000,000 of interest-bearing deposits and  brokered CDs  , worth maybe $65,000,000,000, USAA FSB’s equity will be wiped out.  Then comes the auction of the $40,000,000,000 in credit card debt and auto loans: which maybe have a value of $30,000,000,000.  That leaves good will:  hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by Stuart Parker and Lester Lyles at CNN and FOX notwithstanding - USAA’s goodwill is likely worthless.  Stuart Parker doesn’t even have a registered trademark for USAA.

Alice Hardy Gannon turned my family’s ordinary routine cookie-cutter insurance claim into 10 years of litigation so that Josue Robles could steal the $100,000 that she (as the USAA actuary) had reserved from the USAA syndicate name deposit accounts.  My family was destroyed.

And then when the $100,000 Alice Hardy Gannon reserved was found to be excess to actual cost; did Alice Hardy Gannon send the money back to the USAA members to whom it was owed?  Of course not!

Alice Hardy Gannon kept it.

I first reported the steam pipe problem to the very first claims clerk who answered my call - Norma Mendiola.

From the very beginning, my exchange with USAA’s Norma Mendiola was extraordinary - other worldly.  Mendiola asked me to write and send her a thumbnail report.

This is what Mendiola wrote back:

Mendiola’s written response makes absolutely no sense - it’s a series of non-sequiturs.

Of course the coop’s multi-peril policy didn’t provide coverage.  Coop multi-peril policies don’t cover tenant losses!  Tenant’s homeowner policies cover tenant losses. Hello Norma??  Knock knock - anybody home?

The cause of loss was admitted by all parties to be an exploded steampipe.  Here is unlicensed USAA adjuster Froese’s signed photograph of the steampipe after the explosion:

As Mendiola knew, it was not customary for the a coop tenant to supply copy of a cooperative apartment corporation’s multi-peril policy.  In fact - tenants do not even have a copy of a cooperative apartment corporation’s multi-peril policy.

Mendacious Mendiola knew that!  And Mendiola had the operative document, the Proprietary Lease which I had supplied in two years earlier, right in front of her at all times.

At this juncture, USAA’s Norma Mendiola was shovelling shit.  This is what little shit criminal Mendiola should have written.

Dear loyal USAA member - and the entire Koenig family:

Thank you for paying off about $20,000 of your fellow members’ claims over the preceding 20 years while never filing a claim yourself!  You are indeed good people!

We are sorry that your cooperative landlord corporation’s [sic] steam pipes seem to have exploded.

The situation you described clearly triggers your duty to perform what is likely to be an extensive restoration to your tenant-owned  fixtures and improvements , as well as personalty.

Your reciprocal interinsurance exchange contract underwritten by the several liability of your 2.5 million fellow subscribing members, through your attorney-in-fact Robert F McDermott, inescapably indemnifies you for all your costs flowing from this catastrophe (a named peril in your contract) less your deductible.

Our “licensed” NYS adjuster (Richard J Froese) will come and perform a 2nd-3rd party adjustment and we will settle the claim for your costs immediately - so that you may restore and quickly reoccupy.

The 2.5 million members of USAA thank you for careful attention to mitigating the damages so as to absolutely minimize the costs your fellow members are contractually obliged to pay from their subscriber deposit accounts.  It is very clear to all who observe that you, Mr Koenig, have made every effort to contain this matter.

As it is clear that you may have to move out for an extended time while repairs are completed, your policy will cover alternative living expenses for up to 40 months.  This is what you explicitly contracted for with your fellow subscribing members, through Robert F McDermott.

In cases such as the cooperative apartment [sic] claim we have before us, licensed adjuster Richard J Froese’s adjustment will supply the information as to the costs which are to be allocated to the cooperative corporation’s direct account as opposed to your account.   USAA will pay your direct costs without subrogation the landlord.  USAA will also pay you the costs which attach to the landlord - which will then be subrogated to the cooperative corporation’s multi-peril carrier.

USAA, through the subrogation vehicle, will settle all costs which attach to the landlord and obtain reimbursement directly from the landlord without there being any need for intervention on your part.

At this time, there appear to be no costs which are “yours” alone - and therefore unsuitable for subrogation to the landlord.  Also - our consultations with the landlord’s multi-peril insurer [through proprietary insurance industry channels] disclose that the landlord has long been aware of the steampipe problem behind the wall of the southwest corner of your living room.

nb:  This is exactly how it’s done when your car is smacked by another insurer’s car.  We pay you all your costs to repair - and then we handle the subrogation to the other party’s insurer.

And our adjuster [Froese] and this office will handle the entire subrogation of the claim to the cooperative corporation’s multi-peril policy carrier - the identity of which you have very kindly already supplied to us (supra.).

The subrogation of the USAA members costs to repair your apartment to the cooperative corporation’s multi-peril policy carrier may also produce a refund of your deductible.  Won’t that be great!

Fellow USAA member Norma J Mendiola, very truly yours,

nb: Mr Koenig - since I am a USAA member just as you are, you can rely on me, personally, for strict adherence to our well-publicized mantra which is Service, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity.  Making a claim to your fellow members is always awkward;  but Robert F McDermott’s principal job is to tap the other members deposit accounts to pay your claim - without fuss or muss or bother. As your fellow member, you and I are bonded at the hip and I would never stand by idly and permit that little cocksucker Robert F McDermott to steal your family’s money.  You can trust little old wetback me - even though you are a fucking NYC gringo asshole living in tall Manhattan building that leaks all the time.

It gets better.

I phoned in response to Mendiola’s criminally evasive letter.  And an extraordinary conversation ensued.  Absolutely exquisite!

Mendiola and I chit chatted a little about the patently evasive content of her letter (above)  and then Mendiola made this unbelievable comment:

“We [Duane Divich and I] don’t understand why you all New Yorkers live in those tall buildings that are leaking all the time.  And we don’t understand why you expect the USAA members to pay for the repairs to water damage.”

I was absolutely floored by Mendiola’s comment.  It was if I, some white anglo New Yorker, had said to Mendiola - “we in NYC don’t understand why you little wetbacks in Texas are always spilling Taco sauce on your adobe floors and then submitting claims.”

Disgusting - Mendiola’s ad hominem.

What the fuck was Norma Mendiola talking about?  Where did Mendiola’s ideation of how and where my family lived and whether our building had leaks or not come from.  Mendiola’s words, her tone of voice, and her off-hand yet passive-aggressive delivery were fundamentally hostile and ad hominem.    Did Mendiola’s words find their origin in her little mind?  Or was Mendiola a victim of mind control?

Well, I have a theory.

It is my belief that Mendiola (and Jannie Morse after her) were robo-signers - mere hands for rent.  Sort of a hand-job,  if you will.

In fact, every corrupt USAA employee who assisted in executing this crime were essentially hand-job robo-signers.  Here is a list of the employees by name and their hand-job robo-signatures:  too many damn people coming at me and my family from too many directions, and each one spouting a different variation of the same lie:

  1. Wilson C Cooney’s “signature” on November 4, 1986: when he admitted to criminal misconduct by telling our mortgage holder, out of the clear blue sky, that we had not paid our Montclair NJ’s homeowners policy - when in fact we had:

  1. Robert F McDermott’s signature on our homeowner’s policy: McDermott  lying to us saying he planned to have the other subscribing members pay our claims.

  1. Insurance agent Janice Marshall on our 1988-1989 homeowner's policy: Marshall lying to us saying that insurance for my family’s cooperative apartment and the contained tenant installed fixtures were properly insured when she [according to Jannie Morse] had deliberately used the wrong form:

  1. Subscribing member Norma J Mendiola’s signature on March 25, 1989:  applied to her letter without any study of the facts and the required determination of the metrics/merits of our claim for damage to our NYC Cooperative Apartment.   Criminal Mendiola summarily denied the claim - a decision which still stands 28 years later.  We now know that Mendiola had secretly and fraudulently decided that we lived in a “condominium” and that was how she was going to evade the claim.  Had criminal Mendiola written the word “condominium” somewhere in her letter, we’d have been able to see the fault and correct it.  But it was her very effective and successful plan to baffle me, cheat my family, mystify the lawyers, and corrupt the judges (most notably the very corruptible Judge Diane Lebedeff).

  1. Subscribing member Richard J Froese on June 8, 1989:  a dumb shit who was given the physical copy of our proprietary lease for a NYC cooperative apartment, but who followed criminal Mendiola’s instructions to adjust the loss as if it were an uncovered loss in a NYC condominium.

  1. Subscribing member Janice M Detreville of February 7, 1990 (by telegram):  a consummate and criminal liar.

  1. Subscribing member Jannie Morse on July 25, 1990:  a bitchy, lecturing, hectoring,  overbearing, and ultimately criminally “wrong” fellow subscribing member/employee of the unincorporated reciprocal interinsurance exchange.  Morse’s letter is so vile  that it is annexed as Exhibit “C”.

  1. Subscribing member Veronica Guevara on October 26, 1990

  1. Subscribing member Leonard D Stewart on November 21, 1990:  Stewart never sent me a copy of his letter cooperative apartment board member Louisa Kennedy.  It’s important to understand that Stewart’s criminally-motivated hold over coop association board member Kennedy was that McDermott/Mendiola/USAA lawyers were already making it clear to the coop that if the coop allowed my claim to go forward, that the ~ $25,000-$50,000 repair bill would simply be subrogated to the cooperative corporation.

  1. Daniel P Ragsdale, March 20,1991

  1. Sharon M Brake:  12 nov 93 non-payment letter.

  1. Subscribing member Grace L Ward on August 9, 1994

  1. Subscribing member Duane Divich on October 24, 1994:  when I asked Divich why he had overpaid a false $475 auto claim by $26 so as to push it just over the $500 limit to charge us back, Divich threatened my wife and myself with criminal prosecution for insurance fraud.  Cock-sucker!

  1. Subscribing member Irene Negrete on December 21, 1994

  1. Subscribing member Delia Gamez on February 10, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Gilbert M Hernandez on March 15, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Emilio D Sanchez on July 31, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Connie Estrada on March 23, 1995

and on February 12, 1997 [completely different signature]

  1. Subscribing member Rudolph Ostovich III on July 10, 1995:  Ostrovich sanctioned Divich’s threat to prosecute my wife and I over a $475 false automobile claim that had been filed by a mentally unstable daycare center employee.

  1. Subscribing member Sandra Lynn Sausman

  1. Subscribing member William McCrae (in letter to Jim Shannon on September 6, 1995

  1. Subscribing member Connie Estrada (again) on February 12, 1997

  1. Subscribing member Sandra L Sausman on July 11, 1997

  1. Subscribing member Diana D Aguilar


  1. Subscribing member Grace Romo on her letter terminating my cooperative apartment insurance

More USAA employees and fellow subscribing members who never robo-signed but with whom there was substantive contact.

Richard A Eagan

Richard A Eagan
8918 Shady Winds
San Antonio TX 78254
+1.210.681.9670 (good 03 feb 16)

Roger Quisenberry

Patti Horlen

Troy Little

Lea Ann Anderson

Koenig wrote and phoned on 05 Nov 96

Jack Variano
Unlicensed In-house USAA Adjuster
PO Box 85
Rockville Center NY 11571
+1.516 763 2523 (ng 03 feb 16)
fax:  +1.516 763 2617 

He phoned and demurred:  handing off assignment to Ward

How many USAA fellow members does it take to evade a simple claim?

About 30 (supra.)

How many USAA friendly judges and their Sharia courts does it take to defraud a USAA member?


Andy Mireles [very RIP - choked to death “on his USAA bribe” right in his own courtroom?]


Carol Haberman [RIP]


David Berchelmann; private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


Janet P Littlejohn: private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


John D Gabriel: private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


John J Specia: private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


Michael J Peden: private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


Solomon Casseb: private USAA Shara Court Judge - Bexar County District Court


Carol E Huff: NYS Supreme Court for New York County


Diane Alexis Lebedeff  [impeached and fucking thrown off the NYS Supreme Court for corruption; this is the judge that USAA lawyer Robert Spadaro bribed]


USBCJ Dorothy Eisenberg (major witch)


Jerald R Klein [RIP] - the judge who was auctioned on eBay.


USDJ Joanna M Seybert


USDM Arlene Rosario Lindsay


NYDC Lucy Billings


USDM Michael Orenstein


Mediator Milton Mollen [RIP]


Peter B Skelos


Milton Tingling


Robert Roberto


Sheila Abdus-Salam [RIP- by Suicide, East River]


Sherry Klein Heitler


USDJ Orlando Garcia


USDJ W Royal Ferguson


NYS Supreme Court Judge Martin Schoenfeld


Referee Julian R Birnbaum


Judge Stuart C Cohen


VT Superior Court Judge M Patricia Zimmerman


VT Superior Court Judge Helen Toor


VT Superior Court Judge Robert R Bent


VT Superior Court Judge Michael S Kupersmith


How many lawyers?

Here is the list of lawyers:  every single one of these lawyers received huge fees to dance and juggle in McDermott‘s Kabuki-court appearances:


Aaron Goldstein  (Chubb)


Aaron Schulewitz


Alan M Goldberg  (Chubb)


Ben C Kirschenbaum


Carol Ann Pisano  (Chubb)


Daniel Ward White  (Chubb)


Don Liebowitz (55 Liberty)


Fred L Seeman (55 Liberty)


Henry Saurborn (55 Liberty)


Michael S Feuer [jailed and disbarred] (55 Liberty)


Phyllis Weisberg (55 Liberty)


Robert Jerome Apfel


Ashley Elizabeth Street


Barry Chasnoff


Kirt O’Neill


R Lawrence Macon


Andrew W MacIlwaine


Anthony D Perri


David A Jones


David Arnold Woodard


Deborah Ann Pochtar


Elizabeth Fuller


Elizabeth Kase


George E Joy


James O Druker


Jessica Taylor Spangler


The partners of Jones Day


The partners of Akin Gump


Kenneth O Smith


Linda King


Lori Massey


Michael F Barry


Michael W O’Donnell


Neil L Kanzer


Paula Schwartz Fromme


Reid Meyers


Robert G Newman


Robert L Hoagland


Robert M Spadaro


Robert Sprague


Russell K Scott


Sally B Narey


Samuel J Hoar


Theodore Schultz


Will D Davis [RIP]


Aaron Ron Goldstein Esq (Chubb)


and of course:


Barry J Yellen


William A Simon


Randolph E White

50 lawyers and counting - all to deny an ordinary routine NYC cooperative apartment claim.

Well here is what I think happened.

I think that USAA’s Woodard called Harold L Glauberman at Greater Mutual of New York and criminally conspired with 55 Liberty Owners Corp’s multi-peril carrier to evade our claim:  pure and simple.

If Robert F McDermott evaded our claim - there’d be no subrogation of our claim.

Now - how does this dovetail into Norma Mendiola’s lies.

Mendiola was only an interlocutor.  She had Woodard and Divich whispering in her ear that the Koenig family lived a tall building that leaked at the time and thus did not deserve payment.

So in addition to renting her hand out to robo-sign letters, Norma Mendiola, a fellow member, also rented out her mouth to Divich and Woodard.

The metaphor and imagery is compelling.

Mendiola knew that Woodard and Divich had singled out my family for non-payment of a serious claim because I had reported to the NJ regulators Cooney’s letter to our mortgage holder in which Cooney Bishop and Divich had stated that we had not paid our insurance contract deposit.

Let’s clear up another mystery here.  Why do I systematically refer to my family’s payments as “deposits” and to the indemnity document as “a contract”?

Well - if you go to Page 4 of the Document in Exhibit “B”; will see, fucking writ large, that Policy means Contract and Premium means Deposit.

WTF:  that’s why I describe my family’s payments to McDermott as “deposits”.

Why do the operators of USAA hate the word deposit?

Because the mother-fucker [McDermott] was supposed to return my deposit(s) when they were later ascertained to be excess to actual cost.

McDermott’s workaround to the problem was a special form of barratry by which innocent members were singled out for longterm and expensive litigation.

The existence of litigation, qua litigation,  meant the co-conspirator and actuary Alice Gannon Hardy could grossly over-reserve from the current subscriber deposit accounts.  If criminal McDermott lost the law suit - he’d never lose more than he (the cocksucker) was supposed to pay in the first place.  And if he won - McDermott conveniently forgot to return the excess deposit, paid US Federal Income tax on the proceeds to avoid the Al Capone trap - and then went on to purchase the San Antonio Spurs.  It was a win-win for McDermott - all done with OPM.

It’s actually very very elegant.  A Lloyds of London syndicate manager who stole one penny would go to jail.  But in Texas, you never know

The fly-in-the-ointment today is that the OCC just came calling on USAA FSB and found 6,000 fucking overpaid USAA idiots playing banker without having the least fucking idea what they were doing.

And Alice Hardy Gannon helped Stuart Blain Parker and Lester Lawrence Lyles (and their predecessors in crime McDermott, Herres, Davis, Moellering, Robles and Laura Ann Mahan Bishop) steal $19,000,000,000.

Now - here is my cell phone number:  +

  1. If Alice Hardy Gannon did not over-reserve - phone me.
  2. If Alice Hardy Gannon’s actuarial scheme provided for the return of all deposits that were excess to actual cost - please phone me and tell me.
  3. If this is not the standard cookie-cutter formula by which Alice Hardy Gannon was required to settle each day’s claims.


Each syndicate name’s [sn] actuarial risk to the reciprocal inter-insurance exchange



actual paid claims + reserves


Each syndicate name’s ’s
cash share of that day’s actual losses and forward looking reserves

This daily settlement formula:
© 2018 Robert J Koenig

∑ actuarial risk sn a + sn b .+  . sn z 


then phone me right away on my cell phone.

  1. If Norma Mendiola and Jannie Morse have some other explanation for defrauding my family and driving us into bankruptcy - please phone me on my personal cell-phone number - +
  2. If this was just a simple mistake - then correct it today.  Phone me and I’ll text you the bank account number for the Fed Funds Deposit.

It’s actually all very simple.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
+ (cell phone)

email addressed: 

Exhibit “A”:Koenig family insurance contract declarations in force on November 18 1989.

Exhibit “B”:  Insurance Contract in force (all deposits paid-up).

<iframe src=""></iframe>

[1] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008: an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as a Texas reciprocal inter-insurance exchange.

FDIC Certificate #: N/A.  EI: 549300NZVJG538SSYL92.  Primary Activity Code:  524126. Primary Federal Regulator: FRS.  RSSD ID: 1447376. TN/ABA: N/A.

Unlawfully commenced inter-insuring by receipt of a syndicate name's deposit against a reciprocal contract on either June 20 or June 22 1922. First one year license (expired February 28 1926) to commence inter-insuring by reciprocal contract granted on or slightly before March 23 1925 (two and nine years after USAA's unlawful 1922 "receipt of a first deposit from a "syndicate name".

[2] USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio TX 78288-9876
telephone number:  +1.
Central Index Key [CIK]:
908392  [SEC Identifier]
OCC/Treasury Certificate of Charter # 707975
RSSD ID # 619877
Routing Number: 314074269
FDIC Certificate #: 32188
OCC Docket Number:  AA-EA-2018-90
OCC Cease and Desist Order Number: 2019-001

[3] Lori Massey Brissette Esq
Texas Attorney Bar # 00787978
Vice President
Insurance and Annuity Client Services
Northwestern Mutual
720 East Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee WI 53202

Lorri Massey Brissette Esq
410 Senna Trail
San Antonio TX 78256

[4] James O Druker Esq
|NYS Attorney Registration No: 1526763]
Kase & Druker
1325 Franklin Avenue Suite 225
Garden City NY 11530
fax: +1.516.742.9415

[5] The Honorable Samuel J Hoar
VT Lawyer # 1992
Vermont Superior Court
Clerk: Patricia Gabel
109 State Street
Montpelier VT 05609

Samuel J Hoar Esq
VT Lawyer # 1992
Eve Pratt Hoar
Bailey Hoar (daughter)
5 Keari Lane
South Burlington VT 05403-7871


[7] Who was subjected at Johns Hopkins to serial and systematic harassment and surveillance ordered by Josue Robles and his Vermont attorney Sam Hoar.



[10] USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio TX 78288-9876
telephone number:  +1.
Central Index Key [CIK]:
908392  [SEC Identifier]
OCC/US Treasury Certificate of Charter # 707975
RSSD ID # 619877
Routing Number: 314074269
FDIC Certificate #: 32188
OCC Docket Number:  AA-EA-2018-90
OCC Cease and Desist Order Number: 2019-001

[11] Permission to use this formula is freely granted so long as this citation and ip reservation is supplied:  © 2018 Robert J Koenig.