Devil’s Foot “Blueberry Feels Forever” Sparkling Lemonade 4

Hibiscus Agua Fresca 4

Virgin Jamaica Margarita  6

Housemade Shrub Sodas    5                  Paired    11

- Green Apple Thyme:  Silver Tequila

- Strawberry: Vodka

- Blueberry Sage:         Gin

- Cherry Rosemary:  Noble whiskey blend


Eden Farms Orleans aperitifs, Vermont 2oz  9

Bitter: gentian, angelica, dandelion, infused with currant, very dry
Herbal: delicate apple, white flowers, anise, basil, hyssop, sweet
Christian Drouin Poire, France 750ml 33 

Pear craziness, blossoms, native yeasts,  rich & dry
Etienne Dupont Cidre, France 750ml 28

Caramel, honey, great acidity, layers of nuts, medium dry

Gurutzeta Basque Sidra, Spain 750ml 24

Funky, tart, green skins, olive leaf, very dry, still

BRANDY FLIGHTS         trio of 1oz pours

French Calvados 24

Christian Drouin, Claque-Pepin 6yr organic, Boulard VSOP
American Apple Brandy 26

Copper & Kings bonded (KY), Clear Creek 8yr (OR), Lairds 12yr (NJ)
Cognac - 2 French, 1 American 28

Pierre Ferrand 1er cru, Hennessy VSOP, Copper & Kings Butchertown


We rotate limited taps, check the bar TV or ask your

server about draft selections


Pisgah ‘Turtle Back’ Brown  12oz can 5

Hi Wire  Lager  12oz can  5 

Our goal is to craft delicious ciders using fresh fruit with no artificial flavors or ingredients. We press our own juice from local apples and use only premium, real ingredients. The Greenhouse bar juices fresh citrus and makes its own syrups, shrubs, vinegars, salts and infusions. We make selections based on integrity labeling, true grain to glass distilling and avoiding GNS when possible.

Cheers, Enjoy!

- Maty Hollingsworth, Beverage Curator @liquidmadscientist IG



Standard Bearer crisp, dry apple 6.7%
Village Tart montmorency tart cherry 6.4%
Golden Arrow ginger 6.5%
Spice Merchant chai 6.4%
Lemon and Elderflower Spritzer 99 cal 4%

Black Currant Session Mead with wildflower honey 5.0%

Nitro Coffee & Cream coffee infused cider, creamy finish 6.5%
Earl Grey bergamot citrus tea 6.7%

Sweet Potato Pie just like it sounds 6.9%

Friar Fig tastes of figgy pudding 6.9%

Journeyman cranberry, apple, orange, hint of habanero 6.9%

Spicy Village Tart  tart cherry, ancho, serrano pepper 6.7%

Blackberry-Peach Crumble like grandma's dessert, but dry 6.5%

Flights   $12  /  choose 4 of any on tap


The Knowledge  12

Lairds Apple brandy, Lustau Amontillado sherry, Ozeki dry sake,

Standard Bearer, apple shrub

Pimm and Proper  14

Pimm’s #1, Uncle Val’s gin, Absente, cherry shrub, Village Tart soda
Midnight Rambler  12

Noble whiskey blend, Golden Arrow, honey & ginger syrup, lemon
Afternoon Delight  12

Noble rum blend, duo of Spice Merchant, lime

Noble Grist (fall flavored French 75)   14

Oak & Grist barrel aged gin, lemon, journeyman syrup, dry cava

Disco 3000  14

Sombra mezcal, Amaro Flora, Lustau vermut, grapefruit, rose, salt
Hibiscus Margarita  13

Olmeca altos plata, Agavero orange, hibiscus, lime, oj, tart salt

Light My Fire  13

Burnt sage infused Cazadores reposado, lime, chareau aloe, vanilla

  Two if by Sea  14

H&H Hwy 9 gin, dry cava, scallop dust, blood orange shrub,

fennel 4 way, lemon

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend  16 (barrel aged)

Knob Creek, Russels 6yr Rye, Rustic Nocino, Cherry Heering,

Berto Rosso. brooding, spicy, bitter, complex, served on a cube

CLASSIC COCKTAILS           Interpreted Less Sweet 

Manhattan  12           Bamboo  9                Sazerac   14

Negroni 12                   Old Fashioned  10 

RED WINE                   Glass (6oz)/ Bottle / (2oz) Taste

2018 Lapierre, gamay, Morgon, FR  20 glass / 65 / (2oz) 8

gang of 4 producer, epitome of sought after Beaujolais, red fruit, granite

2018 Savary, pinot noir, Burgundy, FR  17 glass / 55 / (2oz) 7

fresh, ethereal and bright, soft red berries, cherry, fossilized mineral bed

2015 Antica Terra, Ceras, pinot noir, Dundee, OR 50 glass / 180 / (2oz) 20

ancient fossilized  sea bed, blue fruits, loads of minerals, velvet texture

2008 Cantabria Gr. Reserva, tempranillo, SP 25 glass / 85/ (2oz) 10

dried fruits, plum, tobacco, roasted meats, med body, soft tannin

2015 Garofoli, montepulciano, sangiovese, IT 11 glass /40 / (2oz) 5

dark soil, mocha, herbal nose, med body, wild plum, cherry, dry

2017 Marietta, Román zinfandel blend, CA 12 glass / 44 / (2oz) 5

cedar aromas, big berry soaked flavors, complex, grippy texture, med dry

2017 Luigi Bosca malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 12 glass /44/(2oz) 5

oldest malbec producer in Argentina, rustic, dark fruits, herbaceous, savory, dry

2012 Tezza Valpantena Amarone, IT 24 glass / 80 / (2oz) 10

concentrated, dried fig, black currant, cherry, almond, long, silky finish

2014 Olpaio, Super Tuscan, Suvereto, IT 15 glass / 50 / (2oz) 7

balsamic like depth, sweet floral aromas, rich red fruit, decadent textures

2013 Duclaux, Châteauneuf du Pape, France 26 glass / 85 / (2oz) 11

120 yr vines, deep red berries, black cherry, licorice, iris, stoney, dry

2017 Luzon, monastrell, Jumilla, SP 9 glass / 32 / (2oz) 4

hefty weight, red berries, black plum, blackberry, dusty tannins, dry

2017 Monticello Jefferson's Cuvee, cab, Napa 22 glass/ 75 / (2oz) 10

rich texture, boysenberry, anise, blackfruits, cedar, espresso, bay leaf

2015 Marietta Gibson Block, syrah, Mendocino 20 glass / 65 / (2oz) 9

blackberry, licorice, dry aged beef, big and unctuous yet polished finish

DIGESTIF / DESSERT / UNIQUE                2oz pour

2010 Dugois Vin Jaune, savagnin, Arbois, Jura FR  20

citrus blossom, candied lemon peel, earth, olive, dry digestif

La Tour Vieille, Memoire d'Automnes, Banyuls, FR  15

75yr vines, layered mushrooms, earth, bedrock minerals, dry digestif

Marcarini, Barolo Chinato, IT  16

china bark, aromatic herbs, cardamom, anise, dark berries, med dry

Lustau Los Escuadrilla, rare Amontillado Sherry, SP  11

honey, floral nose, hazelnut, coffee, caramel, light citrus, med dry

Dow, 20yr Tawny Port, Douro Valley, Portugal  12

flan, date, persimmon, cassis, toffee, bitter almond, med sweet

Eden Honeycrisp Ice Wine, Vermont  13

single varietal, honeycomb, intense apple, vanilla, sweet

BUBBLES                  Glass (6oz) / Bottle / (2oz) Taste

2017 Noble brut cider, Asheville, NC  7 glass / 24 / (2oz) 3

apple blossom aromas, tart fruit, bitter apple, dry w/good acidity

Perelada Reserve Brut, Cava, Catalonia, SP  9 glass / 34 / (2oz) 4

green skins, bitter fruit, mineral, grassy finish, very dry

Le Morette Cepage, rosé brut, Veneto, Italy 45 bottle

watermelon rind, strawberry, tart red fruits, minerals, med dry

Ayala Brut Nature 375ml, Champagne, France 45 bottle

ginger, floral nose, stony mineral, citrus, nectarine, dry

Launois Composition, grand cru village, Mesnil sur Oger, FR  85 bottle

grower-producer, toasted brioche, nutty, creamy, persistent mousse, dry

2009 Roederer Brut Nature, premier cru village Cumieres, FR 165 bottle

only in optimal years, tight bubbles, chalk, yellow fruit, hazelnut, very dry

ROSÉ / WHITE      Glass (6oz) / Bottle / (2oz) Taste

2018 Houchart, rosé, St Victoire, FR 10 glass /38 / (2oz) 4

grapefruit aromatics, fresh red berries, nice salinity, med dry

2018 Tempier, rosé, Bandol, FR 28 glass / 94 / (2oz) 12

famed producer, seaspray, bright red fruit, loads of minerals, dry

2017 Peitan, albarino, Rias Baixas, SP 11 glass /40/ (2oz) 5

citrus aromatics, melon, apricot, vibrant acidity, med dry

2017 Neveu, Sancerre, sauv. blanc, Loire, FR 16 glass /55/ (2oz) 7

flower fragrances, peach, stone fruits, limestone minerality, dry

2017 Saveurs, chardonnay, Languedoc, FR 9 glass / 32 / (2oz) 4

tropical notes, creamy mid palette balanced richness and minerality

2017 Mandolara, turbiana, Lombardy, IT 14 glass /48 / (2oz) 6

spring flowers, herbaceous, baked tree fruit, bright acidity, very dry

2016 Germain, L'Insolite, chenin,, Loire, FR 26 glass / 90 / (2oz) 10

90yr vines, honeysuckle, quince, melon, oxidative minerals, med dry

2015 Ganevat, Grands Teppes, chardonnay, Jura 50 glass / 180 / (2oz) 20

100yr vines, allocated, rich, fresh, floral, pollen, chalky, sophisticated, dry

SAKE                        Glass (6oz) / Bottle / (2oz) Taste

Ozeki Dry, junmai, California 7 glass / 22 / (2oz) 4

750ml, light, clean, straight forward, melon nuance, dry 14.5%

Bushido Warrior, ginjo genshu, Kyoto, JP 10 can

6oz, tart raspberry, asian pear, watermelon rind, spice, dry 18%

Murai Sugidama, junmai ginjo, Aomori, JP 22 btl

300ml, tropical, pineapple, kiwi, med dry 14.4%

Takahiro Noble Arrow, tokubetsu junmai, JP 60 btl

720ml, kaffir lime, creamy, cacao, limestone, amazing, med dry 15.5%

Tozai Blossom of Peace, plum sake, JP 11 glass / 38 / (2oz) 5

720ml, almond, luxardo, marzipan, plum, apricot, light sweet 10.5%