Forum Pra Rovar

24-26 November 2017

Conference Center IBB (Education Center named after Johannes Rau),

Minsk, Gazeta Pravda ave, 11


(slight changes in the program are possible)

Friday, 24 November, 10:00 - 18:00

Official day

Participation on Friday is possible only with confirmed invitations.


Registration, coffee-break  (hall room)


Conference hall

First session: current state of the development urban of cycling in Belarus, tasks that Belarusian cities set for themselves, national concept of cycling development.



-from representatives of the delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Belarus (speaker to be confirmed)

-from representatives of the Minsk City Executive Committee (Igor Yurkevich, Vice-Chairman)

-from the NGO “Minsk Cycling Community” and Center for Environmental Solutions

The potential of urban cycling. Attitude towards bicycle in the city. Barriers and prejudices. The results of a poll conducted in Minsk in 2017.

Daria Chumakova, Center for Environmental Solutions

Bicycle strategy of Minsk until 2020+. Goals and objectives, urban concept, urban plan for cycling development. City Council for the Development of Cycling. Organizational interaction.

Pavel Harbunou, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

Current development of cycling in Minsk

Daria Benko, Traffic Police Department, Department of the Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee


Coffee-break  (hall room)


Conference hall

Second parallel session:

Organizational aspects of urban cycling development

Tasks and their solutions, facing the city authorities in the development of urban cycling in Belarus. City bike concept. How to begin the creation of the working plan, algorithm of actions, interaction with the public.

The session is primarily organized for representatives of the executive authorities of Belarusian cities, project organizations involved in the development of urban development projects.

Project of the Concept for the Development of Cycling in the Republic of Belarus

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, Sergey Leonchik, Deputy Chief of the Main Road Administration of the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Sustainable Mobility - Made in Leipzig

Torben Heinemann, Office for Transport Planning and Road Construction, Leipzig, Germany

The development of urban bicycle infrastructure in Eastern Europe on the example of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Miroslav Fedorkiv, head of the road infrastructure of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk

The experience of creating city bicycle infrastructure in Polotsk.

Anton Rodnenkov, Foundation “Interakcia”

Club room

Third parallel session:

Business platform

City cycling as a sphere for advertising and implementation of corporate social responsibility. Partnership of non-governmental organizations and business.

Business and Activism: Guys, let's live friendly!

Alexey Kushka, founder of and co-founder of (Ukraine)

The cycling route "Parks of Lviv" - beneficial social business project

Vladimir Likhovid, GO ‘Veloklub “Rovers”’, the head of in Lviv

Bicycles, business and trends: experience of A100

The company "A100 development" (speaker to be confirmed)

Small business involved in public projects

Vlad Patskevich, the project "Velodisko" (Minsk)

From bicycles sales to the design of cycling infrastructure: the experience of the company "Urban Bike" to implement a long-term business and regional development strategy.

Mikhail Solomonov, head of the Urban Bike Company, Volgograd Cycling Union (Volgograd, Russia)


Lunch (restaurant Westfalia)


Conference hall

The fourth parallel session: How can the city find the budget for bicycle infrastructure?

The session will consider international assistance programs, parallel projects that can be used to find financing for bicycle projects, as well as ways to involve business.

The session is intended for representatives of executive authorities of cities and NGOs.

Opportunities of the Covenant of Mayors in Promoting the Development of Cycling in Belarus

Ivan Schedrenok, National expert of the project "Mayors' Agreement - East"

UNDP projects and other opportunities for the development of cycling in Belarus

Irina Usova, Project Manager of UNDP/GEF project “Belarus: Support of green urban planning in small and medium-sized cities of Belarus"

The program of local initiatives support of the project "Urban cycling in Belarus"

Evgeny Lobanov, the Center for Environmental Solutions

Participation of business in the creation of urban bicycle infrastructure on the example of creation bicycle garages -

Artyom Kovalev,

Bicycle garages

Alexey Klimov,

Club room

The fifth parallel session: Planning and designing bicycle infrastructure

The session will consider the issues of what the city's bicycle infrastructure should be. Designers, architects, representatives of city administration, traffic police of cities and design institutes can exchange experience, hear about foreign experience in creating bicycle infrastructure, there will be an opportunity to discuss road standards.

Design for cycling - Bicycle infrastructure in Leipzig

Torben Heinemann, Office for Transport Planning and Road Construction, Leipzig, Germany


Basic principles of designing a high-quality bicycle infrastructure.

Andriy Koman, Urban Consulting Group, (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Planning a cycling route network based on computer modeling.

Elena Chernyshova, Dornier Consulting (Ukraine)


Designing bicycle infrastructure in Belarus. Overview of the current situation and ways for development.

Evgeny Kharuzhy, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"


Conference hall

Sixth session: Business platform.

What is bicycle business in Belarus today? What kind of partnership is possible to solve common problems? Can a social bicycle project be self-supporting?

Can the city and business benefit from the development of cycling?

Anastasia Yanchevskaya, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

Development of cycling in Belarus, Attitude to a bicycle in the city. Barriers and prejudices: the results of a sociological survey.

Pavel Harbunou, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

Selling the development of cycling: how to involve business in the development of bike culture?

Vladimir Kumov, author of the idea and curator of the project Let's bike it!, advisor to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Development of cycling in Ukraine. Business cases of companies, which converted to cycling.

Alexey Kushka, founder of and co-founder of (Ukraine)

Podium discussion: "Why should business support the development of cycling?"


Vladimir Kumov, curator of the project on the development of cycling in Russia ‘Let's bike it!’

Alexey Kushka, founder of and co-founder of (Ukraine)

Igor Kolchenko, Partner, Director, PR-Studio Sette

Holding A-100 (the speaker to be confirmed)

Cycling club "Minsk" (the speaker to be confirmed)

Motovelozavod OOO (the speaker to be confirmed)

Club room

Continuation of the fifth parallel session: Planning and designing bicycle infrastructure.

Dialogue: practical examples of the transformation of city streets.

Moderator - Andriy Coman


Ceremonial reception

Saturday, 25 November 11.00-17.20

Day for organizations involved in the development of cycling tourism, the creation of cycling routes, bicycle activists.


Registration, coffee-break  (hall room)


Conference hall

First session: development of cycling in the regions

Brest: Marina Chizh, "Za Velobrest"

Gomel: Sergey Voronenko,  Svetlana Korol, "VeloGomel"

Grodno: Yulia Koleda, "VeloGrodno"

Mogilev: Konstantin Chernyakov, bike shop-workshop "Ot vinta!"

Minsk: speaker to be confirmed


Lunch (hall)


Conference hall

Second parallel session: bicycle tourism and urban orientation

Cycling route Eurovelo-2: Belovezhskaya Pushcha-Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Speaker to be confirmed, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

Sports cycling in Belarus: category bike tours and competitions.

Olga Ishina, an active cyclist, a member of the Republican Tourist and Sports Union (Minsk)

Attracting foreign tourists to the wilderness.

John Roseman, route planner, Biketours ZAO (Minsk)

The finalist of the All-Russian Tourist Prize "Route of the Year" bike excursion "2 wheels 3 epochs".

Mikhail Solomonov, the author of the project, "The Union of Cyclists of Volgograd"

The project ‘100 km of green coasts’. Perm

Ivan Grachev, Coordinator of the movement "To work by bicycle" (Perm, Russia)

Room А4

Third parallel session: Organization of Bicycle Events

How to make a cycling event successful

Anastasia Yanchevskaya, Minsk Cycling Community

Winter bicycle parade in -27: craziness or the best thing that happened in the Russian cycling?

Vladimir Kumov, curator of the project on the development of cycling in Russia ‘Let's bike it!’ (Moscow, Russia)

Festival "Velopark" as a means of activating cyclists and bicycle communities.

Vladimir Likhovid, Veloklub "Rovers" (Lviv, Ukraine)

The influence of bicycle activism on transport policy.

Denis Molyaka, "Velorukh Mykolaiv" (Mykolaiv, Ukraine)

How to unite neighbors to solve common problems

Tatyana Sipacheva, project "Eco-Friendly Entrance" (Minsk)


Conference hall

Workshop "How to organize PR of bicycle campaign"

Victoria Efimova, Managing Partner, PR-Director, Brand Communications Agency littleMORE

Room А4

Workshop "Collection and analysis of data on bicycle traffic."

Elena Chernyshova, Dornier Consulting


Conference hall


Quest #30days of biking. How to promote cycling with the help of a quest?

Ksenia Sadovskaya, the project "Velodisko" (Minsk)

Solyanka MOO  what is it? The project of covered bicycle parkings near the dormitories.

Yevgeny Rudsky, Chairman of the IPO "Solyanka" (Minsk)


Cooperation with the initiative "Wings of Angels".

Dmitry Timashkov, the institution "Team of Wings of Angels "(Minsk)

Socialization of cycling at urban space.

Katerina Karpovich, deputy director of the Minsk branch of BelGUT (Minsk)

Room А4


Shelter for bicycle tourists in the world.

Valentin Boldenko, three-age club "Radeja" (Brest)

The experience of "Zyalony Rovar" in the project "Veligorsk" on the installation of bicycle parkings in Soligorsk.

Maxim Reut, the head of the bike shop Zielony Rovar (Soligorsk)

Road Racing Org: Amateur cycling competitions in Gomel

Stanislav Koptyug, Road Racing Org (Gomel)

Organization of the non-profit project VELO-family.

Svetlana Korol, "Velogomel" (Gomel)

Creativity of Forest

Nikolay Buzuk (nickname - Forest), cyclist, youtube-blogger, bike engineer.

Sunday, 26 November 11:00-14:00

Day for bicycle activists

Venue: hostel «Happy Hostel», Mozyrskaya str, 37-а

9.00 - 9.40

Lunch (hostel “Happy Hostel”)

10.00 -11.00

Workshop  «How to make press releases and work with mass media».

Tatyana Zharnosek, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

11.00 -12.00

The work of the informal network of bicycle organizations in Belarus. Working meeting.

Anastasia Yanchevskaya, the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

12.00 -14.00

Free choice:

- Walking educational and historical tour of the city.

Igor Korzun, the campaign "Urban forester" (Green Network Belarus)

- Bicycle tour on Minsk infrastructure

Evgeny Kharuzhy, The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

The forum is held within the framework of the project "Urban cycling in Belarus" with the financial support of the European Union and with the assistance of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus