Hillside Honor Society

Hillside Jr. High School

2017-2018 Academic Year

To be an Honor Society member at Hillside this year, you must:

     (if you have not yet been initiated, or if you are participating in the ceremony)

If you have any questions about Honor Society, the induction ceremony, or the requirements, please talk to Mr. Dultz (Room 117) or Mr. Taylor (Library).

Examples of Service Projects

First Semester


H.S. Induction Ceremony

(Tuesday, September 26th)


Rake Up Boise

(In November)

Second Semester


7th Grade Orientation Night

(usually in February)


Pop Tab Collection

(in February/March?)

Any school-based Service Projects must be discussed with and approved by Mr. Taylor or Mr. Dultz.  Many school-based projects are available throughout the year; for example, assisting with recycling or Community Ed.

It is YOUR responsibility to find and complete a service project each quarter and submit a write-up BEFORE the end of the quarter.

Hillside Honor Society

Writing Up a Service Project

The Hillside Honor Society requires that its members complete/participate in four service projects per school year—one per quarter.  These projects may be as part of an organized activity or may be independently planned and implemented, but should benefit your community or school.   Students should spend a minimum of 2 hours per quarter working toward benefiting the community and themselves.

Write-ups for service projects must be typed, double spaced, using standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Arial.  Write-ups should have a correct, four- line MLA heading, with Mr. Taylor and Mr. Dultz as adviser/teacher(s) and the assignment listed as Honor Society Service Project.

The appropriate length for a write-up is 300-500 words, but may be longer, depending on the amount of detail and reflection included.  Write-ups must include the following:

Write-ups are due on by the Friday prior to the last day of the quarter.

* * *  Occasionally Honor Society will have a whole-group service project, such as Rake-Up Boise or a campus clean-up day.  Many service project opportunities are available at Hillside for individuals or small groups of students, such as helping with Community Ed, tutoring 7th graders, Operation Wishbook, the spring pop-tab drive, and recycling coordinators.

* * *  If you have an idea for a service project that takes place at Hillside, please conference with your advisers before proceeding.  If you are planning a service project out in the community and are unsure of its suitability, also check with your advisers.

* * *  Understand that if you are paid for any work or activity you do, that is a job and not a service project.