Table of Contents

Establishing the Peer Coaching Environment        1

Session Planning Checklist        2

Peer Coaching Session Planning Sheet        3

Active Listening Skills        4

Powerful Questions        5

Learning Activity Checklist        6

References        7

Establishing the Peer Coaching Environment[1]

Session Planning Checklist[2] 

Peer Coaching Session Planning Sheet

Active Listening Skills[3]





Attending, acknowledging

Provide verbal or nonverbal awareness of the other person.

Face the speaker and maintain eye contact, nod, etc.

Looking around the room or fidgeting.


Respond to the person’s basic verbal message.

Repeat the phrase you would like clarified.

Changing the subject.

Summarizing, synthesizing

Bring together feelings and experiences to provide a focus.

Repeat back what you heard briefly but accurately: paraphrase.

Elaborating on what the speaker is saying.


Question the speaker in a supportive way to request more information or clear up any confusion.

Wait for the speaker to pause to ask clarifying questions; try “dangling” or open-ended questions.

Interrogating or challenging the speaker.

Checking Perceptions

Find out if interpretations and perceptions are valid and accurate.

Check the accuracy of your perceptions with phrases such as , “I think that you are saying…”

Making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.


Show warmth and caring in one’s own individual way.

Pay attention to what isn’t said--to feelings, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and other nonverbal cues.

Judging the speaker or rehearsing your response in your head while they are speaking.

Being Quiet

Give the person time to think as well as to talk.

Try to understand what the speaker is feeling and have empathy for the speaker.

Filling pauses; instead let the speaker set the pace.

Powerful Questions[4]

Learning Activity Checklist


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