Rules for the establishment Caribbean Club

Dear visitors, the main purpose of the club rules is to create maximum comfort and optimum safety conditions for having a rest at the club in the friendly and kindly atmosphere.

Visitors to the club are defined as persons who have a ticket, passed a metal detector and passed the things inspection (if it's necessary).

In case of violation of Caribbean Club rules, Administration and security staff have the rights to:

- To take photos and video recordings of the violator.

- Force the violator to leave the establishment without compensation for the ticket.

- To ban the violator without any possibility to visit club again.

Buying a ticket, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions to stay in the club, and should follow it.

1. The persons who have not reached 18 are prohibited to Caribbean Club on the night event, after 10:00 pm. They are allowed to the day shows, till 10:00 pm to "Caribbean Club", but only accompanied by parents.

2. The security service has the right to refuse the entrance to the club for the persons, who are in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication,  determines in its own discretion. The persons who are untidy or worn in sportswear are forbidden as well. Also, you can't stay in the club without shoes (the Administration of the club can evaluate the correspondence of the appearance of visitors in accordance with the format of the club, except the theme parties, which allowed this Dress code).

3. The security service of the сlub has the right to refuse the entrance to the club for people who are in their opinion are prone to drug or food trade, and also prone to illegal actions in relation to the visitors, guests, staff and property of the institution.

4. Persons with obvious physical injuries are not allowed to the club.

5. To be sure that you are already are 18 years old, the security service of the club can require your document that ensures your age (passport, driver's license, etc.). Club management and the security service reserve the right to deny the entrance without any explanation.

6. Visitors and their personal things can be inspected by employees of the security service in order to ensure the safety of the visitors. In case of refusal to make this procedure, or violation of the Club Rules during the inspection, the Administration has the right to deny access to the club without compensation the cost of the ticket.

7. Also, the reason for rejection to the club is an aggressive behavior in a physical or psychological way.

8. Inside the club is prohibited: smoking cigarettes, bring alcohol, food, piercing and cutting objects, drugs (including things for usage), weapons (including steel arms, gas, pneumatic arms, firearms, etc.), pyrotechnic and explosive substances, etc. Also, prohibited to use music stuff and other club equipment, to enter "staff only" places. In the case of detection of these facts, the security service of the club has the right to force the violator to leave the club without compensation for the ticket's cost.

9. It is forbidden to leave bags or other personal things on the floor, on the bar counter, ledges on the wall, parapets and stairs.

10. It is forbidden the entrance to the club with animals.

11. It is forbidden to interrupt the work of the artists who perform at the club: DJs, musicians, dancers, presenters, actors, etc.., as well as the work of the staff of the club.

12. It is not allowed to disturb the rest of the visitors with your misconduct like shouting, whistle, whishing etc. If the behavior of the visitor will discourage the work of the staff or other visitors' rest, the violator will be forced to leave the club.

13. It is not allowed to sleep on tables, dancing without clothes and/or shoes.

14. Photo and video recording in the club are allowed only with permission of the Administration of the club.

15. Prohibited to bring to the club items of pharmaceutical drugs, pills, ointments, drops, etc.

16. On the territory of the club, any form of trade or advertising activity allows only with permission of the Administration of the club.

Visiting the club, you agree to take part in possible photo and video shooting, tv or radio broadcast of the event as a visitor and allow the club to use the photo, video, and audio with your participation in any way (in social networks, websites, etc.).

Conditions of staying in the Club:

1. The visitors must:

1.1.    To carry out orders of Administration and security staff.

1.2.    To submit a ticket and go through the metal detector and inspection procedure (the things inspection – if necessary).

1.3.    Leave the top cloths and big items in the wardrobe. The entrance to the club in outerwear is forbidden. The wardrobe is free in the club. The Club is not responsible for money and valuable things that were left or lost in the club, including the clothing, that was handed over in the wardrobe.

2.    For the loss of wardrobe number, broken crockery, staff damage and violation of sanitary norms will be charged the amount, determined by the Administration of the club.

3.    Visitors have the possibility to make a reservation. The price is determined according to the club event or show. In case the reservation if you didn't come due term, the Administration has the right to give it to others.

4.    The Administration of the club warns that buying a ticket to the show you automatically include the reservation till the show ends or till 10 pm.

In case a visitor, who purchased a ticket and wants to stay in the club at the same table after the show ends or after 10 pm, shall agree to conditions with the Administration of the club. In case of inconsistency the conditions in time, the Administration has the rights to force the visitor to leave the table.

By agreeing to go to the event, the ticket owner is responsible for the risks, including responsibility for the conservation of the personal things, for any damage that can be done due to non-completion the rules of public order, accident prevention, fire safety rules, Club Rules and other generally accepted norms of behavior. The Administration of Caribbean Club is not responsible for this kind of risks.

The visitors who follow the club rules have the right to ask questions to the Administration, the head of the security service and other staff if they need, and require book of complaints and proposals as well.

Best regards,

The Administration of Caribbean Club