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2019 Award Winners
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The 2019 Award Winners

The Plagiarist

by James Popplewell

United Kingdom | Best Drama | 15 min

After his recent unsuccessful novel 'Where do I get off?', author Jason Harlow is struggling for ideas. A chance encounter with aspiring young writer gives Jason some new inspiration.

Burqa City

by Fabrice Bracq

France | Best Comedy | 20 min

Souleymane and Leila just got married, for better or for worse. The better is that they love each other very much. The worse is that they live in an absurd and kafkaesque country.

Down the River

by Daniel H. Jacobson

Israel | Best Home Grown (Drama) | 30 min

An Ethiopian-Israeli Mossad officer with a mysterious past, sent on a mission to Darfur to intercede on behalf of a local warlord with political ambitions. If all goes according to plan, she will not survive the mission. Can Neta catch onto the game before she's

the one that gets played

The Pickman Model

by Tim Troemner

USA | Best Horror | 7 min

What's the secret behind Richard Pickman's unearthly art? Join Pickman as he walks you through his three-part model to artistic success!


By Kim Viscio

USA | Best Documentary | 5 min

A short story of pregnancy, presence and purpose.


by Darlene Hadrika

USA | Best Animation & Grand Prize | 17 min

While packing away her deceased grandmother's affairs, Pauline discovers that one of their stained glass sculptures has come to life. As the lights in the house go out and their memories together begin to dim, Pauline realizes there is joy in celebrating the legacy of those who have been lost.