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Kansas City Gymnastics                                E-mail

116 NW Plaza Drive                                          Web

Riverside, MO   64150                                Phone        816-741-8270


Our private school emphasizes safe gymnastics, fun exercise and motor development.  Our gym is equipped with the most updated equipment in today’s gymnastics world.  Gymnastics is taken seriously here, providing you with knowledgeable and experienced instructors and the highest of safety standards.

Children should come into our program to have fun through quality instruction in tumbling and gymnastics.  With proper training, our students will develop healthy minds and bodies along with physical discipline and self-confidence.  Listed below are the policies that our gymnastics school follows:

  1.  REGISTRATION FEE:  Our ANNUAL fee entitles your child to an exclusive membership to our school, payable by the first attended class and good for 1 year.  Fees are prorated according to the time of year the student begins class.  This membership allows your child to use our tumbling and gymnastics facilities.
  2. TUITION PAYMENTS:  fees are based on a monthly program.   All tuition payments are due the 1st day of the month.     Please put the students name on the check in order to receive proper credit.

Three forms of payment are available:

                        -Auto Debit

                        -Credit Card

                        -Cash or Check

Payments are considered late after the 15th of the month.  Please pay on time.

  1. MAKE-UP CLASSES:   The policy for any make-up due to illness, vacation, and weather is as follows.   The first Saturday of each month a make-up class is held for your child’s level.  See coaches for the team make up schedule.

Tiny tot-                10:30am

PreSchool-                9:45am

Beginner-                 10:45am

Intermediate-                10:30am

  1. YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM:    We are open all year.  There will be two specific times when everyone must SIGN UP FOR A NEW CLASS OR TEAM LEVEL due to seasonal time changes and  Advancement.  School Session- Students in school    Summer Session- summer break
  2. Student/Instructor Ratio:  We maintain a small student/instructor ratio to maximize learning and encourage individual attention to all students.  We offer private lessons. Please leave your name at the front desk.
  3. WHAT TO WEAR      All students are expected to come to class in appropriate attire.  GIRLS should wear a leotard, bare legs, (you may wear footless tights or bike shorts over leotard, so that they can be easily removed when on the bars).  BOYS  may wear shorts and t-shirt.   WE REQUEST ALL STUDENTS TO WEAR COVER-UP OVER LEOTARDS TO AND FROM THE GYM.  Leotards are for class wear- not for street wear.

NO JEWELRY, NO GUM; HAIR MUST BE TIED BACK IF LONG.   SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS is one of our goals.   Please help us to reach our objectives.

        PLEASE MARK YOUR CHILDS CLOTHING:  We have a “Lost and Found” box in the gym for         

        misplaced items.   We donate them to local charities every few months.  We are not 

        responsible for personal items.  

  1.  You will definitely see faster progress in gymnastic development made by your child if you limit the frequency of your visits.  To attain gymnastic achievement takes time, no matter what the gymnast’s skill level.  To “short cut” the learning process may increase the hazard of not learning the skill properly, which means increasing the chances for injury and causing discontent in learning upper level skills.
  2. Students have a tendency to do better without their parents watching.
  1. Although  is desirable to be supportive of your children’s efforts in all activities, we as adults must be extremely careful of falling into the “Little League Syndrome”, subconsciously expecting and demanding more from the children than they are physically and mentally capable of performing.
  2. Children’s awareness levels are greater when not “performing “ for their parents
  3. Young children’s levels of concentration increase without parents watching.  

Fewer distractions are present and the class can focus in on the tasks being accomplished.  


To help us be more efficient in teaching and moving classes, please observe the following rules, and thank you very much for your cooperation.  

  1. Please don’t leave small children unattended to wander out onto the gym floor.
  2. Please do not allow children on the gymnastics equipment unless in a supervised fashion.  
  3. No communication between parents and students during class. (NO COACHING FROM THE SIDELINES)
  4. Class Departure-   Please be prompt in picking up your children.  We are not babysitters.  When your child’s class ends, please be there to pick them up in the lobby.  Children should wait inside until their parent arrives.

  1.  CLASS CANCELLATION:   If you decide to discontinue class,  Please e-mail us at  before the end of the month, prior to your withdrawl date. Auto debit and Billing will stop upon our receipt of your e-mail.                    Thank you.