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Oregon, Tuesday 24 October, 2017

Letter for:

Her Excellency Theresa May

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland


My condolences for all the victims of the civil war in Northern Ireland


An Alternative to the Brexit Negotiations

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Your Excellency Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, I hope my letter finds you well.

I have been following the Brexit negotiations with the European Union, in the best way I can, because foremost, I am heartbroken when I see you traveling back and forth to Brussels,  almost every week to face so much tension, and without decisions.  I am sure a hard core gives you a hard time for making the choice of leaving the European Union.  

To be honest, I do not understand what precisely is being negotiated.  An exit deal would be normal with respect to what was stipulated in the entrance deal.  I think the British and the European public ought to be informed better about the negotiations and also about the original deal, for a better understanding what the Brexit involves.  

I think it would be very interesting to share some history with the press and with the public at large about why the United Kingdom (U.K.), with such a powerful economy, is not part of the Euro-zone.  Why did the U.K. originally accept to be part of the European Union in the first place, and who wanted the U.K. to join the Union in 1973 ?  A simple answer on this last question, might provide the clues on why there is so much opposition against the Brexit, in Europe and in the U.K.

Yes the Brexit is a heartbreaking that I don’t think it is a good idea.  I am for a united Europe, because economically this is more interesting than having  separate countries.  The European people must stand united together in the face of violent extremism like Islamic State.  That is one reason why a Brexit would make the United Kingdom and Europe more vulnerable.  

Secondly the Brexit is somewhat disruptive for the solidarity between the European nations.   The United Kingdom needs technical cooperation and solidarity as much as any other country in the world, for solving terrorism and wars, for instance.  If I am currently working on getting all the countries together for solving the Holocaust and World Wars I and II, what must it be like for the United Kingdom to solve on her own the civil war in Northern Ireland.   The peace agreement was also not the  business of one country alone.  

Now we have peace, but what guarantees do you have that the war has effectively ended ?   How do you make sure that the civil war won’t break out again, if you don’t know the reasons behind the war, or if you ignore the truth about what exactly happened.  

A peace agreement unfortunately does not necessarily

mean the same like the end of the war 

The third reason why the Brexit is not a good idea, is precisely because the war in Northern Ireland has never been investigated thoroughly.   By deciding a Brexit and by effectively leaving the European Union, you will also deprive the U.K. of the very rich intelligence of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council, which is needed for interrogating the actors in the civil war in Northern Ireland, for identifying the instigators of it and the European Union disposes of all the resources for solving any war in Europe.   There is no reason for leaving any war in Europe or elsewhere unresolved.  The unraveling of a conflict which nobody understood is needed for preventing a new one of starting again.  

Therefore, I urge you, Your Excellency Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, to reconsider your position on the Brexit.   A Brexit will also prevent that the U.K. seeks arbitration from the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Audit.  

This is quite an exclusion which the United Kingdom can’t afford.

Here is the thing : the civil war in Northern Ireland was not a British a war.   I found strong indications that it was an international war involving at least the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA and Belgium.  

You will find a series of interviews that I have taken in the context of understanding everything about terrorism in general and ISIL in particular.   Please listen to the interview which took place in Belgium.  

Yes, I found three witnesses in Belgium who admitted their participation to the horrific slaughtering of the British people in Belfast.  They are living peaceful lives as if nothing happened.   The three men are :

  1. Josephus Van Berendonck
  2. Declan O’Rourke (who has a nickname, which is Padraig O’Hanlon), and
  3. Declan O’Connell  

Would you not like to know, Your Excellency Theresa May, to what purpose the war has served when so many countries were actually involved in it ideologically, politically, financially, economically, logistically and military ?  

The U.K. must question the presence of foreign soldiers,

who - in addition of embarking in Northern Ireland -

were pretending that they are actually Northern Irish

I cannot hide how disgusted I am that they were changing their identity for not getting caught. Mr Van Berendonck operated under a false identity in Northern Ireland,  He regained his true identity when he came back to Belgium.  Declan O’Rourke and Declan O’Connell are also originally Belgians who somehow succeeded in keeping the fake Irish identity.  

The three men know other Belgians who have been to Northern Ireland to fight in the civil war.  “I know plenty of them who fought in Belfast”, one told me, as he opened up to me, who is not a European.  It was their job because they were paid.  

While the people in Belfast were crippling with the cold and the hunger, these soldiers lacked absolutely nothing.  They were never hungry or cold.  They had clothes and warm shoes.  

However, what I am sharing with you, needs verification by a police force like Europol, for instance. If these men are questioned, they might supply some other names, under extremely high pressure.  You should put this type of operation under the current anti-terrorism budget of the European Union.  It will provide the clues needed to mount to the true cause of the war in Northern Ireland, which in my humble opinion has nothing to do with the Catholics against the Protestants or vice-versa.  It has to do with something else which the European Court of Justice must decide.

When the United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973, the war in Northern Ireland intensified.  How do you explain that ?  Yes, I am startled by the European Union and the United Nations who ignored a war going on in Europe, by European people.  This exception will become the rule, and the United Kingdom might fall prey again of the very same mafia, which was at the origin of the war in Northern Ireland, and which this time will come with a different plan, such as pretending that they are Scottish, or Hungarian migrants or so.  

Allow me to enclose a request for investigating the decimation of a one family in Belfast, who was closely connected to Josephus Van Berendonck, a Belgian man who was to marry their daughter 41 years ago.  On 27 August 1976, one day before their marriage, a blast in a Belfast pub killed the bride-to-be together with numerous other deadly victims.  She was pregnant from the Belgian man.  

Josephus Van Berendonck too was severely injured in the blast.  He told me that he was unconscious and taken to the hospital in Belfast where he remained in coma for weeks or months.  Afterwards, he learned about the disappearance of his pregnant wife-to-be, named Maureen O’Connell.  The full story is in the enclosed.

At that moment, Your Excellency, certain parents in Northern Ireland have lost a child.  An entire family was devastated by the loss of a daughter, who would probably have been still alive today, if she had never dated the Belgian man.  

I am sure that this family knew that this man was not a Northern Irish, as he claims still today, but a foreigner who wanted to stay in Northern Ireland cost what it may.  Whenever he meets someone new, the first thing he would talk about is that he is not from Belgium, he would tell that he was born in Northern Ireland - but I noted that he never says in which city.  His Belgian identity papers, which are established on the basis of his birth certificate, say that he was born in Antwerp, Belgium.  A police officer in Belgium confirmed that he is an ordinary Belgian man.

Every day he makes big efforts to convince just about anybody that he is Northern Irish to hide that he is a Belgian who was sent to commit atrocities and to create chaos in Northern Ireland during 30 years.  He is hiding that he is Belgian, so that nobody would suspect that a Belgian mafia might be at the source of the whole problem.  He is smart enough not to say that he is an Irish, but a Northern Irish.  He simply wants people to believe that his is not a Belgian, but his mistakes against the English language, particularly in the tenses, betray that he was neither educated in Northern Ireland nor in the United Kingdom.   When he is caught making a language mistake, he says that he is better in Gaelic.  

He said that he is the against the Belgian State, but I challenged him on this by showing how much I dislike my life in Belgium.  I do not spare this country on any aspect, for what they did to my life.   I have been pushing it so far, that he ended up defending the Belgian State.      

All it takes for knowing truth is a profound investigation of this case :  

I will not hide from you Your Excellency Prime Minister Theresa May, that I found Muslims in Antwerp who alerted to me that they personally know a Belgian man who went fighting as a terrorist in Afghanistan, who left Belgium as someone on the welfare with absolutely nothing, and when he returned, he was awarded a villa, expensive cars and incredible amounts of money.  I have not been able to convince these Muslims to tell me what they know on tape, but this might change.

Today, I wonder if these  Northern Irish Catholics in the USA, were rather Belgians, who may have used a fake Northern Irish identity for the entering the USA, for committing atrocities there, and for spreading cancer and HIV in a country with a  racially diverse population in which HIV-AIDS  never appeared in the 500 years of coexistence between Blacks, Whites and Amerindians.   HIV-AIDS was first recorded in New York in 1980.


Allow me to attach a report from the Belgian Federal Police in which Mr Joseph van Berendonck admitted that he was in Belfast, during the civil war.  It seems like he negotiated in Belfast with another criminal called Mr André Azoulay, from Morocco,  

Declan O’Rourke also declared having met Mr André Azoulay in Belfast, but under a different name.  He admitted on tape that it was about money and weapons from FN.  He recognized Mr André Azoulay on a TV news show about Interreligious dialogue.   He was very surprised to learn that the man became the advisor to the King of Morocco, and that he was referred to as His Excellency, while he refers to him as a war criminal.


Both men mentioned in relationship to André Azoulay either child prostitution or pedophilia in Northern Ireland.   Declan O’Rouke reported that Mr André Azoulay killed two teenagers in Belfast, possible after sexual abuse.  He kept the blooded clothes which Mr Azoulay was wearing while committing the crime in a safe.   He told me that a couple of weeks ago the clothes were handed over to Scotland Yard.

A confrontation between the four men (Josephus Van Berendonck, Declan O’Rourke,

Declan O’Connell, and His Excellency André Azoulay) will definitely bring us closer to the truth about what was going on in Northern Ireland during the civil war.  What were these foreigners doing there.  

From the 3600 dead victims over a period of 30 years, Mr Josephus Van Berendonck admitted having killed 182 people only in Belfast.  He has been in Northern Ireland from the beginning in 1968 until the end in 1998.  The Belgian State helped him flee Northern Ireland together with a dozen of comrades by plane to Brussels.  He is the only witness about whom I know that he receives pension of a little over 900 Euro per month.  He is safe, while the people in Northern Ireland may not have the same financial safety like Josephus Van Berendonck.

Given that the war continued, under the European flag, under the Treaty of Rome and Maastricht, while the United Kingdom was a full member of the European Union in 1973, and that move changed absolutely nothing to the civil war in Northern Ireland, you might want to review the Brexit negotiation in this sense.  I truly wonder who’s desire it was to join the EU.

When it is confirmed that there was an involvement indeed of another EU member state in the civil war in Northern Ireland then you should negotiate a settlement or a compensation for the injured and the families who lost their loved ones in a conflict which may not even concern Northern Ireland to begin with, and which should have never existed.  

The civil war has caused a drop in the demographics, through deaths, migration and war-related displacement, destruction of homes and businesses, it increased the number of disabled people and widows, and it caused the poverty in Northern Ireland to rise.  The recovery, after 2000 was slow, and it is still on-going.  

EC President Juncker’s wish is that there is no place for a “no-deal”.   We must consider this as an EU directive.   A deal is necessary indeed for the future relation between the Union and between the individual member countries, involving the circulation of people, goods, services and money.   When the U.K. wants a trade agreement with let’s say Poland, will it be an agreement with a European Union Member Country or an agreement with a sovereign nation ?   If Poland signs an agreement with the U.K. after the Brexit, will the agreement comply with the EU directives or not ?  Or must Poland step out of the EU for signing deals with the U.K., or what?  The European Commission  will ask one of the parties to comply.  That is why a Brexit is not the best option in this case.  

Even Michael Bloomberg, an astute investor and observer of world business, disapproves of a Brexit..  A Brexit is not in the interest of the British and the people of Northern Ireland in particular.

A deal is of crucial importance, more than the Brexit itself.  Whatever the deal will be, it must be in the interest of all the U.K. citizens, including the people of Northern Ireland.

In view of judicial actions against war crimes, could Your Excellency please guarantee an inquiry by the above mentioned European Institutions for the above mentioned cases, and negotiate compensation for all the people in Northern Ireland, of all the religions and backgrounds, after which this gruesome chapter can be closed for good ?  

Could you please lead the transformation of the Northern Irish society towards a multicultural and inclusive society.   The offer which I proposed for Manchester also applies for Northern Ireland, an area of the U.K. which others are coveting for it’s very beautiful nature.  I am enclosing an MoU for Northern Ireland.

Should you have questions or if you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact me, Your Excellency Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  My details are further below.  I will be really very happy to answer all your questions.

Beforehand I thank you greatly for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Founder of Anaccell Corporation

e-mail :

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Attachment : Request for Investigation

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