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Formation Program for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction

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Short Essays

Please answer the following questions and submit them with your application form.  One half-page is sufficient for each response.  If you type your responses, please single space and use 12-point font.

1. Having read the information on the TLP website, which of your education and work/ministry or life experiences do you believe would provide a good foundation for your participation in this program?

2. Are you presently receiving spiritual direction? If so, how is this experience for you? If not, have you received spiritual direction in the past? For how long? Briefly describe your experience.

3. What attracts you to the ministry of spiritual direction?

4. What attracts you to this program?

5. In the past five years, what types of reading and what courses have contributed to your spiritual development?

6. Briefly summarize the history of your religious affiliation.

7. What are some of the highlights of your spiritual journey?

8. How might this training program fit your expectations and your desires for yourself and your relationship with God at this time in your life?

9. Is there any other relevant information you would like to add?

Check List

Please mail or email the above items to:

The Listening Place Spiritual Center

1803 Chapel Hill Road, Suite A
Durham, NC 27707

Follow Up

All applicants will have a personal conversation with facilitators by July 24th.  Notification of acceptance into the program will be made no later than July 31st.

If you have questions, please call (919)-307-9068 or email