Exchange program 2019, Chungbuk National University, Korea

All the exchange students will get the privilege of tuition waiver for the period.

(The maximum number of the exchange students is limited whereas that of visiting students is unlimited.)

Here is the information for 2019 spring exchange student program in CBNU.

Application should be submitted before deadline below.


The application deadline for 2018 will be:

- Spring semester (March 4, 2019 ~ MID June, 2019) : Nov. 20, 2018

- Fall semester (September 2, 2019 ~ MID December, 2019) : May. 20, 2019


Regarding Application Qualification, applicants must meet following requirements:


1. Have to complete more than 1 semester at home University

2. Have to be fluent in speaking and writing in either English/Korean language

3. Possess above 70% (out of 100%) in a grade point average (G.P.A.) of the whole school years

Applicants should submit following documents before the deadline.


1) Application Form (Separate 1)

 ※ When you apply for an academic major in CBNU, please refer to the link below. 

2) Study Plan (Separate 2)

3) Recommendation of the applicant

4) Certificate of Enrollment

5) Academic Transcript

6) Copy of Passport

7) One original Copy of a Certificate of Korean or English Proficiency (if applicable)


Should you have any questions, please contact with our office: / +82-43-261-3944

And you can check more details on OIS website as below.


Application Form(CBNU)_19ver