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6-8-21 Minutes
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  1. Call meeting to order: 6:35pm – Ed Gaede
  2. Pledge of Allegiance: Ed Gaede
  3. New Introductions: Justina Howell, Tina Black, Jeff Hurley, David Williams, Walter Grainger, Ed Gaede, Mayde Hurley, Kathleen Schaffer, Dan Shaffer, Jacquie Sullivan, Marc Sandall proxy to Mayde Hurley, Karen Lopeteguy proxy to Jackie Sullivan, Paul Burzych proxy to Ed Gaede
  4. Establish Quorum: Ed Gaede
  5. Motions to Approve May 11th Meeting Minutes / Vote: Motion: Dan Schaffer – Second, Kathleen Schaffer
  6. Financial Report / Motions to Approve Financial Report / Vote: Motion: Mayde Hurley – Second, Dan Schaffer
  7. Action Items from past meetings
  1. Bylaws were approved / signed & will be sent to state: will hear soon
  2. Waiting on final approval from IRS for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status: Ed will update as soon as in
  3. Klassen has not yet configured our memorial rendering – waiting so we can share with committee
  4. Will file tax exempt form with state soon: Ed will send this week or next week
  1. New Business
  1. Logo and letterhead for Memorial / motion to approve shape of dog tag: Motion: Ed Gaede – Second, Kathleen Schaffer. Ed will be responsible to change and update
  2. Website development through free Ed and Zelma created temp on
  3. Need ideas on what should be on website: Ideas – Video’s of WWII documentaries, email, logo, 1,000 flags, CA aeronautics (Blue angels), maintain site,. Mayde Hurley & Justina Howell to take care of website thru  
  4. Fundraising – need a listing of each committee member of suggestions for next meeting in July
  5. City Council meeting/when??: July reach out to council members by Ed Gaede
  6. Need to come up with plan to promote WWII Memorial: Jim Scott, Robert Bailey
  1. Open call for new thoughts / ideas: New meeting times for meeting 6:30pm – 8pm. Motion: Mayde Hurley – Second, Jacquie Sullivan

Design committee update by David Williams: Reached out to park ranger in DC – out of reach. Granite supplier review. Architect/Designer for WWII memorial in DC prob 93 years old. Academy black granite for possible supplier, Vertical: Gershaw Granite w/large lettering, Horizontal: green county granite. Design committee to meet on 6/21 at 11am at 1925 Eye St. Ed Gaede doing research on names – 10 unknown

Walter Grainger presented a list of fundraiser suggestions – see attachment

  1. Call for meeting to be closed: 7:49pm Motion: Ed Gaede – Second, Kathleen & Dan Schaffer

Next meeting will be on July 13, 2021 at 6:30 pm. at the POW.

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