How to become a CPS Coach for Athletic Teams

In order to be a “legal” coach for a member school of the IHSA/Chicago Public League an individual must:

  • Be a formal employee, or formal registered volunteer of the district/school.

Individuals that are not currently employed by the Chicago Public Schools must complete the formal hiring process through CPS Talent after being  referred by a school principal for a coaching position.

  • Complete the Concussion Awareness Program designed and required by League by-laws (same as required by the IHSA), and keep the certification current.

  • Complete the Performance Enhancing Substance Awareness Program designed and required by the IHSA.

  • Complete a formal Coaching Education Program approved by the IHSA (most notably the courses named Coaching Principles and Sports First Aid offered through the American Sport Education Program or Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid, Health and Safety through the National Federation of High Schools as well as the IHSA Bylaws test or IHSA component). 

  • Be nineteen years or older.

  • View the Rules Interpretation Video of their respective sport provided by the IHSA.

  • Volunteers must also fulfill all of these requirements.

  • The completion of additional “free” sports specific courses to target training for appropriate behaviors and student protection offered by the NFHS may also be required each year by the Office of Sports Administration.

Individuals that are interested in coaching but do not have information regarding open positions can submit their coaching credentials/certification to  This information will be stored in a database to be accessed when the Office of Sports Administration is informed of a position opening at one of the schools.