Instructions for Creating and Printing Game Line-Up Cards



In your coach packet, you have received cardstock sheets to print your game line-up cards that you need for each game this season as well as blank legal-size paper for printing practice.  These sheets have the backs of the game cards pre-printed on them, and you will need to customize and print the front side.  With the aid of the template below, this process is very easy and will make game preparation quick, so you can present the appropriate card each week to the referee.  Printing these game cards will help the referees and game administrators immensely, so there is no confusion about player names/numbers/teams/dates due to illegible handwriting. The goal is to use these cards for ALL games.


Just follow these step-by-step instructions:


1.       Go to         This is the blank template for filling out the game cards.  You can download and save this form and fill it out at any time.  

2.      Scroll down a little and then scroll back up.  The blank spaces on the front of the card should now appear light blue, and you can type in the blank spaces.

3.      For ALL 4 cards on each form, fill in the REQUIRED repeating information at the top of the card (you can cut and paste):


AGE GROUP   (your division,  i.e.  12UB)

TEAM #   (your team number,   i.e. B1201)

TEAM NAME:   your team name

COACH’S NAME:  Name of head coach

ASST. COACH’S NAME:  Name of asst coach (if applicable)

4.      Then list your team’s players IN NUMERICAL ORDER BY JERSEY # and their full name.  Put every player on your team on that list for every card, even if they will be absent for a game.


Every team will play at least 10 games this season, not counting Hirschel Cup, so you will need a minimum of 10 cards – suggestion is to print out at least 12 cards for the regular season.   If you are playing in the Hirschel Cup, do not fill in the date and opponent ahead of time – you can handwrite those on the game day.



Optional (but helpful):

1.      You can fill in the date and opponent for each game at the start of the season.  That way, you only have to print these cards once, and you will not have to handwrite on them, and there’s no weekly hassle of worrying about the game card!   If for some reason, the game date or opponent changes from the initial schedule, it’s ok to cross it out on your printed card and handwrite the correct information.





1.      The game cards should have your team info on one side and the Referee Game Report on the opposite side.  Both sides of the card need to be present – the referee will not accept a card that isn’t printed on both sides.

2.      DO NOT fill in any information on the BACK of the card that says “REFEREE GAME REPORT” – THAT’S FOR THE REFEREE ONLY TO FILL OUT.

3.      DO NOT fill in the area under “QUARTERS NOT PLAYED” OR “GOALS SCORED” on any cards  – THE REFEREES DO THIS DURING THE GAME.  (Your initial game plan for substitutions may change during the game, and having to correct this on a card that is pre-marked is confusing)


The coach packet also includes several blank sheets of legal-size paper so you can practice loading the paper in the proper orientation in your printer before you print the game cards.  DO NOT USE THIS LEGAL PAPER FOR YOUR OFFICIAL GAME CARDS – ONLY USE THE PRE-PRINTED CARDSTOCK PROVIDED.


If you accidently print some cards “upside-down” (with the info on each side facing the opposite direction), that’s not ideal, but acceptable.  We understand…we’re all human.


If you have trouble getting this to work for you, or if you can’t print on legal-sized paper with your printer, please don’t just give up. Email for assistance.


Extra game card cardstock sheets are also available if needed; a supply will be kept at the referee tent during games on Saturday.