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BEWARE: Caydens Concrete Restoration, Inc., 435 Chaplin St., Wendell, NC 27591
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Demolished front-stoop & never returned; stole our (45%) deposit.  No Explanation.

4/23/2019 - After about one hour of work, working with 2-3 other younger guys, he left this rubble for nine-days without contact.  Railing shattered and no clean-up.

5/2/2019 - Nine days later and without warning Bruce showed up with one other guy.  They worked 4-hours and then never returned.  

We hired Bruce Pendergrass of Caydens Concrete Restoration, Inc. of Wendell, NC to replace our sinking front-stoop. After 5 weeks, (of which he worked only twice for a total of 5-hours on-site) and countless excuses from him, he has been fired and his “finished product” is actually worse than before he started. We are having to take further bids to continue the work and to assess the damages incurred.

Bruce initially told us that the entire job would take about one week to complete. He and his crew came out twice over the span of 1.5 weeks to remove the existing stairs and pour one piece of concrete. Since his second (and last) visit 4 weeks ago, Bruce has been MIA, despite our near daily attempts to contact him. The majority of the time, he is unresponsive and does not return calls or emails. When he does respond, he either makes up an excuse or he lies to us about a date that he or his crew will be there, only to never show up.  They kept this up from 5/3/2019 to 5/28/2019.

Bruce was unbelievably unprofessional and he has left us scrambling to find another contractor to clean up his mess and complete the project.  In the meantime, we were left to sift through the rubble of our front-stoop to find our broken porch railing parts ourselves that were to be reinstalled at the end, our front stoop is unusable, unsafe and unsightly all with an HOA to consider; and Bruce knew it.  We had to hire a commercial service just to clean up the concrete & rebar debris that Bruce left all over our front yard since he never bothered coming back to finish the job that he started. He didn’t even handle safety markings, we bought our own safety cones & caution tape.  We are out 5-weeks of hand holding with him and of course out our time & money. We don’t understand why Bruce agreed to take on the job for Caydens Concrete Restoration, Inc. and then even proceeded to do a partial demo with jackhammers if they never intended to complete it.

If any legitimate soul at Caydens Concrete Restoration wants this domain again, then it’s time to settle up.