Eighth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday, Dec. 3: Pythagorean Theorem Lesson on 3-dimensional figures using the Pythagorean Theorem. Teacher created worksheets.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Review Pythagorean Theorem concepts. (Study Guide review sheets, teacher created.)

Wednesday, Dec. 5: Pythagorean Theorem  District Test.

Thursday, Dec. 6: Complete test; Begin reviewing for 360 Interim test.

Friday, Dec. 7: Complete Review for 360 Interim test.


Monday and Tuesday--Research Simulation Task (RST) District Assessment; Achieve Lesson--Inside Your Brain

Wednesday--Lesson 18-Culminating Writing Task--A Different Side of the Story--Brainstorming

Thursday--Lesson 19-Culminating Writing Task--Drafting Your Story

Friday--Lesson 20/21--Editing/Revising and Sharing Out Finalized Stories


REED:  Monday - deposition; Tuesday - heat transfer (convection) ; Wednesday & Thursday - rock

cycle SNAP lab; and Friday -  teacher made test


        Monday- Determine the results of constructive and destructive forces upon landforms.

        Tuesday- Earth’s Interior

        Wednesday- Convection in the Mantle


        Friday- Open notebook Quiz and LEAP practice

Social Studies

Monday- causes of the Civil War

Tuesday- Why did Louisiana secede from the Union

Wednesday- Test on Battle of New Orleans and the Antebellum South

Thursday- test corrections and the road to war for Louisiana

Friday- continuation of how Louisiana’s road to war

girls Health and Pe
This week we will participate in Recreational Games.

boys health and pe
This week we will participate in Recreational Games.

Journey to Careers

 We will begin exploring the Health Sciences Cluster.


Focus: The Band is working on their Christmas Concert Music that will take place on December 12th.

Please try to take care of all band fees by December 7, 2018.

Band Fundraisers this year:  World’s Finest Chocolate Sale in January.

Remaining Performances or Activities Until Christmas Holidays

1st and 6th Period Band--

2nd and 7th Period Band

Our Christmas Concert is on December 12th in the SLHS Auditorium. The concert will begin@ 6pm

Students can dress in Christmas outfits.  They can wear Christmas hats, but the lights need to be turned off during the concert if there are lights on their hat.