T-Ball Game Rules 2019

Belmont-Redwood Shores Little League shall be governed by the current Official Regulations and Playing Rules (Green Book) and the procedures of the Little League Operating Manual as published by Little League Baseball unless superseded by these special Supplemental regulations and rules.

Objective of the Game: T-Ball is a non-competitive division and no scores or season standings shall be kept. The purpose of the T-Ball division is to provide training and instruction to the players and not managing to “WIN”.  Managers must always keep this in mind during practices and games.

Game Preliminaries

Playing the Game - T-Ball Rookies

Playing the Game - T-Ball Veterans

Advise on Defensive Positions

The most important goal on defense is to try and get every kid a chance to touch the ball, and to teach kids to play in their position, and not “swarm” to the ball.

It is mandatory that all players rotate positions between innings and that all players rotate through all the positions as the season progresses.

The exact configuration will depend on the number of players for that game, but the goal is to shift kids from the infield to the outfield in each of the three innings. As shown in the diagram, the best way is to shift players in vertical group across three innings. For example, the 3B moves to LF and then to LC. After each game you can then shift three kids that were in the “3B/LF/LC” group over to the “P/SS/C” group for the next game. Be sure to keep track of where kids played in previous weeks. They will remember if they didn’t get to be Shortstop! There is the most action at Pitcher and First Base. Feel free to make mid-inning adjustments to help balance things out.

For T-Ball, for a team with 11 or more players there should be seven players on the infield, with four (or more) players in the outfield. In the event that you have 10 players or less, you can have one “pitcher” and move the Middle Infielder to the outfield if you wish and play the five traditional baseball positions.

You can never put a player in the catcher position.