What does it cost?

The Distributor fee is $55 annually and includes a $5 donation to the Make Sense Foundation (a scholarship fund that helps women and children in need) and your New Distributor Kit. This includes, A Beauty Book, Distributor Handbook, An Acclaim Magazine, and other helpful materials. You will also pay shipping and handling on your New Distributor Kit (about $11).

What Do I Get?

You will automatically receive a  20% discount off of everything you order! The more you order, the bigger your discount!

Example of Discounts & Potential Retail Earnings


Suggested Retail Amount

Point Value(PV) Wholesale

Personal Discount

Potential Earning Percentage

Potential Earnings Dollars


0-99.5 pv





100-299.5 pv





300-749.5 pv





750 pv +




How do I make money?

What is Required of me?

In order to remain active, you must place a cumulative retail order of $200 during each 6 month period!  Easy Peasy ;).

What other Perks are there if I choose to join?

Become a Significant Seller by placing a 750 PV order 3 months in a row and receive priority filling on your orders, Free Featured product of the month, special recognition, and free products when new ones come out!


In your first 90 days as a new distributor, you will receive 50% off of every 300 PV order you place so stock up on inventory, try all those products you want to try and grab a few gifts for family and friends!

All new Distributors are eligible to receive a 50% discount on all personal product orders* of 300 PV or more, for 90 days, starting on the day you join SeneGence. New Distributor promotion qualification is based on a rolling 30-day period starting on your sign-up date.


In your first 90 days as a distributor, SeneGence gives you the opportunity to earn over $1200 in free products while building your stock!

Sign Up Options :

Distributors now have the option of purchasing a LIPS KIT within their first 6 months for just $75 (plus tax and shipping)!  This fabulous kit comes with a gorgeous portfolio, and includes a selection of LipSense tester tubes in our top 6 shades: Bella, Bombshell, Caramel Apple, Dawn Rising, Luv It, and Sheer Berry, as well as Glossy Gloss, Ooops! Remover, LipSense Applicators, Beauty Books, and More! This is the perfect way to get you ready for those one-on-one demos!

 New Distributor Kit Options

With even greater value, designed to help new Distributors take the first steps down the path to success. Each kit includes an initial qualifying PV order of resalable product, a demo kit to share the products with others, and valuable business tools.

Fabulous Demo Kits, Amazing Inventory Selection & Powerful Business Tools Conveniently Packaged!!!

New Distributors can now choose one from the options below after signing up.



Your Membership comes with Full Support from Me and an Awesome Team of Gloss Bosses!  Please message me or call me for more information!  I would Love to walk you through the process and help you in any way!

You Are The Boss!  You Decide!