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Honors Physics


Mr. Dericks


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856-848-8200 ext 519

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Google Classroom Code:  ror3ri

Remind (Text Reminders):                                    

1st Period - text  @pd1phys to 81010

2nd Period - text  @pd2phys to 81010

Course Description

        Students are expected to plan and conduct investigations, analyze data and using math to support claims, and apply scientific ideas to solve design problems in order to develop an understanding of ideas related to physics. Students will also build an understanding of motion, forces, energy, waves and electromagnetism. Students are also able to apply science and engineering ideas to design, evaluate, and refine devices subject to physical constraints. The crosscutting concepts of patterns, cause and effect, and systems and systems models are called out as organizing concepts for these disciplinary core ideas. Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in planning and conducting investigations, analyzing data and using math to support claims, and applying scientific ideas to solve design problems and to use these practices to demonstrate understanding of the core ideas.


Course Expectations and Assessments

        1st Marking Period           - Pumpkin Drop Lab - October

                                         - Unit Test - Kinematics Motion 1 - October

                                         - Unit Test - Kinematics Motion 2 - November

        2nd Marking Period           - Unit Test Dynamics - December

                                                  - Unit Test Momentum - January

                                         - Car Safety Project - February

        3rd Marking Period           - Unit Test - Energy and Momentum - February

                                         - Roller Coaster Project - March

                                                  - Unit Test - Waves - March

                                         - Kepler’s Laws Project - March

        4th Marking Period          - Magnetic Technology Project - April

                                       - Unit Test Electric Charge and Magnetism - May

                                             - Physics of the Geosphere Project - June

                                                - PhysOlympics Project - June

Course Policies 

Required and Recommended Materials 


        I will be available after school for makeup tests, test retakes, and extra help on Tuesday and Thursday.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences