2018-19SVCS Academic Contest Registration Information

  1. SVCS Academic Contest date is set for Sunday, 1/27/2019 from 1:00 – 5:00pm. Registration starts from 11/09/18 – 12/7/18.
  2. $5.00 per student for 1 contest; $8.00 per student for 2 contests. Check only. Submit 1 check for the whole class. No credit cards.
  3. Use the hard copy to register students in the class, receive payments. Before 12/7/2018 complete the online registration for the class. On 12/7/2018, bring a copy of the registration form and money to SVCS Office (RM#615).

4.  Student birthday determines the age division group for each category. Each student can only sign up for 1 category from each period.

5.  School is divided into Senior (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12, AP) Junior (Grade 5, 6, 7,8) Primary (Grades P, K, 1, 2, 3, 4). and CSL . Total are four groups. The class with the highest participation rate (based on contest attendance) in each of four groups will receive a $50 gift card. .  Each contestant, after completing their category, can bring their signed contest admission slip to the prize table and claim a small prize for participation.

6.  Speech, Impromptu Speech and Read Aloud contestants can sign up for SVCS Speech Training (5 weeks,  (2018-19 SVCS Speech & Read Aloud Training Registration), after sign up, please go to office to pay $30 through 12/07-12/14/2018.

7. Each contestant (based on attendance) can earn 1 service point for the family. No additional points given for extra category.

8.  First Place contestants from last year’s ANCCS academic contest CAN NOT repeat the same contest category group this year. The student could compete in the same category but in a higher age division group.

9.  Speech Topic Choices, Read Aloud Scripts and Chinese Calligraphy Choices will be posted onto the http://www.svcs-us.org; notifications will be sent via newsletter, please ask parents to check newsletter in the next few weeks.

10. Chinese Painting , Han Yu Pin Yin and Composition are divided into A, B & CD. Impromptu Speech, Translation & Chinese Typing are divided into A & B.

11.  On Friday, 1/18/2019, Academic Contest Admission Slip will be handed out to students, please remind parents to check again for names/category/time. Any missing or incorrect info please contact the SVCS Office the same day.

AC item and time

1:30 PM


Mandarin speech 國語演講A,B,C,D

Han Yu Pin Yin漢語拼音A,B,CD

Mandarin Impromptu speech國語即席演講A,B

Zhu Yin Pin Yin注音符號拼音B.C.D

Mandarin Read Aloud 國語朗讀  A,B,C,D

Chinese Reading Comprehension閱讀測驗A,B,C,D

Chinese Composition 作文 A,B,CD

Chinese-English Dual Translation 翻譯A,B

Chinese Typing 中文打字A,B


Chinese Tradition painting 國畫 A,B,CD

Chinese Brush Calligraphy毛筆書法A,B,CD


Painting  西畫A,B,C,D,CSL


Age groups for SVCS Academic contest


age range

birthday (year/month/date)

year of birth


13- year-old (included) or older

2005/12/31 and before



10-year-old(included) –13 year-old

2006/01/01 ─ 2008/12/31



7 -year-older(included)- 10-year-old

2009/01/01 ─ 2011/12/31



7-year-old (excluded)and yonger

2012/01/01 and after



10-year-old (excluded)and yonger

2009/01/01 and after