Mobile Robotics – We have a change within the Tech Committee and the contest project was delayed in getting to everyone however we should have it out early next week. Will not go into all the details as to what has happened, however we have a program and project coming and feel that this will be much better with information and support for the states

The State CNC support- If you recall there was a subcommittee sending out random emails with little or no explanation as to what they were offering. They have and are willing to support states with their CNC contests. It has some very good information and support however they are not the best in explaining or introducing themselves. If you or your advisors receive an e-mail from or it is up to you to accept or decline the offer.

Clothing Issue CSI/CJ – In the past CSI allowed BDU pants and CJ did not and this caused concern and confusion.  This year the BDU pants were dropped and we are asking that the students wear the navy pants.  We realize this may cause some issues within the states however we ask that at the national event we stay with the required competition uniform.